Connect the water heater with your own hands

Connecting a water heater on your own - half the trouble, the main thing to hang firmly. Models reach a volume of 200 liters, may fall. The wall is made of foam concrete or hollow brick. Bad luck - what to fix? Dowel-nails are not an option for the listed materials. How to connect the storage water heater in such conditions? The answer is to contact chemists.

Installing a water heater under the ceiling

How to hang an accumulative water heater

In Hilti claim that the technical revolution began a quarter of a century ago. Chemical anchors are able to survive on any surface, holding the storage water heater. In the informative booklet of the pdf format of the company mentioned, the types of chemical anchors and the types of suitable surfaces are presented. There is information that the thickness of the reinforcement under the storage water heater lies in the range from 8 to 40 mm, which is enough for a tank of arbitrary capacity( even a half-ton Termeks Champion).It is clear that the wall must keep, the depth of the seal is a maximum of 3.5 meters. Consult with technical support, specify the type of wall material, the answer for a specific type of water heater will be found quickly.

What distinguishes chemical anchors:

  1. A dowel-nail is a screw that is clad in a plastic tube that is hammered or screwed down with force. The option is not suitable for hot water. It is done this way: a hole is prepared, then cleaned, the profile tube is inserted inside with a screw. Often hammered with a hammer immediately without preludes. The size of the hole is larger than the screw; obviously the view is unimportant. The construction is held by a plastic tube, expanded by a screw that has entered it. In the street dowel-nails are not used - the frost does not spare plastic.


  2. Anchors are distinguished by the fact that instead of a plastic tube there is a steel tube. Fasteners in diameter a little different now not from a screw, but a bolt. When screwed, the pin crushes the tube, which bites into the concrete. High-altitude trucks use anchors without fear, when necessary, install an external air conditioner unit at an incredible height. For the majority of the inhabitants, "bolts" are quite suitable to install a storage water heater. Trouble begins when the wall material is old, or simply fragile.

Chemical anchors for fastening storage water heaters

Chemical anchors consist of:

  • Active substance that expands as it hardens.
  • Accessory Accessories.
  • Supporting fittings.

There are a lot of technologies for embedding, each company has its own know-how. We list the main curious developments.

Chemical Anchors

  1. Hollow brick and slab, slotted channels. The hole of the calculated depth is drilled, the hole is cleaned. The procedure matters for how tightly the storage water heater will hang. Additionally, it is recommended to flush the hole with a compressor or bicycle pump. Inside the support mesh is placed with a tube, the active solution is poured and the fittings are inserted. There are fast-hardening compounds, but Hilti will have to wait before hanging the storage water heater. But then you can not move the mount and the tractor. Bolts from the manufacturer replaced fittings. By the way, its length reaches 3.5 meters.
  2. Foam concrete is drilled not in a standard manner, but with a cone with a base in the thickness of the material. Further work proceeds according to a similar scheme. Inside the active solution is poured, fittings are inserted. Hardening, the composition tightly seizes iron. Storage water heater is suspended reliably. Of course, the strength of the wall is sufficient. The required depth and shape, depending on the strength mark of the foam concrete, will help to calculate the firm. Otherwise there will be no demand for the products. The system is called AKS-SOUTH.How to make a tapered hole that expands inward to securely hang the storage water heater with your own hands? The operation is performed using a special rubber coupling, which at one end leans against the foam concrete, the second rests against the drill. So the surface of the material is protected from mechanical loads.
  3. A similar system works for concrete, but much simpler. Everything depends on cleaning the hole. However, standard anchors are also suitable for durable overlap.

Chemicals work with any surfaces. This applies to wood and particleboard. If you need to restore the hole for the door hinge, the composition acts as epoxy. After connecting the water heater with your own hands, use the remains of anchors in problem areas of the house.

Connection of a storage water heater to communications

The water heater is connected in a suspended state. Need to drain the riser with cold water. Sometimes turn on the device parallel to the line with hot water, as a backup device, but more often the outlet is connected to the mixer through the connections. To perform maintenance, leave the inlet tee with a tap in the lower branch. Water is drained from here. Through lateral branching, the flow enters. Between the riser and storage water heater is a reverse by-pass valve, which regulates the pressure in the tank and does not allow reserve boiling water to drain into the riser during a planned shutdown.

It is better to connect the water heater to the pipeline through a coarse water filter. This is a bronze( brass) letter U, sold in any store. Periodically, the coarse filter nut turns back to clean the mesh. The armature cuts into the line with a small tap down. You can do the opposite, and the dirt goes into the riser during scheduled outages. This is bad for neighbors, sometimes it’s not difficult to just clean the filter. A shut-off valve is installed from the riser( after the filter), and in the case of service work, the water is blocked. If you can cut off the apartment from the water supply by the valve of the riser, then the crane is not installed.

Connecting a water heater

More often, a tap is placed at the outlet of the water heater. It is needed if the mixer is far away, and through the fittings you can run air inwards so that the water is glass during scheduled maintenance. If you cut a branch of hot water in parallel, the device will be cut off with a crane.

Please note that the bypass valve periodically poison water, which means you need to provide for a drain. We recommend to include a flat shock absorber right next to the storage water heater, this will help the tank to survive longer. The element is sometimes clogged with scum, you have to clean. Try to include a side branch between the tee and the non-return valve, this should to a greater extent protect the damper of the water hammer from dirt.

The water heater is connected to the mains through a differential protection device. The purpose of the unit is to, by fixing the leakage current, turn off the device. In the case of a breakdown on the hull( burned out of the heater), an accident will not occur. Traffic jams, by the way, will not burn either. We explain that the shield at the entrance is needed to protect the apartment from fire, and not people from an accident. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish the differential protection device from traffic jams and "bugs".Please note that for the correct operation of the described electrics, the correct grounding is required. Without this, the leakage current will not be recorded( if the housing is zeroed).

Consequently, the risk of an accident is not eliminated, and the protection device does not carry a semantic load. As for the wire, the plug is not placed. Just copper conductor of the desired cross section goes to the point of distribution of electricity. By the way, it is recommended to connect the instantaneous water heater in the same way. Grounding is often not available - the device belongs to the second class of electrical protection.

And finally, according to the standards, electrical appliances should not be in the bathroom or toilet, except for the third class of protection. The latter group is powered by voltages below 40 V, not dangerous to life. These are razors, epilators. Carefully choose the installation location of the storage water heater( read about the bathroom zone thematic GOST R 50571.11).Finally, the large body of the device prevents the adoption of hygienic procedures. The storage water heater is very large.

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