What instant water heater to buy

First decide whether you will be able to draw gas and run a chimney. If the answer is positive, take a gas water heater of a flow type - in everyday life the column. The power of the devices is tens of kW at a unit price of 4,000 rubles. We believe that this advantage will become obvious to those who bother to read the text to the end. We are going to tell you what kind of instantaneous water heater is recommended to buy.

Instantaneous water heater

The power of instantaneous water heater

We give a vital example for the winter time of an average Russian city. Let's measure the temperature of the cold riser. It turned out 5 degrees Celsius.

In Ariston heaters, the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the heater is given at 45 degrees. In our case, we get 50 together. That's enough not to get burned. From the above, we assert that the numbers from the tables of the Ariston company are suitable for the winter Russian city, if, of course, the temperature outside the window fits into minus 15 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, the hot water will be a little colder than 50.

Instantaneous gas water heater Ariston

Often people have to buy heating elements for storage water heaters, the device breaks down from hard water. By preventing breakage in flow models, water temperature is limited. The stream washes away the excess into the mixer.

However, Ariston makes an exception for instantaneous water heaters. We will show readers how to correctly calculate the parameters on their own according to previously known power.

Ariston Water Heater


  1. It is known that the specific heat capacity of water is 4200 J / kg K.
  2. The heater power is measured in advance by the manufacturer, not to be confused with the calories produced by the combustion of gas. Part of the energy flies into the pipe.
  3. Maximum and minimum flow are known. It is possible to calculate the temperature for arbitrary conditions.

Getting Started. Power is related to the flow and temperature of the input and output ratios:

N = L x 4200 x( T1 - T2) / 60,

division by 60 is required because the flow is given in liters per minute, and SI units are needed, seconds. The temperature difference at a certain flow rate is calculated by the formula:

T1 - T2 = N x 60 / L x 4200,

It is known that through a typical shower the jet is consumed at a speed of 3–3.5 liters per minute to wash. In the passport information geyser indicates the power of 21.5 kW.Let us calculate how many degrees the device will raise the temperature of the water from the cold riser.

T1 - T2 = 21500 x 60 / 3.5 x 4200 = 88 ºC.

Domestic instantaneous water heater

You can see that at maximum mode at the current flow rate the water temperature will be 88 + 5 = 93 degrees. We are trying on the power of a flowing gas water heater for home conditions in advance and we conclude that the mode of operation of the device must be flexibly adjusted so as not to burn yourself. We proceed from the fact that the flow is supplied without a mixer. According to the standards of Russia, the temperature of hot water does not exceed 75 degrees Celsius( not less than 60).

Going out, giving a jet at a flow rate of 3.5 liters per minute at maximum power, we go beyond the limits of the standards, which means we run the risk of spoiling the home plumbing equipment. For example, gaskets will fail, there will be leaks. This makes it clear how important it is to buy a flowing water heater that meets the conditions. Together we look through the instructions of the nameless column Ariston to understand the modes in the device.

The table says that the “net power” is within the range of 8.5-19 kW.Accepted for change, then in the calculation above we substitute 19 kW.Offhand, we say that with a decrease in power by 12%( 21.5 - 19) the temperature difference drops to 78 degrees. As a result, the water will be too hot. In the manual, try to understand if there is an internal temperature control; cheap speakers definitely do not have an option. Avoid the possibility of burns and spoil the home plumbing equipment.

From the instructions it becomes clear that the Fast Evo geysers use electronic ignition, respectively, equipped with an intelligent module that controls the temperature of the water. The mode smoothly changes. We believe that the amount of gas is regulated, although it is not written directly anywhere.

Plus speakers in the absence of a pilot group, which means that in standby mode, the gas is not wasted. Ignition is performed by a signal from the water flow sensor. Temperature conditions( 35-65 degrees) set in advance.

Ariston water heater specified series is quite recommended for purchase. Economical, self-regulating, minimum hazards, there are benefits. Considering that electric storage water heaters come at a similar cost with ridiculous power and an incredibly small tank.6500 rubles a reasonable price for a gas column Ariston.

When buying a gas instantaneous water heater, pay attention to the type of fuel. There are network and balloon options. Separate gas instantaneous water heaters can be converted to a different type of fuel. In the store, ask if you need to take the right set of equipment. To carry out work on the transition to a new type of fuel, trust only qualified craftsmen( gasman).For proper adjustment, we use information about network pressure, gas calorie content, and others.

Termeks electric instantaneous water heater

Why do we recommend taking a Termex electric instantaneous water heater? Ariston does not release such. The Electrolux models are good, but they are not suitable for a wide Russian soul requiring a bath. Plus - the Termex lineup contains models ranging from ridiculous 3.5 kW to serious devices with 10 kW.We calculate what the water temperature at the outlet in our case is for both models.

Electric water heater

T1 - T2 = N x 60 / L x 4200 = 3500 x 60 / 3.5 x 4200 = 14.28 ºС;

T1 - T2 = N x 60 / L x 4200 = 10000 x 60 / 3.5 x 4200 = 40.81 ºС.

We see that for normal showering the first model will provide a water temperature of 20 degrees, the second +45.It is clear now that the electric instantaneous water heater barely cope where the gas in two accounts did the work. The increase in power rests on the possibility of an electrical switchboard.

You see that instantaneous electric water heaters are used more with periodic shutdowns of hot water, rather than as a permanent replacement. Because most people put savings. Flowing water heaters are good, for example, in the country, to wash their hands with dishes, maintain personal hygiene. Available models for sinks. Power is 2 kW, excellent insulation of the case( 2nd class) will allow to put units in place of kitchen mixers. And the shape of the product is made appropriately, replacement cranes.

We advise you to take a storage water heater with a tank of 10 liters. There are electrolux. A miniature device with an upper eyeliner is mounted under the sink. It is even allowed to use a copper tube. Electrolux water heaters are specially made for Western standards, but it’s not a fact that the mixer will withstand, due to the creation of an electrochemical corrosion chain. For hot water, a copper tube was used, and the pipes were galvanized, which get along with copper.

When choosing a instantaneous water heater, pay attention to the option of accelerated heating. This means that the tank is divided into two parts, and the heating element is in one. Then half the time to get a small( 1-2 liters) amount of water is enough, enough to wash your hands.

Buy running electric water heater costs for partial replacement of the central water supply.

Gas instantaneous water heaters

Gas instantaneous electronic water heaters will be found on the market. The trick is that a discharge of current is generated from the batteries through the step-up transformer, igniting the burner. Due to the presence of the electronic board, the ignition group to the gas instantaneous water heater becomes unnecessary, the smart equipment regulates the flow of gas( less often water).The column ignites itself. For the unit does not need care, although occasionally have to change batteries.

Instantaneous water heater

According to Russian standards, it is allowed to install a gas stove even in a kitchen without ventilation if a window or a transom is cut in the window. This simplifies the gasification of the country. About heating and water heaters there is no such reservation. We need a chimney, the main stumbling block in the installation of instruments.

Victory is celebrated by residents of houses where the built-in chimney( laid by the project) is the majority of Khrushchev houses. How to check the traction: lean A4 sheet against the grid( hole) of the stroke. If the draft is normal, the sheet will remain hanging without the support of a hand. Do not forget that the ventilation process is improving - after all, the combustion products of the water heater have a high temperature, creating a retaining differential pressure. The chimney heats up, the draft improves.

Chimney made of special materials:

  1. Acid-resistant steel.
  2. Ceramics.

The pipe is recommended to be insulated so that an ice block is not created in severe cold.

Then we install a gas instantaneous water heater. Plus electronic models in relative cheapness, periodically putting a pair of 1.5 V batteries is not difficult. A geyser when the charge level drops will tell via the display that it is time to replace it. Manufacturers assure that the sensors will not fail, the unit is constantly undergoing self-control, no need to fear that the purchase will give way to the famous in Russia gas instantaneous water heaters Neva.

Gas water heater

We recommend an electronic model. Imagine an ordinary gas instantaneous water heater. Manual power control. We approach, we kindle the ignition group, patiently wait until the thermocouple heats up, release the piezo firing button. Then set the desired temperature. We go to the bathroom, undress, adjust the mixer, begin to wash - the water is hot, the pressure has gone down. We'll have to dress and go regulate again.

We explain. When the pressure is strong, calmly set the desired parameters. Some hot water is taken in proportion to the cold. The pressure drops. The pressure decreases, and the water temperature at the outlet of the device increases due to the lower speed! In a cold line, pressure is also reduced. We get a double increase in temperature.

How an electronic gas instantaneous water heater works. The temperature is regulated within wide limits. For example, from 35 to 65 degrees. We set our favorite 45, we go to wash, we lock the cold branch with a mixer at all! We use only a jet of gas instantaneous water heater. The pressure drops, the flow rate decreases, the sensor detects an increase in temperature, the gas valve is regulated to reduce the amount of fuel, the fire becomes quieter, the mode is maintained in its original state. It is clear that the pressure will decrease. To prevent this, place capacious accumulators in an individual mansion.

Gas instantaneous water heater

We continue to list the advantages in an electronic instantaneous water heater. The equipment will report with the help of a board or a blinking LED in case of a breakdown that has failed. True, the manufacturer ignores the information in the instructions, we believe that you can get the necessary information from specialized forums. There are repair instructions. Remember - jokes with gas are bad.

How much is an electronic gas instantaneous water heater: the described unit with a maximum heating power of 19 kW is for 6500 rubles.

Electric instantaneous water heater

If you are going to buy a water heater to give, please note that the pressure is expected to be small. More often, remote villages do not have a centralized supply, towers with a tank at the top, or even a pump and a hydraulic accumulator. In such conditions, Electrolux electric instantaneous water heaters are capable of not working. A sensitive instrument turns off if the flow rate falls below the level( for a specific value, see the instrument's characteristics).

Electric instantaneous water heater

Suitable Electrolux. Works with a pressure of 0,3-6 atm. It will be necessary to provide some flow rate for the heating to turn on. On sale at a reasonable price it is easy to get a water heater with a capacity of up to 6.5 kW.But the local network can not withstand such a load.

The minimum pressure varies from model to model, but Electrolux for truckers gives recommendations:

  • The device should be supplied with water from the reservoir; the user is responsible for the fullness of the system. For a pressure of 0.7 atm, the installation height of the container above the device is at least 4 meters. In other cases, consider proportionally.
  • The device is connected to a three-core cable( phase, ground, zero).The copper cross section for a power of 6.5 kW is 4 square millimeters.
  • The device is not protected from electrical overload( overvoltage), buy separately a 30 A protection circuit breaker( for 6.5 kW).
  • It is prohibited to install taps or mixers at the exit, besides those specified in the instruction manual.

In addition, an automatic circuit breaker should be used to prevent electric shock. This will ensure the localization of the leakage of electricity. Do not forget to dig in the yard and a half meter ground frame with a thick steel bus. IPX4 enclosure protection class.

It is written that when the temperature difference between the inlet and the outlet is 25 degrees, a 6.5 kW water heater gives 3.7 liters of water, enough for a shower. Power adjustment rough. Inside the body( tank) two spirals are included individually or together, which gives three modes. Manually set, there is no automation inside.

If you want to do it yourself, buy a heating element for the water heater and read a couple of our reviews. How to choose power? According to the formula of the physics course:

N = 4200 x L x T / 60,

where 4200 is the specific heat capacity of water;L - consumption in liters per minute;T is the temperature difference at the inlet and outlet of the device;60 is the number of seconds in a minute. Offhand at a power of 6.5 kW, the device will begin to heat water by 25 degrees at a flow rate of 3.5 liters per minute. For field conditions, not bad.

When buying a good water heater, calculate the modes of operation, and the conclusions will become obvious: what power is needed, where and how to put the product, how to connect it correctly.

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