How to clean the boots and whether they can wash

One of the striking elements of national Russian clothes are boots - shoes dumped sheep's wool, which perfectly warms in any frost. Gradually, among the modern beauties, the fashion for these shoes has returned, although now she looks much more feminine, you can even find boots with high heels, decorated with drawings or rhinestones. White or colored shoes look much more attractive, but at the same time they are much faster polluted, so it is recommended to always know how to clean the valets yourself at home.

There are several ways to clean the felt boots from contamination without the need for dry cleaning. However, you should remember that you can not wash such shoes in an automatic washing machine, even when using the delicate mode. This can permanently spoil the boots, they can sit on several sizes, deeper or lose shape. There are some types of these shoes that can be washed in this way, but this is necessarily indicated on the box or tag from the manufacturer.

Felt felt boots

At first, you should dry the boots well after the snow has melted and brush off the dried dirt using a stiff bristle brush. After that, you need to dilute the washing powder with water in a ratio of 1: 2, moisten the brush in the solution and treat it all contaminated areas. Foam should form on the surface of the felt, it should be washed off under a gentle stream of cold water.

After wet cleaning, shoes should be dried naturally without using a battery. So that the size of the boots does not decrease, they need to be filled tightly with crumpled newspapers before drying. Dry shoes until inside there are no particles of moisture at all.

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Dark felt boots

Dark felt needs less constant cleaning, but sometimes it is still necessary to wash it. To do this, you can use soap suds, which you need to rub into polluted places or treat the entire surface. The remains of soap are washed off with cold water, after which the shoes are sent to dry.

In addition, you can use the dry cleaning method, it is suitable for felt or felt boots. You need to rub all the dirt stains with a dried crust of black bread, it will return the material to its former state. The remaining crumbs need to be removed from the surface with a brush. The dry method is more careful with the material.

How to clean moths from moths

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In the spring and summer, the moth begins to lay eggs on wool and fur products, this fate often befalls favorite valenki. It is a pity to throw out such shoes, but you can get rid of the problem in a less radical way. If you notice eggs or larva moths on your shoes, you need to send it to dry in the sun during the day. From sunlight the larvae will die, and their remnants can be removed with a brush.

How to clean the white valenki

You should wash the boots of light material much more often, since all the dirt on the shoes is visible immediately and it is impossible to wear it. Such shoes can be cleaned in both dry and wet ways, but the first option is preferable, since the lack of moisture affects the material in the best way.

As a dry method, you can use flour, semolina, starch or tooth powder. The selected product should be sprinkled over the entire surface of the boots and rub it in a circular motion. If we treat only contaminated areas in this way, they are more likely to stand out from the rest of the surface, since there may be light dirt on it, from which the color becomes slightly hazy.

The remains of the used powder must be removed from the boots, by shaking them, to fix the result you need to brush the surface.

If the pollution is ingrained and cannot be removed by a dry method, you can wash the felt boots with the help of a shampoo or carpet cleaner, which are well suited for this purpose Vanish and Weasel. It is necessary to dilute one tablespoon of the selected liquid in a glass of cool water and beat the solution well until it foams. She needs to clean all contaminated areas, rubbing with a soft brush. The remains of the cleaning agent are removed under a stream of cold water, after which the shoes are sent to dry in a natural way.

In the event that none of the methods helped to get rid of stubborn stains, you can use a radical method - wash the boots in the pelvis. It is necessary to rub the soap into the shavings, preferably economic, and dilute it in a basin with warm water until foam forms. Valenoks need to be lowered into the basin and carefully mash in water so that they are well soaked with moisture. In this state, they should be left for 15 minutes, then squeezed and sent to dry in a warm place or in a draft. After such a wash inside the felt boot, it is imperative to fill the crumpled newspapers or whether the bags, so that they do not lose shape and do not decrease in size.

Useful Tips

In order for the boots to need washing as rarely as possible, and the process of their socks to be comfortable and enjoyable, you need to follow some simple recommendations. This will allow you to spend less time on the care of shoes and significantly extend its service life:

  1. When buying felt boots, you need to pay attention to their sole. If they are ordinary, then buy shoes should be butt, that is, the size in size, and if the sole is rubber, then you need to take a size larger. Such shoes are more prone to shrinkage after a wet wash, so even if it sits down a bit, you will not feel any discomfort.
  2. When you come home, you need to shake the remnants of snow from the material and dry your shoes well. Constantly remaining moisture can damage the appearance of shoes, and a large amount of water from the melted snow can even reduce the size of boots or disrupt their shape.
  3. You can not dry such shoes on the battery, even if you pre-stuff inside the newspaper or bags. Due to the aggressive effects of high temperature, the boots may sit down or lose their shape. They can be dried only close to the heating device or in a draft, then they will retain their original appearance.
  4. Even if you do not see obvious dirt, you must clean the felt boots several times over the winter with a brush with hard or metal bristles. This will remove implicit dirt particles, and any washing after that will require much less time and effort.
  5. Valenoks can be vacuumed, this is true if they have formed large clumps of dirt. If after this procedure, contamination still remains, you need to remove them in a wet way.
  6. If you know that it’s dirty in the street, but it’s cold, the best option would be to wear over a felt overcoat. This will protect the wool from the dirt and save a large amount of your time.
  7. To spend less time cleaning, you can purchase a special water repellent for shoes. It allows not only to keep the material dry, but also creates an invisible barrier from dirt. You can buy such a tool in any store; you should use the solution according to the instructions.
  8. If it was not possible to remove the dirt in any way, it is better to give the valets to dry cleaning. Professionals will select the appropriate method, and there will be no trace of stains.
  9. Designer felt boots, on which there are stripes, decorations or embroideries, have become very popular lately, which is why it is quite problematic to wash them. If any compositions are sewn on the material, they can be unpicked, cleaned the surface, and sew decorations again. If decorative embroidery is made on the material, it is recommended to clean it only by the dry method so that the colored threads do not discolor and do not paint the surface.
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