Top 15 best electrical storage water heaters

  • What to look for when choosing
  • Tank capacity
  • Device power
  • Internal coating of units and parts
  • Additional parameters
  • TOP 5 models with a capacity of up to 50 liters
  • TOP 5 models with a tank up to 80 liters
  • TOP 5 boilers volume of
  • TOP 5 models with a tank up to 80 liters
  • TOP 5 boilers with a volume of 80 liters

Due to the fact that centralized hot water supply is becoming increasingly expensive, electric water heaters of accumulative type, better known as boilers, are gaining popularity. In this article we will consider the most important points that you should pay attention to when choosing such a device. In addition, we will try to tell you about the most interesting models and compile a small rating of electric storage water heaters for 2017-2018.This will help us feedback from consumers who have already experienced the charms of such units. We hope this small TOP will help you to better understand the world of electric storage "water-heating" devices.

What to look for when choosing

Each manufacturer is confident that it produces the best boilers. Agree, it would be strange if manufacturers did not praise their goods. After all, any production requires considerable expenses and it would be short-sighted to produce frankly bad products. But among the sounding of “laudatory songs”, it is quite difficult for an inexperienced consumer to determine the list of necessary functions. It can also be difficult to understand what can be saved on, and which “buns” should still be spent on. Buyer reviews will help us to understand all these questions, analyzing which we have compiled a small list of really important criteria for selection.

  • Tank capacity. The range here is quite large: from 10-15 liters and up to 300.
  • Instrument power. The higher this parameter, the faster the boiler heats the water. But here it is important not to overdo it. Electricity bills will have to pay you.
  • View of the heating element. Most often it is a heater or a special spiral. The first ones are a bit more expensive, while the second ones more often “burn out”.
  • Presence of anti-corrosion anode in tank. The presence of such an element allows you to automatically "stick" small internal cracks inside the tank.
  • The degree of electrical protection. There are special standards to which the device must comply. Your safety depends on it.

When choosing a storage water heater, you should carefully examine each of these parameters. So let's and we will focus on them a little more.

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Tank capacity

The first thing that is advised to pay attention to consumer reviews - the volume of the tank. If you downplay this parameter, the hot water will not be enough for all the needs of the family and you will have to wait a long time until the new portion is heated. In the event that you decide to purchase a water heater with a large margin, remember - the larger the volume, the more expensive the price.

  • A tank with a capacity of about 30-50 liters is well suited for one person. A more spacious model is a waste of money.
  • If your family consists of 2-3 people, you need a volume of about 80 liters. But if your household prefers a soul instead of a bath, then 50 l may be enough.
  • For a family of 4 or more people, stock up with at least a hundred liters of hot water. And for lovers to lie in the bath, you need a tank of at least 120 liters.
  • There are also models with a capacity of 300 liters, but installing them in a regular apartment is not economically viable. Such electric storage water heaters
  • are most often installed in small hotels, as well as in general showers at enterprises or in gyms.

Power of the device

Another important criterion is the power of the heating element. In 2018 models, this figure can vary from one to 6–7 kW, with many units can be connected to both one- and three-phase mains.

To eliminate the "knocking out" of traffic jams, you need to carefully calculate the load on the electrical wiring in the apartment. If your network is new and able to withstand heavy loads, power should be selected based on the desired speed of hot water production. As you understand, the more powerful the heating element, the faster the liquid in the tank heats up. However, it is worth remembering that with an increase in power, the electricity bill also grows. So the golden mean is very important. The best indicator is not higher than 2-2.5 kW, depending on the volume of the tank.

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Interior coating of components and parts

Budget models often have an internal coating of enamel or glass-ceramic. More expensive - equipped with stainless steel nodes or have a titanium coating. Should you decide to save, but pay attention to this:

warranty period for steel tanks is much higher;

models of steel have a welding seam, which over time may slightly leak;

online you can read user reviews claiming that a stainless steel tank negatively affects the taste and smell of hot water.

By the way, if you are in doubt about which model to choose, compare them by weight. The more the tank weighs, the thicker its walls are, which means that the corrosion resistance will be much higher.

Additional Parameters

There are a few more “gadgets” with which the best models are equipped:

Boilers come with a “wet” or “dry” heating element."Dry" heater is safer and more durable. It is placed in a special sealed flask and is not in contact with liquid at all. This eliminates the possibility of scaling or electric shock.

Water tank thermal insulation level. The thicker the insulation layer, the longer the water will remain hot. Pay attention to the model with an insulating layer of at least 35-40 mm, and as a material, choose polyurethane foam, it is much better than foam rubber.

Pay attention to the presence of such functions as accelerated heating, protection against overheating or freezing, the presence of a magnesium anode.

TOP 5 models with a volume of up to 50 liters

To make the best quality storage water heaters, we tried to separate all models depending on the volume of the water tank. To begin with, we will look at the TOP models designed for a family of 1–2 people.

Atlantic Steatite Cube Slim

This water heater from the popular firm Atlantic has an increased speed of water heating. On sale there are two models of such a boiler: for 30 or 50 liters. At the same time, it is so compact that it fits perfectly even in the smallest bathroom.


  • “dry” steatite( ceramics) PET;
  • good thermal insulation;
  • quick water heating;
  • is equipped with a safety valve.


  • not too much pressure at the exit from the system.

The cost of a less voluminous model of 30 liters starts from $ 150, for a 50-liter boiler, they ask for 180 conventional units.

Haier Es50v-R1( H)

Another pretty budget model for a small family. Tank capacity - as much as 50 liters.


  • high-quality heated water;
  • has overheating protection;
  • reasonable price, from $ 150.


  • not too long network cable;
  • can experience difficulties with a full discharge of water, so this device is better to install in a constantly heated room.

Despite the presence of some shortcomings, the water heater justifies its cost completely.

Neoclima Ewh 30 Fast

This model also became very popular in 2017.This is probably due to the highest build quality and rather compact size. In addition, this boiler has a very nice function - accelerated water heating. NeoClima EWH 30 is a real find for those who are always in a hurry somewhere.


  • excellent protective piping;
  • function "fast heating";
  • presence of magnesium anode;
  • compact size;
  • reliable mechanical control;
  • reasonable price, $ 75–80.


  • in the case of continuous operation in emergency mode may not be too durable.

Thermex Rzl 30

Another quite interesting and inexpensive model from the Russian manufacturer. This water heater has such a narrow design that it can be installed literally in any niche.


  • material - stainless steel;
  • has several modes of operation;
  • simple connection scheme;
  • does not require replacement of the anode;
  • has a multi-stage protection system;
  • reasonable price, from $ 95.


  • individual instances of "sin" is not too high-quality assembly, and over time can occur.

Timberk Swh Se1 15 Vo

This miniature boiler is only 15 liters. A maximum power of 2 kW allows you to get hot water almost immediately after turning on the device in the network. Such an appliance can withstand even the oldest wiring. All these qualities allow you to include the "baby" in the ranking of the best water heaters in 2018.

Positive qualities:

  • easy installation;
  • exceptionally simple and reliable design;
  • high tC outlet water;
  • built-in overheating protection;
  • safety valve;
  • reasonable price, from $ 90.

Negative moments:

  • is not a very good design;
  • is a very small tank size, suitable for no more than 1 person.

TOP 5 models with a tank up to 80 liters

These models are much more spacious and are most in demand by consumers. Based on customer reviews, we have identified 5 of the most popular units, the most balanced on the criterion of "price-quality".


If purity and quality of water are especially important to you, then this model is the best fit. There are several systems that provide perfect cleaning. In addition, ABS VLS EVO PW is equipped with the “ECO” function and is capable of preparing water such a t C, at which microbes simply have no chance of life.


  • perfect water purification system;
  • mode "ECO";
  • Accelerated heating
  • protection automation ABS 2.0, controlling all processes;
  • has a magnesium anode;
  • is not too high a price, from $ 200.

Buyers liked the design and functionality. Water enough for too much for three, heats the water quickly, because the ten already for two. Build quality is good. Cons so far have not been identified.

Electrolux EWH 80 Formax

A rather interesting model from the well-known company Electrolux( Sweden).It is a roomy tank with enamel coating, which, in our opinion, only adds to its advantages. The boiler is equipped with a tubular heating element and is able to heat water up to 75C.


  • nice design;
  • flat tank, which reduces its size;
  • is equipped with a safety valve;
  • dry PETN;
  • keeps the water warm for a long time;
  • easy setup;
  • 2 independent TENA;
  • together with the boiler are mounting( 2 anchors).

Buyers like the design, and that can be installed horizontally. Looks good - modern and compact. Heats up quickly. Temperature adjustment - a mechanical handle on the case, there is an Eco mode. Heated to the maximum tank enough to dial the bathroom. No cons found.

Gorenje Otg 80 Sl B6

Consumers named this model one of the best water heaters of 2017–2018.One of the positive qualities of this boiler is that it warms water an order of magnitude faster than other models with similar indicators. At the same time water heats up to 75C, and power is only 2 kW.


  • rapid heating;
  • economy;
  • good protection( there is a thermostat, check and safety valves);
  • in the design provides for 2 heaters;
  • internal walls are enameled, which reduces the likelihood of corrosion;
  • has a magnesium anode;
  • simple mechanical control;
  • price from $ 185.


  • quite a lot of weight, just over 30 kg;
  • is not very convenient to drain water;
  • in the kit is missing a hose to drain the fluid.

Thermex Sprint 80 Spr-V

This water-heating unit also differs in the rate of production of hot water. To do this, there is a mode "Turbo", which translates the boiler to maximum power. The water tank has a glass ceramic coating. The maximum t ° C of hot water is 75 ° C, power 2.5 kW.


  • has a magnesium anti-corrosion anode;
  • good protection system;
  • compact;
  • interesting design.


  • sometimes heats water through the pressure relief valve during heating;
  • price could be lower, from $ 210.

Timberk SWH FSM3 80 VH

Favorably differs from heaters of other firms in its shape: a “flat” appliance is much easier to “stick” into small bathrooms and kitchens. There are all the necessary protective functions, and the tank is made of high quality stainless steel. Weight without water 16.8 kg.


  • tubular 2.5 kW heating element has power adjustment;
  • reliability;
  • has an anti-corrosion anode;
  • retains heat well;
  • fast water heating.


  • slightly heats up the power wire;
  • cost from $ 200.

TOP 5 boilers with a capacity of 100 liters or more

Electric water heaters with such a tank capacity are suitable for those who do not want to wait for their turn and do not think about electricity bills. And for families of more than 4 people, this is simply a necessity.

Stiebel Eltron Shz 100 Lcd

Model of exceptional quality. The heater is able to provide a constant supply to several points of water pumping. The tank is made of high quality stainless steel and has an internal coating of enamel. The thickness of the walls of the tank is increased to 2 mm.


  • exceptional German quality;
  • can be mounted in the network as 220, and 380 V;
  • is equipped with a two-tariff energy saving feature;
  • has a titanium DC anode, which need not be replaced;
  • is equipped with a LCD-display;
  • touch control;
  • energy efficient;
  • heat insulation layer thickness 100 mm;
  • is equipped with a self-diagnostic system, capable of providing information about exactly where the failure occurred;
  • high quality protection system.


  • very high price, from $ 1600.

Electrolux Ewh 100 Royal

This unit is considered by many buyers to be the best in the line of Electrolux boilers. Roomy tank is made of stainless steel and welded according to a special technology and has enhanced thermal insulation.


  • stylish design;
  • excellent thermal insulation;
  • the ability to include half the power;
  • has an economy mode;
  • price is about $ 250.


  • fasteners that are present in the kit, do not allow to install the boiler on the hollow concrete structures.

Garanterm Gti 100-V

And here’s another great model for those who need more water.


  • tank warranty for 7 years;
  • sufficiently powerful heating elements;
  • attractive design;
  • availability of all necessary protection;
  • has several modes of operation;
  • cost from $ 200.


  • included no pipe for water drainage;
  • is not very convenient to clean;
  • models of the Chinese assembly often burn heaters.

Hyundai H-SWE1-100V-UI068

An excellent accumulative "water heater" without questions will provide even large families with hot water.

Positive aspects:

  • tank is enameled inside;
  • reliable operation;
  • quality materials;
  • super dense thermal insulation keeps heat longer;
  • has an anti-corrosion anode of increased length;
  • excellent protection automation;
  • ECO temperature controller allows you to set the effective mode of operation;
  • reasonable price, about 130 US dollars.


  • for such a cost - not detected.

Aeg Dem 100C

The models of this brand are made in Germany and have tank volumes up to 150 liters.


  • the ability to mount in a single or three-phase network;
  • powerful TENY;
  • excellent thermal insulation;
  • is equipped with a magnesium anode with a visual indicator;
  • a wide range of operating modes;
  • tank guarantee –10!years old;
  • possible to obtain water, with temperatures up to 83 C.


  • is not quite humane price, about 1400 y.e.

. Having carefully studied our rating of electric storage water heaters of 2017-2018, you can easily select the model that you like.

expert opinion Alexei Yaroshin
Consultant on the choice of equipment. Experience in Mvideo - 7 years
Pay attention not only to the name of the manufacturer, but also to what country the assembly of the unit was carried out. This will help choose the most high-quality and durable device.

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