How to make your own hands Bio Fireplace: assembly instructions

Contemplation of living fire is fascinating. The well-known adage states that it can be done indefinitely. flame dance calms and soothes, helps to gather his thoughts. Unfortunately, living in apartment buildings such luxury is practically inaccessible.

Construction of wood-burning fireplace not everyone can afford. Good decision - Bio Fireplace to gather his own hands, saving on the purchase of the finished structure. If you have never done this kind of work, our article will be a great help - here we examined the device and principle of the bio fireplaces, basic design variations that will help define the optimal scheme for the assembly homemade.

And also led detailed instructions on making fire with his own hands, to illustrate it step by step photos and adding useful videorekomendatsiyami. Thanks to the step by step analysis of each phase of Bio Fireplace will gather even the novice master.

The content of the article:

  • What is Bio-fireplace?
  • The composition and characteristics of biofuel
  • What are bio fireplaces?
    • View # 1 - wall unit
    • View # 2 - Floor biofireplaces
    • View # 3 - desktop device
    • View # 4 - embedded design
  • Instructions for the production of a compact model
  • Instruction on putting together a large biofireplaces
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

What is Bio-fireplace?

Incoming fashionable Bio Fireplace is a decorative open flames, working on the so-called biofuels. For safe operation of the device portal framed, flame retarding inside.

Structurally, Bio Fireplace - a burner operating on alcohol fuels. Required element of the device - the fuel tank, which contains a supply sufficient for a combustible liquid.

The tank is inserted into the wick at which the fuel is raised fibers to the combustion place. Actually combustion is carried out in a special cup which may have a very different shape. Bio fireplaces Dimensions vary considerably.

Bio Fireplace Floor

Installation of bio fireplaces - a great way to decorate the interior, make it an unusual and attractive. Depending on the device type and model of the fire can be completely opened or closed on several sides of the portal walls, transparent and opaque

To extinguish the flame, the burner is sufficient to cover a special damper. It will block the access of oxygen, without which no combustion process. The damper must necessarily be available for each device. The device may have multiple burners.

Furthermore, some are equipped with a burner nozzles. This makes it possible flames similar to those that are formed during the combustion of firewood or in a fire hearth.

The device is very easy to use. First of all, they do not need a chimney. During the biofuel combustion is oxidized to carbon dioxide and water vapor. The absence in the combustible liquid heavy impurities allows it to burn completely, without the formation of soot, soot and volatile toxic substances.

Therefore, exhaust smoke (and it is not formed) is not required. Because of this Bio-fireplace it can be installed anywhere in the room.

He does not need heat-resistant piping floor or a separate foundation. Special permit for its installation is also not required. The only thing to consider when choosing a location for the installation of bio fireplaces - it is possible to ventilate the room, or the presence of effective ventilation. This is because oxygen is used in combustion, the amount of which must be continually replenished.

Embeddable Bio Fireplace

To Bio Fireplace not differ from the present, it is possible to issue wood made of refractory ceramics. They are produced in the form of whole logs or polusgorevshih

Biofireplaces not only decorative, but also functional. Unlike traditional fireplaces, where most of the heat "goes" in the chimney, the device is completely give up its heat to the room. Of course, the use of such a device as the heating does not work, but warm some zone in the room he can. Biofireplaces completely safe provided correct operation.

Industry produces the most comfortable to use models with electronic control. They can be controlled with the remote control or via Wi-Fi. In the latter case it is possible to integrate the device into a system of "smart house", the remote control it from your phone or tablet. It is clear that the cost of automatic bio fireplaces are much higher than normal.

In this case, the standard model can be considered "eternal" because they are structurally very simple and there is nothing to break them, while stuffed with electronics devices may well fail.

The main drawback of bio fireplaces is their high cost. It is quite expensive and the operation of the device, since their work is only a special fuel required. Replace it with a cheaper counterpart will not work.

The composition and characteristics of biofuel

Part of the "bio" in "biofuels" word makes it clear that only a natural renewable raw material used for manufacturing the substance. Therefore it is completely environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

The main components used for the production of such fuels are herbaceous crops and containing large amounts of starch and sugars. So, the best raw materials are considered to be corn and cane.

Fuel for biofireplaces

On sale you can find various brands of biofuels. Preference should be given to certified products, or you may run into serious trouble

Of them produce bioethanol, or a kind of alcohol. It is a colorless liquid, it has no odor. they can replace gasoline, if necessary, however, the cost of such a substitute is much higher. In the combustion of pure ethanol is decomposed into water in the form of vapor and carbon dioxide.

Thus even possible to humidify air in the room where the Bio Fireplace. Solid material to form a blue "gas" flame.

This is purely an aesthetic flaw that prevents still enjoy views of the open fire. Traditional fireplace flame gives a yellow-orange color, which is a kind of standard. To eliminate this drawback introduced into biofuel additives alter the color of the flame.

Thus the traditional structure of a flammable liquid is:

  • ethanol - about 95%;
  • methyl ethyl ketone, denaturant - about 1%;
  • distilled water - 4%.

In addition, the composition of the fuel added to the crystalline Bitrex. This powder has an extremely bitter taste and is designed to prevent the use of alcohol biofuels as alcohol. Available biofuels of different brands, and its composition may vary somewhat, but generally does not change. It is clear that the cost of such fuel is large enough.


Used for bio fireplaces homemade fuel is not recommended, but if you do decide to try to manufacture it is necessary to take only high purity "Shoe" gasoline

Fuel consumption depends on the number of burners and power Biofireplaces. On average 2-3 hours each heating unit with a power of about 4 kW per hour leaving about one liter of liquid fuel. Overall biofireplaces operation turns quite expensive, so domestic craftsmen are trying to find a cheaper analog of fuel. Such an option is and it is viable.

Whatever happens troubles, you need to buy only high-quality components for homemade fuel. We must not forget that the Bio Fireplace has no chimney, and all the products of combustion immediately fall directly into the room.

If a part of the fuel will be present toxic substances, and it is not uncommon for low-quality alcohol-containing compositions, they will be in the room. It threatens the most unpleasant consequences. We recommend you visit the best brands of biofuels.

Therefore, it is not recommended to produce their own fuel for bio fireplaces. However, if you really want to experiment, this is the safest recipe. Take pure rubbing alcohol. It must be purchased at the pharmacy.

For coloring the flame to it was added petrol ultrapure water which is used for refilling lighters ( "Shoe").

Fuel for biofireplaces

Tank refills should be done very carefully. If liquid is spilled, you need to immediately wipe it with a dry cloth, or possibly arbitrary fire

The liquids are measured and mixed. The alcohol should be present in the amount of from 90 to 94% of the total amount of fuel in the gasoline fraction can account for between 6 to 10%. The optimum ratio is determined empirically, but to go beyond the recommended values ​​is not necessary. Detailed instructions for the production and use of biofuels shown here.

It is important to remember that the resulting fuel can not be stored as a mixture of gasoline and alcohol will delaminate. It should be cooked before use and shake well for better mixing.

What are bio fireplaces?

Bio fireplaces are available in a variety of ways. Depending on the installation location are four main types of instrument.

View # 1 - wall unit

Such biofireplaces are flat elongated structure that is fixed to the wall. The front part of the purpose of the safety devices shut transparent glass. The same process, and the side walls. The rear wall is made of refractory material (usually metal) and decorate.

Wall mounted Biofireplaces

Bio-fireplace wall mounted stylish look to the interior. It does not take up extra space in the room

The design is simple to install. It hung on the wall installed fasteners. The device is completely safe in operation, as during burning rear wall and the housing bottom slightly heated. They can not cause a fire or cause burns from accidentally touching them human.

View # 2 - Floor biofireplaces

The design is set on the floor or a small podium. Its bottom is not heated much, however such a device can be put on any suitable flat surface. The shape and size can be very different.

Floor biofireplaces option

Floor Type Bio-fireplace can become a highlight of the interior. It looks elegant, but it takes up too much space in the room. Therefore, when the shortage of places better to pick another option fireplace

The device's main advantage - mobility. If desired, it can easily be moved to another location. With the help of outdoor instruments can be short-term heating of the room.

View # 3 - desktop device

They are compact varieties of floor models. Placed on shelves, tables or special supports, so are small.

Perhaps, they are difficult to be considered full-fledged fireplaces, as they are small enough, but mobile devices. They are easy to carry from place to place. They are functional and very easy to use.

Desktop version biofireplaces

Biofireplaces bench type are used as interior decoration. Perfect for the business registration office

View # 4 - embedded design

embedded bio fireplaces look very organic. Such devices are mounted in a specially prepared for this niche in the wall. A distinction device, the front wall of which looks like a continuation of the wall. They are available for viewing only from one side.

Bio-fireplace in the interior

Embeddable Bio Fireplace fits well into the interior of a bedroom or living room. Its size and shape may vary

Issued biokaminy- "flashlights." They have a convex or multifaceted front wall. These devices are a little "act" of the wall, which makes them very unusual and attractive. Install recessed Bio Fireplace is much harder than the wall.

Choose a place for it is necessary to very carefully, the unit movement will be very troublesome and time-consuming.

Our site is another article where more detail species fireplaces biofuel and the principle of their action.

Instructions for the production of a compact model

Given that the cost of such devices is high enough, many craftsmen wondering how to make their own Bio-fireplace for the room.

This is a fairly easy task, especially if you make a compact tabletop or floor model. It can be divided into two components: a fuel tank and a glass enclosure. In a second, you can use an old aquarium without a bottom.

The fuel tank of the banks

For small-sized bio fireplaces can make the fuel tank of a conventional metal cans. Its size should be such that the container was hidden inside the base

For work, we need these materials:

  • metal box, which is used as a base;
  • a reservoir of metal to the fuel tank;
  • lace for the wick;
  • a sheet of glass, if there is no aquarium;
  • silicone sealant;
  • metal grid;
  • medium-sized pebbles.

Of the tools you need to prepare a glass cutter, scissors.

Getting started and start with the body. It will be a box or a cube without the lid and bottom. We determine the future design and dimensions, respectively length and width of its walls. The glass sheet laid on a flat horizontal surface, wash and degreasing.

Is applied to the line of the future line of cut and pressed it to the list. The ruler does not slip, it can be stuck an adhesive plaster.

We take the diamond glass cutter, put it on the list and conduct in the direction of ourselves without strong pressure. cutting line must be thin and colorless. If for some reason the resulting line is we did not like, encircling it categorically impossible. It is necessary to withdraw 1 mm and a new line. After completing the cut, move the window to the edge of the base so that it coincided with the cutting line.

Gently tapping head tool cutting line, then carefully but precise movement breaks off the remaining weight on the glass. In this way, all four parts cut to size.

Now they need to glue together with silicone sealant. For this abundantly coat with side edge parts and connect them. We give the sealant to dry. To do this, fix the resulting structure between any fixed objects, and leave for a day in this position.

Bonding biofireplaces housing

Glued to the design dry out in a stationary state, it must be secured by any suitable means, for example, concluded between bulk objects

Dried out cleanse the body of excess sealant. It will be convenient to make the blade. Getting manufacturing base biofireplaces. This box must be made of metal, appropriate size glass body.

Last should be easily and securely mounted on a metal base. Inside the base of the same should be installed metal can, which will act as a fuel tank.

It is desirable that the volume of the tank was large enough to not have too much to fill Bio Fireplace. Bank set to the design center. Made of metal mesh piece is cut, the size of which coincides with the base. It is laid over the fuel tank and is secured on the base edges.

From a prepared cord do wick and lower it into the tank with fuel. Kinds homemade burners Biofireplaces and their manufacturing instructions are discussed in our other article.

homemade Bio Fireplace

Fine-meshed metal net would be a reliable basis for laying decorative stones or firewood ceramic - aesthetic elements for decorating device

Pebbles or any other stones placed on top of the grid so that they are completely closed it. Stones will perform not only a decorative function. They will be allocated partially the heat that will be transferred from the torch to the metal mesh.

Thus it is possible to protect the glass from cracking. Now you can put a glass case back. Compact Bio Fireplace ready for use.

Instruction on putting together a large biofireplaces

If you want to make Bio Fireplace large, the most difficult will be the production of the fuel tank. The easiest way to buy ready-made element in a specialty store.

If the tank is supposed to be made independently, you need to take a metal sheet of a thickness exceeding 3 mm. It should be stainless steel, or else by combustion possible undesirable chemical reactions and even the appearance of toxic fumes.

The fuel tank for bio fireplaces

In specialty stores selling fuel tanks for stainless steel bio fireplaces. They are equipped with comfortable valves for the fire burns

Actually tank shall consist of two sections. Lower for fuel filling. In the upper compartment burn the flammable liquid vapors. Between these compartments must be dividing plate with holes, through which vapors enter the combustion zone. The shape of the tank may be different, it depends on the model of the fireplace.

Most claimed embodiment - fuel tank in parallelepipedic form with a narrow upper compartment.

Easier to manufacture a cylindrical tank. To do this, you can take the usual cup and cover it with cut-to-size cover of fine-mesh metal grid. Over the net can be poured fuel, which is quite convenient.

Fuel tank

Such mug-tanks may be somewhat Biofireplaces design. They can be arranged in several rows or in a circle. It is important not to forget to remove from the mug handle. It must be done carefully so as not to form an opening.

Having defined the fuel tank, you can start making bio fireplaces. Perform the floor model with two glass screens. To work needed to prepare for a fire-resistant glass screens, the fuel tank in the form of a parallelepiped, washers, screws and silicone gasket for glass, plastic, or metal legs.

In addition, for a manufacture base, we need thicker plywood or drywall screws and rods made of wood 40x30 mm.

We start with a base. Mark up a sheet of plywood, and gently Scrollsaw side portions thereof box-base and the top panel. The lower part of the box, we will not do.

Firstly, its presence significantly will weight design. Secondly, without it fix the glass sheets will be much more convenient. Prepare two pieces of a wooden block, which will be secured plywood.

Bio-fireplace with TV

Bio-fireplace with two glass screens can be made independently. base clearance may be very different - a console table, ducts

In sawn from plywood panels outline the location where the fuel tank is fastened. Cut the required fitting hole under the tank. Now assemble the frame and fasten it on the top panel. Edge design Well handled.

If we did not use plywood, and drywall, the edges must be treated filler. We decorate the resulting base in any suitable way: paint, lacquered, etc.

Cooking glass panels. First, cut two pieces of the desired size. In each of them you need to drill holes for decorative fasteners. It is quite difficult, because the slightest error can crack the glass. If you have no experience of such work, it is better to entrust an experienced master process with a set of special tools. On the side walls of the foundation also drilled holes for fasteners.

Now fasten the glass screen on the bottom. To do this, skip through the glass bolt, do not forget to wear a silicone gasket, so as not to damage the glass. Skipping bolt through base don washer and tightening the screws. It should be done very carefully, without applying excessive force, otherwise the glass may crack. Thus both the glass screen set.

homemade Bio Fireplace

During assembly design sure to use silicone pads, otherwise the glass can not withstand the load and crack. It is reasonable to use a more durable option - tempered glass

On the lower part of the glass sheet is necessary to put legs. To do this, we put in the details of rubber pads and put them in their place. Check the correct installation legs. Bio-fireplace must be level, not swing.

Using the prepared hole, install the fuel tank, and securely fasten it. The design is almost ready. It remains to decorate it with stones, or ceramic logs, if necessary.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Make a miniature table Bio Fireplace:

Auto Bio Fireplace - what it is:

Fabrication process Biofireplaces:

Bio-fireplace give your home a unique atmosphere. To enjoy the dance of living fire at any time, to collect a simple structure is sufficient.

It is important not to forget about the rules of safety: do not use fuel of unknown origin, not to leave a fire without care not to pour fuel into the still hot from previous device and not to forget regularly ventilate the room in which it operates Bio Fireplace.

You add an interior with own manufactured bio fireplaces? Can you have any additions or useful tips on assembly? Or you have noticed the discrepancy in the proposed material us? Write to us about it, share photos of their homemade - your experience will inspire the work of other users.

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