How to ignite a cast-iron pot

It is no secret that cast-iron cookware needs special preparation before use. It needs to be ignited, after which you can cook the most varied food on it. Now we will learn how to prepare a cauldron made of cast iron.

Why do I need to heat a cauldron?

Products from cast iron are cast using technical oil. It is necessary so that the form is easily separated from the finished product, and protects the surface from the formation of rust. After all, cast iron is an alloy of iron with a small percentage of carbon, therefore, it can rust.

Production grease must be disposed of. For this cast iron cauldron calcined. It is necessary to open the windows during this process and turn on the hood, if you have one. The smell of faded grease will be tangible. If someone has the opportunity to ignite a cauldron on the street - generally wonderful.

Details of the process

Do not think that this is some kind of complex process. Everything is done quite simply. To properly ignite the bowl, you need:

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  • rinse it with warm water;
  • turn on the stove, setting the flame, above average, or kindle a fire;
  • put a cauldron on fire;
  • after the disappearance of a dark spot on it to remove from heat, usually this process takes more than an hour.

Be careful that a hot cast-iron cauldron does not burn you. The temperature of heating will be very high, the cast iron will not suffer from this, but your hands may even be very. Remove the bowl only after it cools. Pour cold water into a red-hot bowl is absolutely impossible. From a sharp temperature drop, it can crack. The surface is simply wiped with a paper napkin or a cloth moistened with oil.

In fact, the aluminum cauldron is also calcined, but it takes less time and the fire can be made smaller, because aluminum warms up much faster.

Using Salt

You can calcined aluminum and cast iron cauldron salt. To do this, they pour a pack of coarse salt into it and leave it to warm up when the stove is on or on the fire. Salt takes away all the excess moisture, all unnecessary oil and makes the cauldron completely ready for use. In addition, with salt, he will be less likely to sweat, spreading unpleasant odors. Salt should darken, only then the dishes can be removed from heat.

Calcination with

oil After the usual calcination, the cast-iron cauldron should always be calcined with oil. To do this, pour a little oil into it. If the tank is still hot, then take the tack and turn the cauldron so that all its walls are smeared, and then again set the tank on fire for just a few minutes until the smoke begins to rise. You can wrap a wooden paddle with paper and distribute the oil on the walls. It should penetrate into the pores of hot iron and form the thinnest coating that will not allow food to later burn. After that, the remnants of the contents can be poured out, and the cooled surface can be wiped with a cloth or a napkin.

If the dimensions of the oven allow, then it is possible to calcine the cauldron with oil in it, preheating to 180-200 degrees and leaving at least 3 hours.

After calcination,

loading. ..

After calcination, the cauldron should cool down. It is rinsed with clean water and rubbed with a soft cloth. Do not use detergents. The longer you use the cauldron, the more often you cook in it, the better and better its properties will be. This is its difference from any other dishes.

Despite the fact that the cauldron is very heavy, it is quite fragile. Handle it carefully, do not drop it, carefully remove and move it from place to place. If a crack is formed, then assume that the dishes are gone.

If the cauldron is a little rusty after long-term storage, it is easy to clean it with a hard sponge or sandpaper. Then it must be washed and ignited, and it will be as good as new.

Some will think that they do not need such a fuss, and it is better to cook food in the oven or in a regular saucepan. But the true connoisseurs of food understand why a cauldron is needed. In it, any food turns out to be much tastier. You can cook almost anything in it, from the pilaf to the soup. Those who have a dacha should definitely buy a cauldron in order to occasionally delight loved ones and themselves with stews, crumbly cereals, vegetable stews, delicious dishes of lamb and eggplant.

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