Descaling the kettle from home using home remedies

  • How to remove scale in the kettle using folk remedies
  • Removing scale from vinegar using
  • vinegar Using carbonated drinks to remove scaleDescaling using the
  • intensive attack. Cleaning the scale using brine
  • Recommendations for preventing the occurrence of scale

When water boils and evaporates, The morning surface of the kettle is covered with sediments of magnesium, calcium salts and metal particles. If the kettle is not cleaned for a long period of time, the coating layer becomes more dense. This leads to difficult and sometimes impossible to remove it. The boiling layer of plaque has a low thermal conductivity and therefore the water heats up slowly. Often, because of this, the PETN breaks in the electric kettle. In addition, particles of sticking limescale enter the body, and adversely affects the renal and urinary system. Today we will tell how to clean the kettle from scum at home.

How to remove scale in a teapot with folk remedies

Today, various methods are known that make it possible to remove undesirable scale of scale, both with the simplest home remedies and with specialized preparations of household chemicals. For example:

  • vinegar,
  • carbonated drinks( Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc.),
  • using special agents,
  • citric acid,
  • soda,
  • brine

Removing a scale of debris using

vinegar.for electric kettle.9% vinegar with a volume of 0.1 kg is mixed with a liter of water. The resulting solution is poured into the kettle and boiled. When boiling the contents you need to remove the cover and check the degree of separation of boiling deposits from the internal surfaces. In the case of a difficult detachment, a small fire is made, and boiling lasts 15 minutes. After the vinegar is drained, the kettle is thoroughly rinsed with a sponge and detergent to remove the remaining layer of scale and the vinegar solution. The dishes are filled with water and brought to a boil, after which the water is poured out and is recruited. You need to do 3-4 of these procedures, and then the vinegar smell with detergent will be completely removed.(See also: How to clean the electric kettle from scale?)

Now you know how to remove scale in a kettle with vinegar.

Use of carbonated drinks for descaling

Many have heard that rust with scum can be removed with our favorite carbonated drinks: Sprite, Fanta, Coke. Due to their aggressive properties, the scale inside the kettle can be easily cleaned. However, this method can not be cleaned electric kettle. The use of these drinks leads to their malfunction. Clear deposits from the inner surface of the enamelled kettle better colorless "Sprite".After the colored drinks, the enamel may be coated with colored stains.

Before cleaning, a sweet drink must be opened and left until the gases are fully discharged. After the container is half filled with soda and begin to boil within a few minutes. Then you need to pour out the liquid, rinse the kettle thoroughly. For greater confidence, the cleaning procedure is repeated.

How to clean a kettle from scale by special means

You can remove scale inside the kettle not only with folk remedies, but also with chemical preparations. Use the contents of the bag strictly in accordance with the instructions on the label. At the end of the procedure, it is necessary to eliminate the remnants of the chemical from the kettle by repeatedly boiling water.

How to clean the kettle with citric acid

This cleaning method is suitable for ordinary and electric kettle. But how to clean the kettle at home with citric acid? In one liter of water mix one to two teaspoons of citric acid. The solution poured into the kettle should be boiled for a few minutes. In case of poor detachment, the fluid is not drained, but left for an hour. With minor deposits, you can not boil the solution of citric acid, and just leave for two to three hours. To clean the residue, you need to take a hard sponge, wash the dishes from the inside, add water and boil repeatedly.

Soda as the most affordable descaling agent

The older generation knows very well how to descale the kettle from ordinary baking soda( sodium bicarbonate).Soda is a remedy in the form of finely ground white powder. Soda getting into the human body is absolutely safe for health. Soda can be poisoned only with its overdose.

Baking soda has unique properties and can effectively clean a wide variety of household contaminants along with popular advertised products. Soda has the property of splitting solid deposits of magnesium and calcium salts. As a result, the stone layer boiled softens and is removed from the surface.

To clean the metal kettle with soda, mix 1 teaspoon of powder with 4 cups boiling water. Dishes put on low heat for 30 minutes. When the solution with soda boils, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the contents. If water boils away completely, a soda will settle on the walls and the kettle may burn out.


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After the boiling time has elapsed, the fire under the kettle turns off. Wash dishes, pour water into it and put to boil for half an hour. It is better to repeat the last procedure once more to completely clean the walls of sediment with soda. Otherwise, the brewed tea may deteriorate the taste.

Descaling with the use of an intensive attack

For prolonged use of the kettle without cleaning, it is recommended to use the so-called intensive attack. This method is strictly prohibited to clean the electric kettle.

Dishes with water, in which baking soda is added in the amount of 1 tablespoon, are put on a large fire until it boils. After boiling lasts 30 minutes over low heat. Then the solution is poured, water is poured into the kettle to the brim with 1 tablespoon of citric acid. The resulting solution is boiled for 30 minutes. The process is repeated once more, but with 1/2 cup of vinegar. Usually in this way the scale is removed all without residue or becomes loose and can be washed with a sponge.

Cleaning scale with brine

Effectively remove the layer of boiling can be tomato and cucumber pickle. He poured into the kettle and boiled for half an hour. Further actions are the same as in the methods described above. The acid content allows you to get rid of solid salt deposits on surfaces and rust.

Before you get rid of the scale in the kettle, be sure to warn your family about your intentions in order to eliminate the slightest chance of someone accidentally using the contents. We wish everyone to drink water of exceptionally good quality.


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Recommendations for preventing the occurrence of scale

Of course, you can periodically remove scale in a teapot, but it is better not to bring it up. To do this, should be timely prevention. An example of the simplest and most economical method:

  1. Filling a kettle with filtered water. However, over time, scum will begin to appear, but it will not be so significant.
  2. After using the water, its remains must be poured out of the kettle. It is undesirable to store water in it for a long period of time, especially during the whole night.
  3. Be sure to wash the outer and inner surfaces of the kettle every day with a non-metallic stiff sponge so as not to damage the enamelled coating. With a catastrophic shortage of time, get rid of scale once or twice a month. Remember! It is much easier to remove a thinner layer!

I hope these cleaning methods helped you solve the problem of how to clean the kettle from scale in the home without using expensive household chemicals.

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