How to quickly defrost the refrigerator

As a rule, difficulties begin when the refrigerator is old. In the old ice freezes at a rapid pace. Everyone remembers the old model with a door, behind which the plastic door of the freezer was concealed. Often the ice clogged all the cracks, got out. Let's discuss how to quickly defrost the refrigerator and how not to do it. Let's get started

Defrosting the freezer

The problem of how to quickly defrost a refrigerator arises from the owners of old, Soviet appliances. In modern for the described purpose takes a few minutes.

Let's start with the simplest case when the door was opened. Inside the wall is overgrown with ice. Considering a specific set of actions, we proceed to discuss the general algorithm. In most older models, the compartment is made of thin steel. Unlike new models. Metal conducts heat relatively well. For obvious reasons, it will be necessary to warm the walls of the freezer. Then, at the junction with ice, the process of melting will begin, and it will be possible to extract the excess.

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Explicit signal to defrost

Use of a medical heating pad to defrost an

  1. refrigerator If you do not have access to the outer walls of the compartment, try to form a thaw at the bottom. Implemented easier than ever. Take a medical heating pad. It is worth a penny. On the wall of the product or in the instructions are the rules of use. This is especially critical to the temperature of the water. For example, it is not recommended to exceed 70 degrees Celsius. It is difficult to properly evaluate the parameter. There are a lot of recommendations in the network, it often comes down to tips: try with your elbow or hand. If it's nice, the temperature is within 45 degrees Celsius, if it's barely tolerable, maybe 60-65.And it all comes down to subjective sensations. The data depends on the individual estimates of the person. Beeswax looks much safer. Its melting point is 65 degrees Celsius. Consequently, only the film was formed, the water is already quite suitable for use. Try paraffin wax. Not all varieties melt already at 45 degrees Celsius. Solid paraffins are known. It is possible to evaluate with a hand, a thermometer. Produced by GOST 23683-89, which describes a number of characteristics of a particular variety, including the melting point. Easier to immediately search for the desired brand. If there is no data on the candle label, call the manufacturer. His address is( at a minimum) listed with the name of the organization for advertising purposes. The company’s technologist will be able to find out what the products are made of.

    Rubber Warmers

  2. The heater must be filled with hot water. Now we take out the food from the freezer, put it in the cellar or cool place. It is permissible to cover with a blanket, another heat insulator. In civilized countries, especially for the required purposes in the refrigerator kit or cold batteries are sold separately. This is a kind of bars of synthetic material with high heat capacity. They are placed on top of trays with products when you need to get the contents out. Top then cover with a blanket.
  3. The heater is placed in the freezer, where the layer of ice on the bottom is visually thinner. Do not close the door. This will accelerate the melting. The heater warms down to the bottom, then heat spreads through the metal. Soon the ice from the walls will begin to fall away under its own weight. It is permissible to help a little with a spatula. To pick with force it is not necessary that the refrigerator is not damaged. If necessary, change the water in the heater, it is better to put a couple of pieces. The larger the total volume of hot liquid, the faster the process will go. The heat capacity of the water is great, there is no reason to fear that the mass will not be enough to carry out the defrosting process.

The thawed refrigeration unit

Electric heating pads cannot be used for defrosting the refrigerator. Not everyone demonstrates a sufficient degree of electrical insulation to withstand such a test.

Using heated air sources to defrost a refrigerator

Often the freezer is separated into a separate structure, it is permissible to use a hair dryer. Careful to use. There are cases when the fan heater melted the frame of a plastic window. The insides of the fridge on the lion's share are made of the specified material. The stream is not too hot. Suitable for hub nozzle operation. Insert between the freezer compartment and the walls of the refrigerator. Soon the warm air will cause melting at the base of the glacier. Continue to scrape with a spatula.

In the process it is important not to melt the plastic. The flow temperature is kept at a minimum. Remember that the melting begins already at 1 degree above zero. A warm breeze will quickly cause the desired effect. The main thing is to warm the walls of the freezer. As for ice, its thermal conductivity is low, there is no reason to fear that the process will take a long time.

Let's say a few words about safety. Do not allow water to enter the electrical appliance. Do not leave equipment unattended. In modern refrigerators, the compartment contains special gutters for water flow, in the absence of a separate channel for the drip system or NoFrost. You will need to lay a towel on the floor, blocking the width of the door, put a baking sheet on top. As planned, water flows from the fridge during defrosting.

If it is hot in the yard, experienced people recommend to direct the flow of indoor air inside the refrigerator using a fan. Even heat is not necessary. The ice will begin to melt and drain wherever possible. We'll have to solve the problem of cleaning excess water. Due to the good thermal conductivity of steel, ice will gradually lag behind the walls. We need to clean it in time.

Using a hot kettle to defrost an

refrigerator. Some people recommend using a kettle instead of a heating pad. Plus - the water temperature is maintained any, and the minus is the ability to spoil the plastic parts. This is especially true for the shelf. Often in the freezer lies a mesh of plastic, the exact purpose of which a rare person guesses. Apparently, it is necessary that wet products are not stuck to the bottom. When using the kettle there is a chance to damage the mesh, which is under a layer of ice.

The second group believes that it is better to use pots, steam comes from the dishes. The energy transfer is indeed accelerating, although at first a thickening of the ice plaque can occur. Pots are more effective if the ice layer is relatively thin. If we talk about the official ways of defrosting the refrigerator, they operate with bowls filled with hot water. We remind you that the layer of frost or ice should be thin. See in modern refrigerators.

Washing the refrigerator

Removing an unpleasant odor from the refrigerator

An unpleasant smell periodically accumulates in the refrigerator. To eliminate it, it is necessary to clean all surfaces where bacteria are present with a disinfectant. Flora causes aroma. It is more convenient to carry out the cleaning procedure after defrosting. To eliminate the permissible use of cleaning products:

  • Liquid soap.
  • Dishwashing Detergents.
  • Antiseptics of any type.

A good smell is given to the refrigerator, for example, shampoos. Known methods for temporary struggle with the scourge. In the compartment are placed absorbers of aromatic substances. For the specified purposes soda and a baking powder are not bad for the test. It is believed to put some active substance in a saucer or container and put inside. After a while, the smell will be absorbed. Then it will arise again.

We recommend to read a separate review on how to clean the refrigerator from unpleasant odors. There is a complete list of funds. It is a mistake to think that at low temperatures bacteria do not multiply. But when the refrigerator thaws, the process is dramatically accelerated. You have to think about removing the smell.

All methods of quick defrosting of the refrigerator are based on the rapid heating of the metal walls of the compartment. Modern devices do not form a large frost, with the old need to be treated in the manner described. You need to warm up the wall of metal, ice almost does not conduct heat. It is much easier to detach a layer when it falls behind the walls. Do not use sharp objects.

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