When and what kind of fertilizer to make a potato on sandy soils

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Help with advice! Last year they grew potatoes in a new place. We were immediately warned that the soil is sandy. Indeed, the crop was not very impressed - the land is dry all the time, even after regular rains. Maybe fertilizer will solve the problem? Tell us about fertilizing potatoes on sandy soils, please!

Sandy soil is a serious problem for many gardeners and summer residents. It is possible to get a rich harvest in such areas, but it is very difficult.

But before we talk about fertilizer application for potatoes on sandy soils, it will be useful to give a bit of theory, talking about the strengths and weaknesses of such a soil.

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Pros and cons of sandy soil

The main advantage of sandy soil is ease of processing - it is easy to dig up the ground. In addition, it warms up under the first spring rays of the sun much faster than others. But the merits end there. The disadvantages begin:

  1. The water leaves the sandy soil very quickly, almost without stopping;
  2. When frosts, the soil cools quickly;
  3. Any fertilizer is easily washed out during irrigation or regular rain.

Considering all the above, we turn to the main issue - potato fertilizer. This is very important - potatoes pull out of the soil a lot of nutrients, and they need to be restored in order not to completely deplete the earth.

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Properly fertilize the soil

You should start fertilizing the soil directly when planting potatoes. In each well, in front of the potato, you must add a handful of peat or compost. This allows you to create a small pillow, which not only provides the tuber with the substances necessary for growth, but also retains moisture after watering and rain, when the sand quickly flushes water to more dense layers.

In particularly arid regions, compost or peat in the wells is plentifully watered before planting potatoes. They quickly get wet and weakly give the soil to the surrounding soil, for a long time retaining moisture.

Perfectly shows itself as a green manure fertilizer. It is prepared simply - any weeds growing in the garden are soaked in large amounts of water for several days.

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When the water turned greenish brown and acquired a characteristic odor, watering can be done. Part of the water will inevitably go through the sand, but some will be absorbed into the compost or peat along with nutrients.

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