How to repair a convection oven with your own hands

  • Design features of the aerogrill
  • Common problems
  • Causes of malfunctions and preparation for the repair of the aerogrill
  • Quick repair of the aerogrill with your own hands

If your home appliances are out of order, then you should not say goodbye to it. You do not even need to take it to the service center. Instead, read the instructions and tips that will help to perform the repair of convection oven with your own hands . Common faults have long been painted, and the design is clear and is not particularly complex, so you can get down to business.

Design features of the aerogrill

Convection oven is a kind of air-baking oven, a mixture of heater and fan. A special grille performs the function of a heating element, which in turn is blown by air currents. The primary source of heat is an infrared lamp. All these essential parts are separated from the glass bowl where the food is laid.

The design usually consists of several elements:

  • sealed glass bowl;
  • quartz lamp, covered with a grill and slightly lowered inside the bowl;
  • fan, consisting of lower and upper blades( the lower ones blow the food, and the upper ones cool the motor);
  • partitions between the blades with holes for air exhaust;
  • bimetal plate for temperature control;
  • control unit and display system.

The lid is usually equipped with a functional handle that completely cuts off power when opened. Cooking begins only when the appliance is sealed. Problems can be associated with the listed elements, so repair of aerogrill with your own hands often begins with a diagnosis.


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Common Problems

Any repair of an electric grill with your own hands or a similar device requires familiarity with the internal device. The electrical circuit consists of a switch on the cover and the handle. From him, a signal through the timer goes to the motor that starts the fan. Parallel circuit relays and quartz lamps are connected.

The following malfunctions are often encountered: the

  • device does not turn on and does not respond to control;
  • device is low heat;
  • does not spin convection fan;
  • broke the main control unit.

Usually a chicken carcass weighing about 1.5 kg is cooked for about 1 hour. The degree of readiness can be observed through the transparent walls. If the time increases significantly, then this indicates possible malfunctions. There are other problems - the convection oven simply does not respond to pressing the buttons or other problems arise. But your device can still be repaired.

Causes of faults and preparation for the repair of the aerogrill

Above we have already considered the design of this device. It does not differ in complexity, which allows you to quickly repair the convection oven with your own hands. Usually one of the three main components breaks:

  • thermal fuse;
  • heating element;
  • control unit.

The third option is the most serious problem, because in this case it is quite difficult and expensive to repair the device. In addition, the restoration should be done only by specialists, but even they can not guarantee 100% results.

Breakages of the thermal cut-off and the heating element are easily eliminated, and you can do everything with your own hands with minimal knowledge and tools. To do this, a multimeter is suitable, which “calls up” all the elements.


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Quick repair of the convection oven with your own hands

If the heating element is out of order, then you can simply buy a new heating element. A conventional steel model is inexpensive and can last for a dozen years. However, the minuses include slow warm-up, high costs of electricity. You can spend a little more, but buy more efficient carbon or halogen heaters.

If the problem lies in the thermal protector, then the convection oven usually does not turn on at all. A short-term power surge in the network often leads to such a problem. Although before taking serious measures, it is better to check the outlet and wiring.

The aerogrill is dismantled with its own hands in several stages:

  • unscrew the quartz lamp grille;
  • dismantled the lower fan blades;
  • removed the partition between the blades;
  • removed the top "cell"( for it opens the motor device);
  • removed quartz lamp, fastened with brackets to the partition;
  • if you need to replace the quartz lamp, you need to remove the cable connectors.

Before starting work, carefully inspect the body of the convection oven and find all the screws hiding in the deep grooves or behind the decorative plugs.

The steel blades should be removed from the rear, where the lock nut is usually located. So it will be much more convenient and safer.


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Do not forget that before you start repairing your conveying oven, make a complete diagnosis. There are several reasons that can be misleading:

  • out of order socket;
  • device is incorrectly configured or the wrong mode is selected;
  • cover is not closed until it stops.

Sometimes it is cheaper to replace this or that part than to buy a new convection oven. You can repair it yourself hands quickly and efficiently.

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