How to connect a telephone jack

In Europe, it is customary to use the RJ45S interface and other standard variants for docking telephone equipment. It does not apply a full patch, but simply one - two pairs of wires without crossing. It is difficult to call such a tester, but it is easy to check on the spot: there are two outlets at the wall telephone jack - a chance to hang a pair of devices in parallel. Today we will talk how to connect a telephone jack, chat about cable laying.

How does the telephone network of a small enterprise

work? Unite and draw

lines. Installing a telephone jack on the wall rarely confuses. For this reason, today we are discussing things that are little known, if you do not take into account the industry workers who know without reviews how to connect your home phone to an outlet. Let's discuss networking. And readers will understand that the connection of the telephone socket can be done in an original way. For example, use part of a network cable.

The PBX is considered to be the heart of any local telephone network. This is a set of modules enclosed in a single case, equipped with a power supply unit, connected to the controlling personal computer.

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Communication Cabinet

All hardware of the local automatic telephone station is packed in a small cabinet. Inside there is a set of electronic boards involved in switching and signal coding. The general line goes from the city PBX and penetrates through a single entry. Next comes the digital technology.

Driver for internal numbers

To set internal telephone numbers of subscribers - for example, three digits - a special program-driver has been created. Able to work on a simple personal computer within typical operating systems. For example, Linux or Windows. To integrate the system unit with the PBX, the good old RS-232 interface is often used, through which data is uploaded to the control module. And these are telephone numbers of subscribers, redirection( after a certain time-out, if they don’t pick up the phone), the rights of each number( call to a city, intercity).The main thing is the default workplace where external calls are addressed. The telephone exchange can automatically provide a voice menu and receive incoming information in a tone mode.

Internal lines

Construction of internal lines

Inside the enterprise from the PBX, lines are drawn at work places. For example, an Ethernet wire, an old good vole is better for broaching in outdoor conditions. The wire is personalized for voice information, suitable for use in the context in question. Plus - telephone interferences are low and the frequency range is ideal, in addition to a thick, hard shell. This resists friction when the wire starts to sway under the roof of the building. It is easy to verify the arguments if, for example, you try to transmit a telephone signal over a television cable. The frequencies are different, and you can hear with the naked ear that the caller's voice has become much quieter.

Channels for cable

Telephone wires are pulled through special channels. It is more convenient to do this over a suspended ceiling or under a silumin-framed plate floor. Telephone cable stretches according to standard rules, piercing the metal sheathing.

Junction Boxes

Telephone junction boxes are periodically installed to make cable easier to route. The first is right next to the PBX.Here is a block, where all numbers that are collected in bundles and transferred further along standard multicore cables are inscribed. If there are several buildings, the installation of telephone switchboards greatly simplifies future troubleshooting. It is possible to check the passage of the signal from the central PBX here, to follow the following along the trajectory.

Telephone sockets

The simplest telephone socket

On the side of the subscriber there are telephone sockets.95% of species use the RJ11 connector. The plug is a bit computer, the usual patch from the store will not enter here. As for sockets, the design is selected based on the pretentiousness of the room, the design of the walls, the number of workplaces. Please note - the simpler the communication, the less chance of failure. Conclusion - achieve maximum functionality and simplicity everywhere.

Repair of phones and a choice of sockets

Ideally, repair of a telephone set looks like this:

  • Testing a signal on a line from a switchboard.
  • If at step 1 the fault is not found, go up to the subscriber and evaluate the signal passing from the outlet.
  • If everything is in order, we put a new telephone set, we take the current one for repair.

Typical telephonist difficulties in a large enterprise: there are no new sockets, you need to assemble old ones, repair, solder, glue, clean, search for fasteners( screws, screws, bolts).The new phone is expensive, you need to disassemble, watch, ring the tester, repair. Sometimes products are extremely complex, while others, on the contrary, are extremely simple. It is much more revealing to improve the quality of communication in the enterprise from day one.

In the back rooms, simple sockets are suitable, in the office differently. For example, the premises of a large area, tables stand anywhere. The wire stretches right under the floor, and in some places ligaments of lines go out. Usually there is a local local network with Internet access nearby. In some places, hubs overlook the surface, where the indicated types of sockets stand. It turns out, by the way, the consideration that the telephone and the Internet cannot be mixed up due to physical incompatibility.

Sockets are usually in pairs or fours, and each is turned off by pressing a button. This helps with testing. Usually, if the telephone does not work, the wizard climbs under the table to apply the test tube. If the buzz is available, it takes the device to check, otherwise it starts to evaluate the integrity of the connectors. If this does not help, start checking the cables( last).Lines fail rarely. Phones refuse more often, or incorrect data are clogged on the PBX.The second most common factor recognized the violation of the docking connectors. Rare specific damage - the subscriber does not know how to use the phone.

Today's devices with numerous functions, where the simplest is a beep with an incorrectly placed handset. There are many individuals who are not suitable for handling advanced office equipment. In this case, only the connection of the telephone socket to the line is tested, then the work is reduced to conducting explanatory conversations with the owner of the device. Sometimes it comes to the ridiculous - the neighbor, annoyed by the constant beeps on the table of the absent colleague, decides to reduce the volume of the buzzer. Sometimes to zero. Without trying to figure out, bosom friends call the telephonist.

Types of telephone sockets

Due to the unevenness of the requirements for the implementation of the phone jacks are very different. The one shown in the photo is suitable for single points where a single twisted pair leads. Often the cable is used network( UTP), on a full patch. And these are four twisted pairs. Plus - every two cores of the suite, and one shows a beautiful shade: green, brown, orange or blue. Laying lines on sockets turns into children's entertainment.

It is easy to work with such beauty, it is difficult to make a mistake. One can make sure that a Category 5 KPV-PW at 1 MHz gives a record-low specific attenuation. Judging by the shape of the characteristic of the band, the transmission with the reduction of the spectrum, the situation is only improving. This, in fact, is a theoretical basis, which supports the possibility of laying computer networks and telephony side by side. If there are two computers in the room, they often use a twisted pair( in addition to a spare) for the subscriber line. A decent screen only improves the quality of information transfer.

Telephone Socket

Easier when you have a plan, and the connection pattern of the phone jack for the device is simple and intuitive. It happens that the telephonist has to run around the floors, determining the place of the break. Without schemes to complete the task is extremely difficult. Typically, the telephonist begins to move from the switchboard of the building, and then - along the way of laying the cable, able to go along the damp walls, steel brands under the ceiling, half-dark shops. Drawing greatly simplifies the search.

When connecting a telephone jack, it is recommended that you consider the assignment. Take into account the location. Run through the outlet designs:

  1. Distribution points for several people are usually sold as an assembly. This is a box elevated above the floor and includes a dozen network and telephony sockets. It is equipped with toggle switches and light indicators for the convenience of assessing the performance and testing of the structure.
  2. Overhead sockets do not look too nice, but are ideal for speed of service. The casing is mounted on several screws and removed in minutes, after which the electrical part opens up: it is possible to assess the integrity of the contacts. If necessary, the telephone socket is removed from the support, which is attached with a screw. Known suspension options.
  3. Embedded telephone outlets are made under the standard standard, the diameter of 60 mm. For them, it is required to install an underside, further installation follows the typical installation route of electricians. Embedded telephone sockets are more relevant in the director's office.
  4. A special line is telephone sockets, built-in plinth. In this case, the wiring is invisible to the eye, the installation is neat. You should choose the design where the front panel is placed tightly. Otherwise, in the future, the seams will be noticeable, the decorative will slightly move away from the base. Looks ugly.

We believe that after reading the connection of the Legrand telephone jack to the rare reader will be shocked. We hope that the idea of ​​joint distribution of the network, telephony and television will appeal to everyone. A double Legrand telephone socket can be modified to connect parallel devices or for a couple of subscribers. Please note that the line is powered by 12 V and reinforced by the local PBX can be slightly tweaked when handled carelessly.

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