Fans for exhaust in the bathroom: how to choose the right setting rules +

Provide a comfortable microclimate bath and shower room is problematic. The increased level of humidity has a detrimental effect on the cabinets, mirrors and pillars, helping to breed mold.

If natural ventilation is unable to cope, it is possible to put the fans for exhaust in the bathroom. The main thing to find the right device and install it correctly.

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  • Do I need a fan in the bathroom
  • Fan for the bathroom: how to choose
    • What are the ventilation devices
    • Rules of selection of the fan to the bathroom
    • Controversial issues in the selection of equipment
  • Fan mounting Features
    • Where to begin fan installation
    • Exhaust fan: features installation
    • Stages of installation equipment
  • Useful videos on the topic

Do I need a fan in the bathroom

The notion that a fan for the bathroom manufacturers have come up to cash in on consumers does not correspond to reality. After all, the living conditions in the different houses are radically different. A working ventilation system does not always meet the needs.

Request for tenants of the house / apartment are different - someone washes clothes in the bathroom, loves to bathe for 1-1.5 hours, and someone only takes a 5-minute douche. All this in a broken ventilation is fraught with the appearance of mustiness and other unpleasant surprises in the abode of purity.

mold formation
Mold and its active breeding will lead to unpleasant odors. Moreover, the black spots appear on the mirrors in the bathroom, and wooden furniture will gradually rot

Installing the fan becomes salvation for many bathrooms in high-rise buildings and private homes of modern construction with sealed windows and wall insulation.

A good decision will be installing the fan, if the toilet and bath are in the same room. It adds comfort to the lives of all residents of the apartment, forced to use combined bath.

The bathroom needed a fan
Particularly relevant for the fans 2-3 bathrooms brand new wooden cottage - they will help prevent mold and gradual rotting wood

If the general building ventilation works well and there is a great attraction in the bathroom, and after the bath treatment room walls dry out quickly, something about the fan you can safely forget. Natural flow and the removal of the exhaust air is able to fully satisfy the demands of consumers.

There is a need to install the fan
When there is a need to install the fan, you need to properly positioning the device, and blowing holes or valves to ensure good air circulation in the bathroom

Fan for the bathroom: how to choose

If you want to buy a fan, the inexperienced owner of the house / apartment can easily get lost among a variety of devices. They all differ visually and their cost. The biggest mistake - select equipment based on the price, which seems the most appropriate.

What are the ventilation devices

Question fans need is always solved individually. If you need a device that will choose an optimal model, capable of performing its function of removing exhaust air from the bathroom / shower.

Fans differ in appearance
All fans differ in appearance, the method of attachment to the principle of action and location

By the method of attachment are:

  • overhead mounted at the entrance to ventkanal;
  • duct placed inside the duct.

For private use, applied overhead - they are easy to install and are fully capable to meet the needs of all inhabitants of a country house / cottage. If the home network of branched ducts, the installation will be justified channel models of devices.

Ducted fan model
In rooms with high ceilings and buildings for production purposes put ducted fan models

Depending on the location of the release such devices:

  • wall. They are mounted horizontally - on the wall;
  • Ceiling mounted in a vertical plane;
  • Roof used for attic ventilation device and the roof space.

Fans are centrifugal and vane. The first is most often bought for the organization of forced ventilation bath and shower rooms.

These devices are not only appearance, but also their capabilities. Depending on the skill of the fan is significantly different price. The range presented fans of European and domestic manufacturers - SILENT Spanish, Italian Elicent, Bulgarian Mmotors JSC, Russia's "Era", Ukrainian Vents.

SILENT Models Bathroom
The most popular SILENT models to choose the option with a mass of additional features and incredibly low noise level generated during operation of the equipment

Among the possibilities for bathroom fans are the most popular models, with temperature and humidity sensor, a timer, a separate power button, protective curtains and a check valve. Another find - more decorative panel that allows you to create a unique look of the device, emphasizing the exquisite design of the room.

Laths for fans
Laths fan can be made of glass, chromium-plated material, have colored lights, and other features that enable the appliance to pick up any interior

Rules of selection of the fan to the bathroom

To the unit to cope with their responsibilities to remove exhaust air and delight its users, it is necessary to choose the right model. To do this, it is important to take into account the important parameters of the fan of the future, which have a decisive influence on the choice of the final version.

Firstly, you need to choose the desired power of the fan based on the volume of bath / shower rooms and a diameter of the hole, which will be placed fan. This 100, 125 mm, and others.

To determine the power can use the regulations, according to which the premises of this type should provide air renewal at 3-8 times per hour.

In practice it turns out that the need room to length * width * height * on the ceiling at the multiplicity (from 3 to 8). To this number must be added 20% - this is a small margin that provides free operation of the device.

The exhaust fan in the bathroom
If the fan will work constantly on edge, full power, its service life is significantly reduced. It is better to provide a small supply of power to purchase in the amount of 15-20%

The second selection criterion - safety equipment. This is an important criterion, because it will be placed in a room with high humidity. And the random splashes can not be excluded.

Fan with protection from moisture
Therefore, it is important to choose a model that has the appropriate moisture protection class

Thirdly, the important role played by the fan noise in working condition. The most acceptable option - up to 35 dB. The lower the score, the more comfortable will feel all the members of the family enjoying a bath or shower with a mounted unit for ventilation.

If the fan noise of 40 decibels and above, it can disrupt restful sleep especially sensitive households and cause headaches with a long stay in a ventilated area.

The noise has a negative impact
The noise has a negative impact on health and the nervous system of an adult human. You need to check before buying the noise level indicated in the instructions

The fourth criterion - simplicity of installation and maintenance instructions. Well, if a suitable option can be set with your own hands, without causing experienced craftsmen. And the ease of maintenance is important - the simpler and less, the more preferable.

Fifthly, we still have before buying to determine what features should be in the device - timer, decorative lighting, protective curtains, humidity sensor, the ability to control by SMS and more.

Fan for bath and shower
Bathroom and shower often take the model and very simple or with a mass of extra bells and whistles, so as not to feel discomfort

The sixth criterion for optimum fan selection - its cost. It would be desirable to buy the best model, always stops its price. It is on this parameter determines the final consumer's choice - one stop on the Spanish SILENT, while others prefer a more affordable devices of domestic production.

Seventh indicator that affects the selection of the fan in the bathroom - its appearance. That hardware design is appreciated by many consumers, carefully designed the interior of your home. The device should organically fit or bring flavor to the established style decision of a particular room.

Controversial issues in the selection of equipment

When choosing a fan for the bathroom / shower can be seen a lot of controversy about the additional features of the device between the owners. So often you can hear absolutely opposite opinions about the need / uselessness of the check valve. It is needed that the air did not come back.

Reverse fan valve
The role of the non-return valve is difficult to overestimate. The only trouble - it should be periodically serve

For example, if the neighbors fried fish / potatoes, then the fan is switched off the valve closes and prevents the air with the aroma of dinner next door to get into the apartment. If the door to the bathroom is tight, you can refuse to buy a model with non-return valve.

It is very individual, because many masters, setting the door to the bathroom, take into account the regulatory requirements and leave a gap from the lower edge to the floor in the 1-2 cm.

Another unpleasant phenomenon - these valves become clogged and may adhere to the fan. They require cleaning and maintenance. Every 6 months, you need to get the fan and clean the brush-return valve petals.

Controversial issues are models with louvered / protective grilles. You can often hear the opinion that it is desirable to take without them. Blinds are needed to close the hole in one easy motion when needed. This is justified when used by people who love to warm up and prone to colds.

When a special need for such a function is not present, constantly closed grille entail the emergence of stale air in the room when the fresh does not fall and the hours worked hard to remove.

Another issue causing debate - the safety net. It is needed to prevent the ingress of ventkanala cockroaches, moths, and other unwanted guests.

On the other hand, the grid is electrified, the dust settles on it and accumulates web. So you need to clean it often - every week or two. Put a protective mesh or not - is entirely dependent on the specific conditions of the bathroom layout.

Protective mosquito net of the fan
If in a private home is not observed insects and air ducts on the outputs already foreseen lattice of such a network can be waived

Also a lot of disturbances can be heard on the decorative panel, completely covering the direct ingress of air to the fan. It really affects the performance of the equipment. This should be considered when selecting a model for your bathroom.

When enjoyed 2 versions, differing in capacity, noise and cost, you can hear the advice that you need to take more powerful. This is wrong - power must closely match the needs of the room in the air update.

Models exhaust fans
Very powerful device will blast away in a small room and take a lot of other troubles to its user in the form of quick setback when napar can catch cold

Fan mounting Features

Improve the microclimate of bathroom exhaust fans can be on their own or with the assistance of masters. The option to install ventilation unit depends on the complexity of the model purchased and skills apartment / house owner. If the fan is easy to install and have a desire to do everything with your hands, all work will take about 2 hours with the drilling of walls.

Where to begin fan installation

Set exhaust opening device preferably in advance prepared for him. This is done at the stage of construction / repair. Terms and specifications ventkanala concrete tub / shower depend on the type of house, the year of its construction and design. When it comes to the apartment, there are air ducts that are in operation or completely out of service.

Ventilation bathroom country cottage
For ventilation of the bathroom country cottage owner himself provides the size of ventilation channels, their location and other details. Or do the experts engaged by the landlord

Root need to install the proper setup channel. For this work carried out, which are necessary in a particular case - this could be cutting a hole in the tile for access ventkanal or vice versa, the trimming input square section diameter of the socket at the exhaust fan.

The ventilation channel can be significantly larger than the fan. But it does not matter - with the device often is a special pipe for installation or you can use a more assertive sewer. She put in ventkanal and around the hole assembly foam is blown.

Option with the fan gluing
Option with the fan gluing impractical - if you need to remove the unit for cleaning or repair, it will be extremely difficult to do because of the glue

If the wizard to install the tiles, you have to mark the opening diameter of the fan. You can look at the documentation or simply lean against the back side of the unit and cut around the pencil outline of its socket. Now we have to make a hole in the tile.

Also, the power supply cable for the fan connection must be removed. Ideally, it is a tile in the place where originally planned to install the unit. If it had not been done in advance, it will separate him to lay on top of the tiles using a special box to protect against splashes.

Exhaust fan: features installation

Depending on the shape of the fan, the starting of the ventilation duct and parameters embodiment of fresh air into the room, can be nuances installation.

Thrust fan
For example, when opening a small fan is at the idle reverse thrust device, can be done to stem the fan - 12 cm

The air will pass smoothly fan and good airflow is obtained. Feet fan can be cut from the foam, which can perform parallel depreciation function.

If the input size ventkanal to fit the fan bell, when the foam dries on the fan bell can be put on a couple of the most common rubber bands, as used at the box office for the money.

Gum on the bell
Gum on the fan socket is allowed to secure the device in the prepared entrance to ventkanal

This method will allow the consolidation, if necessary, to get the fan and remove easily, all clean. The very same gum acts as a spacer, and capable of absorbing vibration during operation of the device. Another plus - drilling holes in the wall do not have to mount.

For the air vents of large diameter can be used a double ventilation grill. This is true when ventkanal with the fan running out through the upper part of the exhaust air, and through the lower free flow occurs.

Dual ventilation grille
Dual ventilation grille is possible only in some high-rise buildings of the old buildings

Stages of installation equipment

When preparing to install the exhaust unit in the bath / shower room is finished and a place in the fan provided and marked out, you can start the installation. First you need to remove the top part of the fan - a decorative plate or grid.

Depending on the option chosen mount will secure the fan. The most common options are:

  • Drill holes in the wall;
  • put the fan into liquid nails / adhesive;
  • use 2 gum.

The best option - drill holes for mounting, examples of fan. Here, prior to drilling is necessary to accurately align the unit is level. First drill the tile using a special feather with a drill or a hammer with a drill. Then do the corresponding hole puncher dowel.

Under the wire to do a special groove or hole. In the fan there is a hole under the wire. You need to install the fan in place and pull out the wire on the surface.

Hole fan setting
In a prepared hole for installing the fan must be carried on the surface

It remains to fasten screws or other screws. It is convenient to use shurupuvert or screwdriver.

Now you need to connect a power cable to the fan terminals. For this is useful to the manufacturer's instructions. Now you need to set in place the mesh and protective grille.

Terminals and wires, it is desirable to isolate
Terminals and wires, it is desirable to isolate, to avoid contact with excessive moisture contacts

Left turn on the fan and check the operation. And, it's best to provide the location of the switch in the bathroom / shower, and not outside it. Yes, and connect the exhaust fan on the light switch is impractical - if you have to wash my face and brush my teeth, then switch the device is not required.

Fan for exhaust in the bathroom
Practical will choose this option enable it to be convenient to the user - for example, programming the timer operation

Useful videos on the topic

Video clip about the organization of the bathroom and the intricacies of the installation of ventilation fan:

To extractor in the bathroom worked well, you need to properly connect it. Key Secrets fan wiring disclosed in the video:

The video explains in detail how to install an exhaust fan in the bathroom, if you have to drill a newly laid tile on the walls:

Set the fan can be a simpler way. How to do it, step by step shown in the video clip:

About how to choose a fan for the bathroom, if a bathroom with a sealed door, detailed in the video:

After reviewing the fan selection characteristics for a bathroom, it is possible to select the most suitable embodiment suitable for its performance and cost. Its installation, if you wish, you can make your own hands. To do this, you need to learn more about the installation process and connect the device. If such work is doubt in their abilities, it is better to invite a professional.

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