Country washbasin with a water heater

Country cottage washbasin with a water heater is recommended to be made from a simple barrel painted black. The design acts as a solar collector, collecting the energy of the rays. At the bottom of the hole is cut under the standard metal pipe water wiring. Screwing the ball valve or valve, use the device. Subtleties - in the details. Do you want to make a washbasin suburban with a water heater yourself - follow the instructions.

On the nature of electrical appliances, try to connect the tools, using a differential circuit breaker.

How to drill sheet material

During the work you will need to drill plastic or steel buckets, barrels, basins. Buy special drills conical type. Compare with auto gearboxes - it looks like a part from a variator. There are two designs:

  1. variators.
  2. Step drills.

The former resemble a solid cone with a wall breaking along the axis, provided with a cutting edge in height. Begin work by tilting the point or making a small hole( a millimeter in diameter).The top goes inside, the cutter takes on the job.

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We control the stroke with a caliper - the harder and longer we press, the larger the opening will be. The advantages of the drill - getting any diameter, knocked out of the standard. It is useful when equipping a washbasin with a water heater to give an old pipe, eaten by rust. Landing get tight.

Bosch sells similar products. Drills are characterized by a minimum and maximum diameter, shank fitting dimensions and length. It’s easy to choose. Prices bite. For example, a set of Hall CP 12 of two drills with a 6-30-millimeter range costs 5800 rubles. Coolant included. Too expensive for the device washbasin with a water heater in the country. The product of foreign manufacturers is aimed at commercial use by professional craftsmen.

Irwin HSS Unibit 5M drills from molybdenum steel are designed to produce a number of standard holes: 5, 7.5, 10, 13, etc.up to 35. The structure is tapered with a cut-out part of the side wall under the cutter, there are a number of well-distinguished steps for obtaining standard or intermediate sized holes.

The work is accelerating, but it is difficult to solve non-trivial tasks like the rust pipe described above. At Bizrate, you will take the product for $ 17( 600 rubles).Expensive.

Forstner’s drill in a particular case is categorically inappropriate - the cutter is located parallel to the surface of the material. Try it, but remember: you need to hold the bucket, hold the drill firmly. As a budget method, the option of boring with files and round files is used. For plastic Forstner drill fit.

Designing a summer washbasin with a water heater

For a outdoor summer washbasin a heat source is logical to use the sun. A small tank is suitable, for example, from under the fuel system of a car. Will fit bucket with a lid for the manufacture of fixtures. On trucks, the oil path contains tanks painted black: steel cylindrical five-liter tanks. A KamAZ fine fuel filter will also work - a ready wash basin, only a non-standard pipeline. The lack of wall thickness - the summer washbasin with a water heater has inertia. The sun is hard to raise the temperature of the water, but the device cools down slowly in the evening.

Drill a barrel or bucket at the bottom of a standard pipe with a valve. Add a coarse filter with a tap - see the picture below. The design will clear the clog. A coarse filter costs 60 rubles. It happens plastic and bronze, placed between the barrel and the crane. Now about the design.

It is logical to make the dacha washstand itself, using a bucket with a lid, paint it black, hang it on the bough of the southern side of the tree or on the nail of the corresponding wall of the house. The crane is mounted in the bottom. It will be difficult to make a device for hanging a KamAZ fine filter. We recommend using a hose clamp for fire extinguishers. Lay the rubber gasket, tighten, fasten in the right place.

Under the dacha sink will need a drain. On the street, it is not necessary to construct a structure from a bucket. Lay out a path of stones, the water will go into the ground. Allowed to lay a chute to drain the fluid to the right place or use the drain around the perimeter of the house. For children and women from the bottom, substitute an old sink with a drain hose or an improvised plastic basin at an acceptable height. If the Forstner drill bit is not enough, make a hole under the siphon with a hot knife or a soldering iron.

The lack of a street washbasin for a dacha with a water heater does not work at night. And in the morning it is good to refresh yourself. Buckets take galvanized or plastic black. In the latter case, due to the worse thermal conductivity, heating in the sun will not be as effective. The most economical solution is to buy a standard manual aluminum washbasin in the general store, painting in black. Of course, plastic will do as well, but it will not work well due to the reasons mentioned above.

TEN for a country water heater

Water heater washbasin make of the boiler. Run the outlet and hang above the fixture. Villagers conduct electricity outside and close the entrance with a rubber pad on top of the weather. Ground the sink, place the boiler as needed. The disadvantage of the method is difficult to keep track of the temperature. You can burn yourself in a hurry. For simplicity and cost, the solution is excellent. A miniature travel boiler will do as well. If the tank is capacious, the heating control is utterly simplified.

Sterilize the container, getting rid of bacteria and worms eggs. Safety is guaranteed by a road boiler powered from 12 V for a car cigarette lighter. The voltage of such a voltage will provide:

  1. Old adapters from radio equipment. Not the fact that you will need 12 V. Try using a cell phone charger. The input resistance of boilers is high enough, but will the fragile device pull water heating?
  2. Wrap the transformer yourself or use the 12 V power supply available. A reliable and cheap source will provide an acceptable current. It is not necessary to place the device on the street, swipe the outlet to the right place. A powerful source is constructed from radio elements. A battery, a purchase transformer for a 12-volt soldering iron will do.

The simplest ways to make a country washbasin are indicated on your own; cheap purchased products will form the basis. You can buy a sink with a water heater in the store, for example, Moidodyr for 2000 rubles. We offer to save money and make a mobile design. In the winter, the washbasin is cleaned in a shed or basement, and in spring it is hung up on the street or in the house.

Washbasin with water heater Moidodyr weighs 15 kg. Homemade is easier. While doing morning exercises( without burdening) against diseases of the spine, the water warms up. You will wash yourself, make tea, get the honey and say how good it is in the country.

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