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  • How to extend the service life of a direct drive machine. Direct-drive washing machines are a novelty on the counters of home appliances stores. What is it, what advantages do they have? Should I buy them or still give preference to the old proven designs? In this article, we will try to answer all these questions.

    What is the difference between the design of the

    In order to clearly understand how one washing machine differs from another, let us first recall how the ordinary washing machine is designed. Such a unit has a traditional working drive through the belt. This means that the engine is located below the case, which drives the drum through the pulley and drive belt. If you are a little familiar with the device of the car, you will easily find similarities.

    The direct drive washer is a bit different. Here the engine is “mounted” directly on the drum. The belt and pulley in this design are not available at all, and the engine and tank are a single unit. On the one hand, it provides a number of advantages, and on the other, it does not do without flaws, which also cannot be ignored.

    Pros of the lack of a belt drive

    • First of all, the owners of such models of styralok do not need to worry that sooner or later the belt will tear and have to be replaced. In traditional typewriters this is one of the most common breakdowns.
    • Unlike machines with a belt-based operation principle, direct-flow washers are much better balanced. Therefore, they are much quieter and almost never jump while spinning in the bathroom.
    • Since the drum is less loose from side to side, things in machines with a direct drive device are not so much damaged. Washing quality increases slightly.
    • Due to the minimal availability of moving parts, the engine usually lasts longer and does not require special maintenance. In this regard, the energy saving is slightly increased. True, the savings will not be so big that you notice it.
    • In such machines, a special control system is installed that can independently determine the weight of the laundry, the speed of rotation of the drum and the amount of water needed for washing.
    • Direct drive washing machines are capable of washing more things at one time than their “belt” counterparts. This is due to the presence of a powerful engine and more free space.
    • Extended warranty period. For example, the manufacturer of LG on the engines of its washing machines gives a guarantee of as much as 10 years.

    Cons direct drive

    And is it really so good direct drive, as they say about him? Or does the design still have flaws?

    • The biggest drawback of such washers is that the engine is located in the immediate vicinity of the drum. If an oil seal leaks in the typewriter, the motor can fill with water. And this will end his complete burnout. Since this situation is not recognized as a guarantee, repairs will have to be done for your own money. And since the motor in the washing machine is not only its heart, but also the most expensive part, then with such a breakdown it will be easier to buy a new typewriter.
    • Another “disease” of direct-drive washing machines is bearings. These elements are installed in such "cleaners" with a small gap, so they often fail. As you understand, bearing replacement is not cheap.
    • In some models with direct drive, there is an increased noise level during water intake and discharge. This may be due to the quality and technical characteristics of the pumps.
    • . Direct-drive cars are often crammed with very "smart" and expensive electronics. So if one of these devices fails, the cost of repair will also not please.
    • Due to the fact that the direct drive engine in the “laundress” is located directly behind the drum, and not from the bottom or from the side, such machines can have large dimensions.
    • Well and, perhaps, the main drawback is their cost. Like any other widely advertised novelty, such units are unreasonably expensive.

    Which drive to choose

    Direct drive washing machines is a fairly new phenomenon in the home appliance market. So for now, it is rather difficult to assess the actual long-term nature of their work. Therefore, before buying, you need to consider all the nuances of the direct drive drive machine:

    • You can almost with absolute certainty say that the life of any equipment depends not only on the type of drive, but on the quality of assembly and components as a whole. If you purchased a cheap low-quality unit, no direct drive will save you from additional costs.
    • If the trouble still happened and the machine still needs repair, then the cost of components for new developments is immeasurably higher than for traditional equipment. This is especially true of serious damage.
    • On the one hand, the direct-drive cars seem to be quieter, but on the other hand, the new models of the traditional “stiralok” make not much more noise. So this difference can hardly be considered too significant to talk about any strong advantage.
    • The cost of a direct drive is more expensive than a belt drive, but given the promised long life, sooner or later it will pay off. But this will happen only if you handle it very carefully, and it does not break before the deadline.

    How to extend the life of a machine with a direct drive

    As you know, trouble is often easier to prevent than to eliminate its consequences. This also applies to washing machines. If you know how to properly care for the “washer”, and most importantly, do not be lazy to do it, the equipment will serve you faithfully for many years:

    • First of all, do not neglect prevention. Even if the work of the machine does not bother you, every three or four years you should invite a specialist who will examine your assistant, carry out maintenance work, where you need to lubricate and tighten the connections, replace worn parts.
    • To avoid leakage to the engine, you need to change the stuffing box in a timely manner. This procedure is also better to entrust a specialist.
    • Bearings also require regular replacement. It is not necessary to bring them to the state when they will scatter themselves.
    • To protect the expensive electronic control system from sudden surges of electricity, it is recommended to equip for it a separate outlet and protection against voltage surges. It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but if the “brain” burns out as a result of a surge in the washer, repair will cost a disproportionately large amount.
    • To protect the internal parts( TEH) from scale and salt growths it is necessary to install a special filter at the inlet. It will soften the water and extend the life of your home assistant.

    Now you know what a direct drive is in a washing machine and taking into account all the above conditions you can choose the best option for yourself. It is necessary to approach the question responsibly, and the direct-drive washer will faithfully serve you for many years.

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