8 best Samsung fridges according to buyers

  • What to look for when buying?
  • A bit about Samsung
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Refrigeration equipment is an integral part of kitchen appliances. Now this device is much more interesting to choose. The fact is that modern achievements and progress in household appliances allow you to choose any unit, taking into account not only the functional, but also the appearance. In this article, we will present the best refrigerators 2018 rating from Samsung, which is based on consumer feedback and expert advice.

What to look for when buying?

In practice, when buying, it is very important to evaluate in the complex:

  • Functional.
  • Appearance.
  • Dimensions, equipment.
  • Build quality.

Refrigerator, can be quite simple and perform a solo basic function, and can also include additional or advanced features.

By design, modern technology can be chosen for any style. Regarding quality, you should choose a reliable and trusted manufacturer, for example, Samsung. The Korean brand is popular because of the high quality of the goods offered, including refrigerators.

Therefore, we offer a closer look at the rating of the best Samsung refrigerators, based on the feedback from users and experts themselves.

A bit about the Samsung brand.

The Samsung brand offers a fairly wide range of refrigerators, including the old proven models, as well as modern advanced units themselves. Each model of the Samsung refrigerator is marked by its features.

When choosing a technique for yourself, you should pay attention primarily to its dimensions and the possibility of placing it in a planned place. Most models come standard type. But there are differences, so choose according to size.

When evaluating functions and properties, it is important to choose the necessary functionality for the consumer. For example, a high-quality freezer with all its functions is important for the buyer, but the touchscreen display is completely uninteresting, etc.

The price also varies depending on the functions that are put in place. Therefore, choose profitable and profitable. Let us consider in more detail the most common types of Samsung refrigerators, and their features: functions, features, disadvantages.

Samsung RB-37 J5441SA

This model is justified in the first place ranking. The refrigerator proved itself as a reliable unit. Consumers say that he has been working without comment for at least four years. This fridge is expensive for the price. However, it absolutely justifies it due to flawless and high-quality work.

The device is equipped with a No Frost system, which simplifies the maintenance of equipment several times. It is quite roomy, designed for 367l. Equipped with a temperature indicator. It is characterized as a refrigerator whose work is invisible, that is, it makes almost no noise.

Main advantages:

  • Economical in operation( class A +).
  • Silent.
  • Nice design.
  • Quality unit.
  • Reliable.


  • Its high price - from 45 thousand rubles.

Samsung RSA1SHVB1

An excellent model for rooms where it is possible to install a large-size refrigerator with a freezer on the side( such as Side by Side).Therefore, the dimensions of the equipment are increased - 91.2 × 73.4 × 178.9 cm. However, it looks surprisingly stylish and modern.

Electronic control of the unit, with energy-saving mode( class A +) will delight in the modern-style kitchen room. Both the chamber and the refrigeration compartment are equipped with the No Frost system. The functionality provides for super-fast freezing, and express cooling. An open door buzzer is provided. It has a temperature indicator. In general, the refrigerator belongs to energy saving, provided by the group A +.

Main advantages:

  • Very roomy( refrigerator 357 l and freezer 193 l).
  • Well maintains the set temperature.
  • When you turn on or switch the temperature quickly reaches the desired level.
  • Economical( also provides for the "vacation" function).
  • Safe and secure storage of food.


  • You can notice a rather thin surface of the refrigerator walls, which is why dents easily remain.

Samsung RB-30 J3000WW

This model is a classic type, designed for a small family. Absolutely enough for a company of two people. It is noted high-quality and well-coordinated work. Does not give out noise. The freezer works without complaints, does not form an ice. The No Frost system works well. The refrigerator is equipped with special glass shelves and drawers for food storage. The shelves are durable and easy to clean.

The design does not provide handles because of what it looks quite stylish. For some, this is a big plus, since the pens are often dirty and their apparent location underlines this fact. Very pleased with his frugality. Since this model belongs to the group A +, we can count on its economical electricity consumption.

Special Benefits:

  • Economical.
  • Compact( 59.5 × 66.8 × 178 cm).
  • Stylish.


  • There is no provision for changing the position of the shelves. That is, they are installed at a certain distance, and there is no other installation option.

Samsung RB-30 J3000SA

The refrigerator is positioned as a good model for family use. Very convenient location of the main and side shelves. It is easy to place large dishes, and even tall bottles are conveniently placed on the side of the shelves.

Pleases box for storing products that are convenient and easy to use. Consumers allocate in the comments freezer, which serves very high quality. Frozen fruits and vegetables are stored without raid. It has a convenient electronic control. Equipped with an open door sound alert. The device has a temperature indicator. If necessary, the door in this model can be hung. Camera and refrigerator system No Frost.

Main advantages:

  • Compact( 59.5 × 66.8 × 178 cm).
  • Enough volume unit( 311 l).
  • Spacious freezer.
  • Function: super-freezing.
  • High-quality assembly.
  • Does not produce noise during operation.


  • A very small egg tray( just six pieces).
  • The possibility of fixing the ice tank is not provided.

Samsung RS-552 NRUASL

Huge fridge with freezer on the side. The size of 91.2x70x178.9 cm does not prevent buyers from choosing this model. The refrigerator is equipped with the latest technology and is very convenient and practical for everyday use. In particular: large roomy shelves, product boxes equipped with wheels and conveniently protrude. This model of class A + consumes little electricity( 431 kW / year).

The inherent No Frost system, both in the refrigerated and in the freezer. The total amount of 538 liters is quite a lot. The state-of-the-art electronically controlled refrigerator provides special functions for super-freezing and supercooling. Stylish design with expressive LED-backlit. It has a temperature indicator.

Key benefits:

  • Economical.
  • Roomy.
  • Inverter motor with 10 years warranty.
  • Modern style.


  • High cost.

Samsung RB-33 J3420BC

You can not overlook this elegant and strict model of the refrigerator. Completed in black, the fridge will fit well into the kitchen of the Art Nouveau studio. Exquisite on the outside and absolutely practical in practice. The lower and upper chambers are endowed with the No Frost system. It has moderate dimensions of 59.5 × 66.8 × 185 cm and a capacity of 328 liters. Qualitatively performs the basic functions. It works economically 280 kW / year. Equipped with a temperature indicator.

Special advantages:

  • Invisible in operation up to 37 dB.
  • Economy Class A +.
  • Compact.


  • Not enough space in the middle through the small parameters of the refrigerator.

Samsung RB-37 J5000B1

Another model is included in the top-best Samsung refrigerators with an elegant and modern design. With moderate dimensions( 59.5 × 67.5 × 201 cm) quite roomy and powerful functionality. At the same time it is economical type A +, with a consumption of 314 kW / year. In the middle the device has a convenient and spacious arrangement of shelves. In the refrigerator compartment are two drawers with a special mode of storage of vegetables and meat.

Enables the super-freeze feature. The lower and upper chambers have the No Frost system. The refrigerator has an elegant style. Instead of pens, thought-out special hidden recesses. On the top panel there is a scoreboard that displays the temperature and other modes.

Special advantages:

  • Simple and elegant design.
  • Economical.
  • Quiet( silently running).
  • Temperature indicator and other modes are displayed on the board.
  • Roomy enough.


  • Inconvenient drawers in the freezer.

Samsung RH-60 H90203LS

Ideal value for money. Good fridge with no frost system. The size of 91.2 × 72.1 × 177.4 cm and a volume of 605 l, makes it quite roomy. It is characterized by very convenient internal shelves and drawers. Roomy and durable unit. Easy to clean. The drawers in the freezer are easy to open. They have a solid bottom due to which flow is impossible. It is characterized by economical power consumption, class A +.

Key benefits:

  • Very quiet running.
  • Quality.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Modern look.
  • Special vegetable compartment.
  • On the back side, the mechanisms are covered with a metal panel.
  • High-quality plastic.


  • It is big enough, not suitable for every kitchen.
  • A little brandy.
  • Price - from 135 thousand rubles.


We reviewed those Samsung models that are most in demand and are known for positive reviews. In the top of the best there are various types of refrigerators, which differ in size, way of placing the freezer and functionality. Such information will allow you to determine the type of unit required and not to miss important details when choosing it.

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