How to wash suede shoes at home

Suede shoes have long been popular among the fair sex: it is elegant, comfortable and never goes out of fashion. Many people, choosing their shoes or boots, purposely look out for this particular material on the shelves, but some people don’t like it, as they are afraid that there will be a lot of trouble when cleaning these shoes at home. And, although suede is very capricious and demanding, you can cope with cleaning it yourself, without turning to specialized companies, just knowing how to wash suede shoes.

Can you wash suede shoes

Rumors about the difficulties in caring for suede shoes or shoes are fully justified, they require compliance with certain rules, otherwise you can say goodbye to your favorite thing. This material is very sensitive to large quantities of water, so shoes from it can not be put under a stream from the tap and the more so wash it in a washing machine. In addition, it is not recommended to wear such things during rain or sleet, but if there is no alternative, on arrival home, shoes should be stuffed with newspapers and dried in a natural way. It is better not to put it on the battery, otherwise the material may be degraded and skukozhitsya.

It is still possible to wash suede shoes, for this purpose, use water with a usual soap solution - powder, soap or detergent without aggressive substances. It is better to use a sponge, which should be wet, but not wet. You do not need to push hard on the stain, excessive zeal can result in the appearance of lighter spots after drying the shoes.

If desired, you can purchase a special water-repellent impregnation for suede shoes. If applied after washing and drying, impregnation forms an additional protective layer, as a result of which dirt and moisture will not adversely affect the delicate material.

Other ways of getting rid of

dirt If you couldn’t remove dirt or grease stains with ordinary soap and water, you can use alternative methods:

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  1. The easiest and most reliable option is to purchase a suede cleaner at home, which can be done at any shoe store. After the purchase you need to carefully read the instructions in order to properly reproduce the process and maintain the necessary concentration. Depending on the brand and manufacturer, such tools can not only clean the pollution from the surface of the shoe, but also provide it with additional protection from adverse conditions.
  2. A special suede eraser is also available at a shoe store. With its help all dirty stains on the material are processed, after which the shoes are brushed. As an analogue in this case, you can not use the office eraser, even white and soft. It can stretch the stain even more, and shoes will still have to be cleaned in another way.
  3. If you need to wash your suede shoes urgently, but you don’t have an industrial cleaner on hand, a component from a home medicine cabinet will help you - ammonia. It should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2, then with the help of a sponge or a clean rag should be treated with a solution of contaminated sites. Then it is necessary to remove the rest of the mixture with a damp cloth and treat the shoes with a weak solution of vinegar. To do this, it is necessary to dissolve 1 teaspoon of vinegar in 1 liter of water. After processing, shoes need to be filled with newspapers and sent to dry.
  4. The following method involves the use of a solution prepared from 1 teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of warm milk. Using a sponge, it will be necessary to treat all problem areas with a mixture, then rinse the shoes with a damp cloth and dry them in a natural way.
  5. If you notice a fresh greasy stain, you must powder it with talcum powder or starch. These solids will absorb all the dirt, so after 4 to 5 hours you can clean off their remnants with a brush and forget about the existence of the stain. For brown suede in this case, it is better to use the coffee grounds, it is also used and does not entail any unpleasant consequences.
  6. If, after washing, suede shoes have lost their former attractiveness, you can try to restore it. To do this, hold the shoes over the steam from the kettle, as a result of this, the villi will soften and fit in the desired position, and the shoes will look much better. After that, it will need to be cleaned with a special brush to secure the result.

What you should not do

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Knowing how to wash suede shoes from dirt, you also need to know what means to use do not need to not damage things. Following these simple rules can not only make the process of washing shoes faster and easier, but also extend the life of your favorite shoes in its original form.

Firstly, if dirt gets on the suede, you should not immediately try to remove it, you must first wait until the stain is completely dry. After that, you need to try to scrape it with a special brush for suede, which can be bought at a hardware store. Its acquisition will help you not only to clean the dirt, but also to carry out preventive cleaning of the pile, so that it does not lose its qualities. If using a brush could not completely remove the stain, you need to use one of the above tools.

Secondly, do not use gasoline, kerosene and other strong chemicals. They are suitable for cleaning dirt on many materials, but they will have a destructive effect on suede.

Thirdly, artificial suede can be washed only with the help of a soap solution, all other methods can only aggravate the situation or completely spoil the thing. Natural suede more gently responds to popular methods, with their careful use will be achieved impressive results.

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