12 best car vacuum cleaners according to car owners

  • What is the basis of our rating?
  • The most powerful models
  • The best car vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning
  • The best battery models
  • The best vacuum cleaners working from the cigarette lighter

It is not pleasant to drive in such conditions, and it is a shame to bring people. That is why every car owner wants to know which car vacuum cleaner is better to choose? Well, let's see!

What is our rating based on?

Before you buy a car vacuum cleaner, you should definitely pay attention not only to its price and appearance, but also to its specifications. It is on this information, taking into account customer feedback and expert opinions, that our rating of the best vacuum cleaners is based.

So, what you should pay attention to when choosing a car vacuum cleaner:

  • The power of work - the higher, the faster and better the cleaning will take place. Power from 60 to 100 watts is enough for superficial garbage collection. But devices with a capacity of more than 100 watts will be able to express themselves extremely effectively;
  • Type of cleaning - dry or wet. You must understand that the absolute majority of vacuum cleaners are designed for dry cleaning. Some models are designed for the fact that you will wash the complex pollution by hand, and a vacuum cleaner just collect the wet foam. But literally single models of car vacuum cleaners are capable of collecting wet dirt or puddles;
  • Connection - from the cigarette lighter, outlet or internal battery. The latter are the most mobile, but the time of their work is rather limited. Connecting to a regular outlet to charge the battery. When choosing a model that works from the vehicle's cigarette lighter, be sure to count the length of the power cord;
  • Equipment - a set of accessories for interior cleaning. The design of the brushes and nozzles sometimes greatly facilitate and accelerate the work itself, and with a shoulder strap it is much more convenient to remove the car. Also, pay attention to the type of dust collector - a bag or container, for the presence of a cover for storing the device and accessories for it;
  • Weight and size - because any device should not be too heavy or bulky. Car vacuum cleaner should not take up a lot of space and "tear off" hands during cleaning, especially if the cabin is cleaned by a woman.

It is not a secret that some models of any household appliances turn out to be rather unsuccessful - they are either ineffective in use or often break. And some so generally inappropriate to repair because of the complexity and high cost of repair. Car vacuum cleaners are no exception. By the way, not always the price - a reliable indicator of the quality of the assembly and device vacuum cleaner. Therefore, be careful when buying and be sure to check out our rating of the most successful models of car vacuum cleaners 2017-2018 year.

The Most Powerful Models

As already mentioned, the quality of cleaning directly depends on the power of the device. Moreover, the more powerful the vacuum cleaner, the smaller particles it can collect. Powerful models perform well when you need to quickly vacuum the car mats from sand and dust.

Heyner Cyclonic Power 240,000

A device of German origin, distinguished by a competent assembly, concise design and careful study. Power of work - 138 W, high-quality cleaning of any type of coatings, two cleaning filters, removable nozzles for different types of cleaning, built-in lights. The cord length is only 3 m, but the model is light in weight - only 1 kg. In general - affordable and high-quality model for cleaning the car.

Aggressor AGR 150 Smerch

Collected in China according to Russian patterns. Enjoys great popularity in the domestic market, thanks to the optimal combination of price and reliability. Power of work - 150 W, the cyclone filter which prevents blockages in the device and decrease in power and overall performance. In addition, the kit includes several tips for high-quality processing of the car's interior, a sufficiently long cord, a cover for storage. Device weight - 1.5 kg, manufacturer's warranty - 3 years. In this category - the best powerful vacuum cleaner.

Philips MiniVac FC 6141

An effective and practical model from a famous brand. Aerodynamic modern design, translucent plastic, convenient shape, storage pouch. Power - 120 W, a large selection of extension cords, brushes and nozzles for fast and high-quality work. Easy and fast cleaning, compactness, simplicity and convenience in use. Powered by cigarette lighter. Owners of the device praise him for the ease and collection of even the smallest particles of dust. And although this is the most expensive model in the top 3 high-powered vacuum cleaners, believe me, the price fully justifies the quality and durability of the device.

The best car vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning

Car vacuum cleaners rarely know how to collect moisture and lather. This is due to the device dust collector, because moisture can get into the engine of the device. If you often need to collect spilled liquid in the cabin or vacuum the spot that has been washed down - pay attention to the models for wet cleaning. Otherwise, you risk spoiling your car vacuum cleaner.

Airline Cyclone-2

This model received the highest rating from consumers in its category. Distinctive features - high power of work( 150 W), a 0.5 l dust bag, quick and easy cleaning, a long cord( 4 m), a large selection of nozzles in the kit for different types of upholstery and car cover. Budget model, which is characterized by a durable service life and high efficiency. The disadvantage is an impressive weight - 2.5 kg.

COIDO 6132

Compact and practical model from Japan for dry and wet cleaning. The special design of the container allows you to collect spilled liquid without affecting the operation of the electric motor. By the way, the transparent design of the dust collector will allow you to control the occupancy level of the device without any problems. Power - 100 W, in a set - a nozzle for hard-to-reach spots. The model is characterized by durability of materials, high-quality collection of garbage and dirt, and easy storage. The cord is only 3 m.

ALCA Series( models 208, 219, 220, 229)

Practical and lightweight models of car vacuum cleaners. Designed for dry and wet cleaning, however, differ not too much power. They have removable washable filters for quick cleaning, different nozzles for any fabric and cleaning, a long cable( up to 5 m), they work from the cigarette lighter. These are simple and reliable devices that make it easy to clean a car( weight - about 800 g).Externally - attractive and do not take up much space in the trunk.

The best battery models

Accumulator models of car vacuum cleaners allow absolutely no dependence on the length of the cord - the range of such devices is practically unlimited. But you should know that the operating time of such a vacuum cleaner is rather limited. And after discharging, you will need to bring the vacuum cleaner into the house, connect it to the mains and fully charge the battery. Sometimes this process takes about 8-10 hours.

The Bomann AKS 713 CB

is a hand-made German vacuum cleaner. Combines practicality, constructivism and reasonableness of technical characteristics. During operation, it is possible to absorb a small amount of liquid and the smallest dust particles. Included are several practical and durable cleaning tips. The bag for collecting garbage can be erased, and also there is an air purification filter. On the case there is an indicator of fullness. The battery life is 15 minutes, long recharging.

Waeco PowerVac PV 100

German vacuum cleaner with cyclonic filtration. Differs in practicality, functionality and very high-quality cleaning. Externally, it differs somewhat from manual vacuum cleaners, but this is not a disadvantage of the model. The device has a large number of additional brushes and nozzles, as well as a shoulder strap. Collects liquid dirt from the floor mats without harm to the electric motor. Battery life - 20 min.

Vax Gator Car H86-GA-B-R The

is a compact and virtually weightless vacuum cleaner. It features a small dust collector, a nozzle for hard-to-reach places, as well as the ability to work from a regular outlet, cigarette lighter or battery. It copes with different types of dirt in the car. This device is protected from overheating or short circuit. The battery life is 15 minutes.

The best vacuum cleaners working from the cigarette lighter

Car vacuum cleaners are the most common and convenient option. In fact, you are not limited by time, however, do not move further than the length of the cord allows. Please note that some users often complain that the power cord hardens during the cold season and makes it very difficult to clean the cabin.

Daewoo DAVC150

interesting and affordable model. Suitable for dry and wet cleaning, there is a cyclone filter, the volume of the dust box is 0.6 l, and the design of the device provides that it can be easily removed and washed. Includes several tips for different types of cleaning. Cable length - 4m. Power of work - 150 watts. Weight - only 700 g. The manufacturer guarantees 3 years of impeccable service of the device.

Black & Decker PAV1205

is a reliable and functional device from a well-known American company. Car vacuum cleaner and looks stylish, and cleans very high quality. There is a cyclone filter, however, a small volume of the dust collector is only 0.3 l. Included are flexible hoses, nozzles and brushes for convenience, as well as a durable storage pouch. Cord length - 5 m, this is more than enough for simple and high-quality cleaning. Power of work - 95 W, there is a power regulator on the case and fullness indicator.

Berkut Smart Power SVC-800

is a flashy, original and effective model, one of the most popular in the domestic market. In stock - a multi-level system for filtering and trapping dirt particles, a large assortment of accessories for dry cleaning, a shoulder strap and an LED flashlight. Owners of car vacuum cleaner note the quiet operation of the device, an interesting and high-quality execution, a large radius of action( 5.5 m).Container dust collector - 0.4, work power - 100 watts.

So our top-best models of car interior cleaning devices came to an end, in which we tried to find the answer to the question - which car vacuum cleaner should we buy? We hope that now you will always be “armed” with the most efficient and reliable vacuum cleaner, and no dirt in the car will become a problem for you. In good auto shops you can always find different models for any needs and for every opportunity. And based on the information from our article, it will be much easier to make the right choice!

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