Dishwasher Cleaners

  • Why not let the dishwasher stand idle?
  • How often should I clean the dishwasher?
  • A little about the shop cleaning
  • Folk recipes for dishwashers
  • What not to do so as not to provoke contamination

Dishwasher also need to be washed! This is a simple truth, which many for some reason prefer to forget and in the end, the technique fails quickly. In this review, we will describe how this is done and help you find the best dishwasher cleaner.

Why not let the dishwasher stand idle?

Strange as it may seem, but the more often you use a machine, the cleaner it is. People who, for reasons of economy, run it once a week and on holidays, thereby harming it.

This is due to the fact that, with a single wash, as a rule, a certain amount of food remains remains inside. And they are cleaned at the second, third wash. But if it stands, the remnants decompose, a stale smell appears. ..

Yes, and for machine parts, simple is destructive. Probably, everyone has heard that cars that have been standing in the garage for years are absolutely unsuitable for use and just crumble on the go.

With the dishwasher - the same story. After all, it is made in such a way that the working parts should receive moisture, lubrication and drying in the process. And in the period of inactivity this does not occur and the rubber is cracked, the iron parts are covered with rust.

In general, if you already bought, use it and not look at it!

How often should I clean the dishwasher?

If we are talking about cleaning the machine with store supplies, then the recommended period of time is usually 30 days. That is, if you wash the dishes every evening, then at the end of the month it is necessary to carry out a single sink.

But, besides the fact that there are cleansing with the help of chemicals, there are still various filters, rubber bands and hoses, which also need to be maintained in a clean state.

They are also recommended to clean the dirt once a month. The most convenient way to do it in a complex. First, clean that which is not subject to auto-cleaning, and then start the idle wash.

How to start cleaning?

Certainly with manual cleaning. To do this, you need to arm yourself with a service book and find such spare parts on the diagram:

  • Rubber seals
  • Dust filter
  • Impeller

water hoses After you have found these mysterious parts, you need to wash them. In the impeller we wash the nozzles and the space under it.

Remove the garbage filter and clean, put in place. Seals also pass through a cloth with detergent. Hoses check and, if necessary, clean the toothpick.

But this is not all! It would be nice if you manually wash the basket for dishes and the walls of the so-called tank machine.

And only after that, you can safely run an automatic cleaning with a detergent.

A little about the shop cleaning products

The choice is now big, of course. But, the hostesses, often, make one common mistake: they pick up a tool, not based on the characteristics of their own machine, but simply take the same company as their favorite detergent.

So you can not do! Because, not all of these cleaners are harmless. Some are quite aggressive and can damage rubber and other parts if your machine is not designed to interact with such substances.

Assume that if the machine does not have a rinse aid dispenser, it will not be enough for a lot of store tools. Therefore, carefully read the recommendations before you purchase.

In general, all these tools work on the principle of a double effect:

  • Remove the existing scale
  • Prevent the formation of a new
  • Eliminate the stale smell

In our opinion, the second point is very doubtful. The manufacturer claims that such a tool creates a solid film, to which the scale does not stick. But, nevertheless, in a month you will still see her.

However, it does not matter. It sounds beautiful - and okay. The main thing is that they accurately remove the existing one.

Traditional recipes for dishwashers

For economical hostesses there are other options for single sinks. After all, by and large, there is nothing special in the store means. In addition, the formation of a dubious protective layer.

A great variety of substances available on every woman's hand perfectly cope with scaling. Namely, it is:

  • Soda, Vinegar
  • Citric Acid
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Borax Pharmaceutical

Using these simple tools to scum remove - elementary business!

Recipe 1

At the bottom of the tank machine we put a full glass of vinegar, 9% concentration. Lavishly sprinkle soda wall, basket and other details. We start a long car wash with a temperature regime of 60 ° C.

Recipe 2

In the same way, we shower the entire inner surface and launch a long wash with hot water.

Recipe 3

This recipe not only cleans, but also flavors. If you do not want any odors, then just do not add essential oil to the recipe.

So, we take a whole pack of baking soda, pour it into some kind of container. To it add a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and, if desired, essential oils, just a couple of drops. Stir well.

Then put this mixture for half an hour in the freezer. We reach and form the bomb. We put this thing in the basket for dishes, turn on the long wash cycle at high temperatures.

What not to do so as not to provoke pollution

If you ignore some of the immutable rules, the walls of the machine can darken and then, you can not wash anything. Here is a list of what can not be washed in the dishwasher in any case:

  • Pewter
  • copper utensils
  • sudochki label
  • Dishes Hand-Painted
  • Products with gold border
  • Dishes Stainless
  • Crystal containing lead

And, finally, let us recall,what to put in the dishwasher you need, only, thoroughly cleaned from food leftovers.

If you listen to our recommendations, the dishwasher cleaner does not have to be applied too often.

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