Small Microwave

The choice of a small microwave oven depends on the price. For 1800 rubles you will find the size of the microwave oven at 15 liters. Overseas go compact models, including 12 V. Pay three times more for an increase in power by 25% and a decrease in volume by 2 liters?

Microwaves are not too small

When it comes to prudence and convenience, focus well on Korea. Even arguing is useless. What can I say about people who design the case of the washing machine in such a way that the vibrations during washing to special openings roll out the parts that accidentally fall into the inside? The lion's share of the mass of the washing machine is a concrete stone or a piece of heavy plastic. Meanwhile, the burdening is used to artificially increase the weight of the drum, which naturally leads to a decrease in vibrations!

Market overview shows the minimum required volume. Daewoo has introduced models in the price range of 2000 rubles per 15 liters. Power devices is lame, but 500 watts is enough to warm up a bowl of soup. Model KOR-5A18Y will issue 600 watts. Advantages:

  • Price reduced due to low-power magnetron.

  • Theoretically, the door screen does not transmit radiation of the 2.4 GHz band, in which the microwave oven operates. Not true! Put a cell phone inside, call. Passes a call? So, the user of the microwave oven fries their brains along with the chicken. American doctors don't like modern wireless gadgets: they have a negative effect on. .. reproductive function! Small power is not always bad!
  • Do you think that you are using a microwave oven at full capacity, be proud that the magnetron produces 2 kW?You are mistaken! On each device adjustment knob, there is a division. Couple-three minutes, according to experience, at the lower threshold of the microwave oven with passport 800 W( maximum value) is enough to warm up food from the refrigerator. If you cook a lot, for a long time, then the power will come in handy. Even 600 watts Daewoo offers to divide by 7 gradations.

Do not consider the indicated volumes small. Small Whirlpool microwaves fit in a cube with sides of 39 cm. Inside, the Americans love the grill, as a result, for example, the MAX 36 SL is rather big.

Mobile models of microwave ovens have not been invented, the magnetron is a cumbersome thing, and a high-voltage power supply circuit is required for it, requiring space. The lower limit of the weight of small microwave ovens is 5 kg. The mobile pen, element base and product design are designed for stiff vibrations on the road. Household microwaves shaking will endure badly.

The American model is more expensive; it is not intended for permanent journeys. Saving an extra 3 cm in the kitchen for a price difference of 4,000 rubles is strange. If the kitchen design requires beauty, then Whirlpool will do. The microwave ovens offered by the Japanese Supra are often made in the form of white boxes with control knobs.

From personal experience: The convection oven Supra after the kebab was stuck in a shaft, stopped spinning. Two years did not work.

Design Whirlpool with a rounded back wall, touch buttons, in strict black colors will decorate any furnishings. The capabilities of the small Whirlpool microwave oven are not bad. Do not chase after functions: convection, full grill( top and bottom).This is logical for America, where the appliance was born, but the convection oven is much better than any that the microwave oven provides. Forced convection copes well with cooking. It makes no sense to use one light when the fan helps:

  1. Supra MWS 4001 microwave oven with 800 W power, 1000 W grill. Quartz lamps are a pair of top, no blowing. Opening the reflector is covered with a powerful steel grill designed to protect fragile quartz from impacts. The lion's part of the radiation is lost. There is no talk about efficiency. The total power consumption does not exceed 1200 watts. It is easy to calculate: considering the efficiency, at the same time microwave waves and the grill do not work with full efficiency. Indicators must be correlated. The device has hybrid modes, where both heating schemes are switched on at once.
  2. The dimensions of microwave ovens do not differ from aerogrill. This 1 kW appliance copes with cooking. Convection forced, created by a fan. Cooking goes faster, the main thing - the volume. If necessary, purchase a magnifying ring, put additional grids. Many products are prepared at the same time. Microwave can not be so increase.

Instead of a small Whirlpool microwave oven, buy two separate devices that will be more powerful, more productive, more functional, taking up more space. For the American way of life it is important. In our reality, the pursuit of dimensions looks unusual.

How to choose a microwave

Enamel or stainless steel? Non-essential criterion. Both coatings are easy to clean, the enamel is not immediately scratched. The microwave will last a maximum of 10 years. It makes no sense to think how many decades the cover will last.

Know about the origin of the manufacturer, availability of a quality certificate. Not every stainless steel is suitable to come into contact with food, there is chemistry in the enamel. In the USA, Teflon coating caused big problems, the technology was flawed. Violation of simple rules causes severe allergic reactions.

A small microwave is almost the same as a conventional microwave. The overwhelming majority of citizens take small appliances of limited power. Buy a double boiler with a separate appliance, you will eat it right, eat well. Science will show that microwave waves are designed to communicate, rather than warming dinner. Small microwaves help out at work during the lunch break. Always use the device for cooking is not recommended.

microwave changes the structure of food, the reception becomes dangerous to health. There are a number of negative changes in the serum.

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