Which is better to buy an irrigator

An irrigator usually think when you have problems with the gums. Studies have shown that the device is capable of a 26% reduction in the risk of caries. If the dentifrice to treat mouth irrigator, process efficiency will increase twice. In cases of desires accurately process masticatory apparatus will have to decide the question of choice irrigator.

What is oral irrigator

Under irrigation irrigation understood, this process is associated with cleansing and massage. Irrigator generates a stream of water, which is:

  • in the region cleans the teeth, gums;
  • massaging oral cavity, tongue, nasopharynx.
The oral irrigator

The oral irrigator

The best effect is achieved in devices where it is possible to use water instead of solution useful medicinal herbs of pharmacy. If you take chamomile flowers soothing, promote healing of wounds. Use irrigator for herbal medicine. For the selection of the right herbs come on an electronic site pharmacy, look, there are sold against ulcers, bleeding gums, inflammation. Of the charges do solutions, filling periodically irrigator.

Attention! Proceed according to the instructions. Use potions if allowed documentation.

The device allows the massage tongue and mouth. Try to do it with your fingers. If the gum bleeds from the use of the toothbrush, the irrigator is needed. The product is not capable of forming the usual stream, and pulsating. For example, a Panasonic cleverly water spirals as DNA molecule. There are other technical solutions. They say that some irrigators are added to the stream of air bubbles. Shells in this case, just add the abrasive properties. It seems a trifle, but if we remember that the sand machine cut steel one meter wide, everything falls into place.

Unlike industrial units of air bubbles in the irrigator are gently. Water wears away the stone, soon from plaque and food debris does not remain a trace, and the gum had an excellent massage. Valuable effect irrigator can be used to gradually accustom capricious mouth to clean with a toothbrush. Plus the absence of contraindications. With regard to drugs and herbs for cleaning, consult a doctor and consider possible allergic reaction.

Using the irrigator

Using the irrigator

How to select the oral irrigator

Recommended taking device, suitable for use pure water and solutions (infusions). Brushing your teeth combined with the treatment and prevention of diseases. Please note that the irrigators produce two types:

  1. Stationary models feature a large capacity. For irrigators parameter measured in the generated pressure. For example, five hundred kPa. It's about the power of the jet. With the electric power consumption of the pressure parameter is linked indirectly. Stationary models feature large dimensions, good performance. In contrast to individual irrigators, these are equipped with a large number of attachments: for each family member one or two. To avoid confusion, accessories are supplied with colored rubber ring. This helps to distinguish between the nozzle just as taken into the family of toothbrushes of various colors and shapes.
  2. Portable irrigators involve individual use. Nozzle is one or two, but with different functions. There are at least three types of irrigator: to massage the tongue, gum treatment, cleaning of braces and other foreign bodies. All the most suitable for the purpose. If you take care of yourself, buy road irrigator. The characteristic differences are relatively small in size, low pressure generated modest power consumption.

Stationary irrigators often have a stepped or a smooth pressure force adjustment. This will maximize the device to adjust to the needs. Of course, the first time is better to take this. According to his passport check the pressure values ​​at both ends of the range, pick the best mode. Then boldly take irrigator evaluating offhand generated pressure device is already known in the figures. Recall that the value is measured in kPa.

Not drop toward proprietary technologies (air bubbles, pulsating jet). To this we add: look at what time is the jet pressure rating. Otherwise other irrigator can strongly impress the first acquaintance. The device is very safe as opposed to, for example, by an ultrasonic tooth brushes. Ta can easily povyschelkivat filling mouth. Irrigator hard contraindications not.

What firms take oral irrigator

On the market a few manufacturers, leisurely browse in the electronic catalog Yandex-market and other portals dedicated to household appliances. Type in the name of the search engine said registry with the addition of the word "irrigators". Note the lack of options. Moderators Yandex-market did not manage to organize production and divided into groups. You can not find the irrigator at a predetermined pressure water jet or bubble function.

Installing iirigatora

Installing irrigator

The company manufacturers of devices on Yandex-market:

  2. AquaPulsar.
  3. Bremed.
  4. Donfeel.
  5. Omron.
  6. Oral-B.
  7. Panasonic.
  8. Philips.
  9. WaterPik.

At the hearing Panasonic and Philips - producers of the popular electric shavers and epilators remarkable, actually considered to be a favorite of the latter. It is encouraging the presence of a tick, giving weed road irrigators. You can choose a portable irrigator.

Charging irrigator

Charging irrigator

Complexity of use of the oral irrigator

Few people think, but is prohibited in the bathroom to put the socket 220 V. Select a unit with protection degree IP44 housing, but there is no wicked GOST 50571.11 forbids! Break the law is not necessary. Put irrigator away from the central water sources.

By the way, the safety in production laid some probability of death. Very small, fraction of a percent, but there is.

Buying irrigator in the pharmacy (supermarket), ask where to put the device. Confident employees of medical institutions have an idea about it. We hope readers will heed the advice and irrigator Akvadzhet will not cause an accident. I would like to remind about grounding. Irrigators polls few exceptions belong to group II of electrical safety. This means the device does not require grounding, and laid inside the double insulation or equivalent. That's good, is not yet released as specified by the period of use of an irrigator. Then the manufacturer declines all responsibility for the safe use.

It is appropriate to call and ask how to check the security of purchase. Learn the technique will come in handy when the time will come, and it is necessary to assess whether it is possible to use an irrigator on. Irrigator is better to buy cheap, and buy a new one at the end of the manufacturer's liability.

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