DIY water heater repair

Look at the Youtube video of Andrei Rudnytsky in two parts. Captured burnt electric storage water heater Polaris. Why did such a wonderful device work a little? How to repair water heaters with their own hands?

Electric storage water heaters Polaris

Consider that brand names are disguised as American and little-known European.

Water hardness in Kiev

In the USA, hard water. There, soda is extracted from lakes, and in Russia it is obtained by chemical means! Stream 5 has a great tank. Resembles silver( antibacterial coating).In the video tank looks mirror.

In Kiev's artesian wells, the indicator was 30 mEq / l, more than four times as high as normal. On the surface, stiffness is also high. However, the Polaris that did not live for 1 year was not overgrown with scale, double heating elements are in order, although there is no magnesium anode. Electronics works great. The device is inexpensive: 7000 rubles.

Characteristics of the electric storage water heater Polaris Stream 5.0

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Device characteristics:

  • power 5 kW;
  • tank volume 30 liters;
  • working pressure 6 atm;
  • maximum temperature 75 ºС.

Why an electric storage water heater Polaris Stream 5.0 broke

Stainless steel was the inner coating of the tank. First note on the video:

  • If the tank is made of stainless steel of any quality, and the heating element is covered with a copper tube, a galvanic couple is formed. The walls are slowly collapsing. To operate such a storage water heater without a magnesium anode is impossible.

Probe Thermostat made of steel. If the heating element is made of the specified material, why do we need a magnesium anode? If there is a device with copper parts in the water supply network, the electrode will protect the steel tank and heating element from destruction. In JV 40-108-2004 it is written that stainless steel is an exception in the fight against electrochemical corrosion, it has been seen to see galvanic series, where the conclusion is inapplicable: everything is done according to the rules, and the heating element broke through. Perhaps the tank was from a different type of steel that was being destroyed.

In the operating manual of the device, in addition to the stainless steel tank, protection against overheating and empty inclusion, a warranty of 5 years is given from the manufacturer. Question: where is the device purchased, where is the service ticket? Either the case did not fall within the established framework, or the rules were violated. The author of the video says that he soldered the board, put in thick adapters. Advice to readers:

  • In order to repair storage water heaters under warranty without difficulty, inquire in advance what cases fall under the free service. Do not correct faults in the electrical circuit of the device if the warranty is valid.

On the dealer’s website it is indicated: The heating element of the device is copper. The manual says:

  1. The device has its own protection against leakage, it is recommended to use also an external differential circuit breaker.
  2. Enclosure must be grounded reliably.

First pin:

  • If you connect the Polaris Stream 5.0 water heater without grounding, the first non-serious breakdown will cause the PCB tracks to burn out. And the error signal will not sound.

To identify the presence of a leak, the device must have earth in addition to the neutral conductor. If the input current is not equal to the output, protection is triggered. It is difficult to find the breakdown without grounding and when the ground is closed to the zero phase. Users of storage water heaters could not notice anything: they would not strike them with current if the tank was at zero phase.

Was there a differential circuit breaker? The manufacturer does not guarantee the stable operation of the device in case of violation of the installation instructions. Do-it-yourself water heater repair will help to avoid thorough compliance with the manufacturer’s conditions. Installation by a master with a SRO certificate costs a lot of money, few invite him. As a result, service centers refuse to repair equipment for free.

Device electric storage water heater Polaris Stream 5.0

Electric storage water heater Polaris Stream 5.0 is made with a vertical tank. There is a central partition for accelerated water heating. The liquid indirectly flows from the first half to the second half hot. The overheat protection thermostat probe is located in the output segment. The power of the two halves of heating elements is equivalent( 2.5 kW), the outlet temperature is higher. There is a possibility of overheating only a single spiral.

How did the hole appear in the outer tube of the heating element? If the unit initially had a defect, there was a meager leakage current, so the electronic card burned. Dismantle the heater, check the insulation resistance in dry and "wet" form. It should be 24 MΩ.Subsequently, water could enter the insulating layer and turn into steam when heated, causing a rupture of the outer shell. Then the insulation resistance dropped to zero, causing a sharp increase in the current consumption of the device. The board itself burned down. With a differential protection device and a normal grounding difficulty would not have been foreseen.

Manufacturer's requirements should be meticulously complied with. Service technicians can specially leave pitfalls for users who consider themselves capable of doing everything on their own. Free installation is of low quality.

TEN consists of two parts. For taking a shower of 5 kW is enough. Both halves are included when you need a lot of water. Otherwise, it is easier to use one. The main types of faults are listed at the end of the user manual: permanent shutdowns of the protection device, increased heating time, no water at the outlet. Often there is a defect TENA.It is difficult to establish that the insulation resistance is not normal. The stock often sells defective working appliances, hoping that the buyer will not install the unit according to the rules. The seller gets rid of the obviously worthless device and the cost of repairs.

Sometimes the circuit really works. According to the instructions, even replacing the anode of the electric storage water heater Polaris Stream 5.0 is carried out by a specialist from the service center, for a fee. Read the manual, do not throw out before repairing the water heater on your own: Oasis, AEG, Isea, Deluxe or Real.

To make repairs to water heaters less often, break recommendations only with knowledge and awareness of the consequences. Expert groups of companies do free repair in the absence of an alternative exit, otherwise they refuse.

We thank Andrey Rudnitsky for informative videos!

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