Larch floor board: characteristics and features of choice


  1. General characteristics
  2. Ways to use
  3. The main selection criteria for
  4. Larch board - the optimal solution for many years

A wooden floor better than coatings from other materials creates comfort in the house. It is warm, environmentally friendly, it is comfortable to move around, and that is why it is becoming more and more popular every day. Among the many types of wood from which the floor is made, larch can be distinguished.

General characteristics

Siberian larch is very popular among millions of people due to its unique characteristics. Unlike other types of wood, this material is not afraid of water at all. In the old days, such complex structures were constructed from it, as supports for bridges, decks of ships and piles of houses. Larch from long exposure to water does not rot, but becomes stronger than stone. At the same time wood is resistant to biological effects , which is important. Every year the flooring of it will only be harder and stronger.

Another advantage of this breed - lack of deformation .Usually, wooden floors lose their marketable appearance over time, cease to be even and smooth, forcing home owners to wrestle with what to do with them. There is no such problem here.

The aesthetic appeal of larch also speaks in its favor. Boards from it have a pronounced texture of annual rings, but the shade itself is soft, honey-colored, so you can use this flooring in any room. Everywhere it will look appropriate.

In addition, is able to keep heat in the house, acting as a good heat insulator. The wood of this tree is so strong that is able to withstand considerable loads of , and there are no dents left on the legs of furniture and heels, although, for example, pine( also coniferous) is very susceptible to their formation. is also worth noting the attractive price of , more precisely the price-quality ratio: for a relatively affordable amount, you can get an excellent floor covering, striking in its appearance and serving for a very long time.

boards differ in size, quality and method of use. Usually on the market you can find a thickness of 20, 27, 35, 45 millimeters. Width varies from 85 to 185 millimeters. Board length is 2-6 meters. In addition, there are several varieties, of which “Extra” is the most expensive, but also the most reliable.

Larch is the only conifer tree from which boards you can make solid flooring for the floor.

Ways to use

If you look at exactly how uses the larch board, you can select several places where you can find it:

  • floor board;
  • terraced flooring;
  • solid floor board.

The first option is the most common .Floor elements are laid close together. On the boards there is a spike, groove and special cuts. It is usually placed either on the lags, or at the device of the sub floor. It is not hard to purchase a floor board, its cost is also quite affordable for the average buyer.

In the second case, the used deck timber. Its feature is that the parts are laid with a small gap and rounded chamfers at the corners. In this way, dirt or water goes down. Decking is made of this material on the decks of ships, moorings, paths, terraces, public places, gazebos, that is, in buildings in the open air when high humidity becomes a direct threat. The Siberian coniferous wood in baths, saunas, bathrooms is irreplaceable. If desired, furrows can be applied to such flooring so that a person does not slip.

is popular today to warm the floors of balconies and loggias with larch. It will long remain comfortable in such an unprotected place, in spite of precipitation, the sun, putrefactive fungi and insects.

Solid wood flooring is suitable for for creating an parquet. Usually it has a small size and thickness, so laying is done without the use of lag. With the help of such small details of the floor, you can create an original picture that will decorate the living room, dining room, study and bedroom. The aesthetic advantages of wood in this case will be particularly clearly visible.

The main selection criteria for

The enormous number of advantages of the larch floorboard and the variety of ways to use it make you pay attention to this breed of numerous buyers. Often, they are not very well aware of the quality criteria for such a material, so they risk not buying the best plank, as a result they will be disappointed in wooden flooring in general, and in larch in particular. That is why it is so important to know the simplest main criteria for choosing .

So, all the boards in one batch must be of the correct geometry and meet the stated parameters. It is advisable to measure with a tape measure, or a centimeter, the correspondence of length, thickness and width. Often unscrupulous manufacturers sell boards that have error in geometry up to 2-3 mm or more. Visually, this may not be visible, but the installation process will become very complicated, and the quality of the final flooring will not be as high as we would like.

In addition, it is important to note how closely the fits the slot and the groove of the .In many ways, it is that the solidity of the finished floor covering, its durability and reliability depend on the strength of the connection of this lock. Checking compliance is easy: you just need to attach two boards to each other, making sure that the spike and groove fit perfectly.

If you run your hand on the board, it should be smooth , pleasant to the touch. The presence of chips and other defects that violate the surface is unacceptable.

Depending on the quality of the raw materials, the entire larch floorboard is divided into several classes .So, the main ones are:

  • extra;
  • Prima;
  • A;
  • AB;
  • B;
  • C.

Naturally, is an extra class board. is of the highest quality, has almost no flaws, it is perfectly smooth, without cracks and knots, smooth and pleasant to the touch. This is the most expensive type of wood, which is best suited for use in the interiors of rooms.
The Prima class of the can already include one small flaw on the entire board, such as a knot or a crack. Further, as the class decreases, the number of possible defects on each board increases, but the presence of precipitations and edge defects still remains unacceptable.
The only exception is , a class C board, which costs half the price of an extra board. It is not used for arranging the flooring, but it can be useful only when there are not enough materials and you need to finish the work: individual parts are cut from the board C, which are intact, and they can already be used for the arrangement of the flooring.

Another important parameter is the moisture level of larch boards.
First of all, , such material should be stored under a canopy, in optimal microclimatic conditions.
Secondly, , it is necessary to transport it, preferably in dry weather and always in a covered car( otherwise during delivery from the store to the place of laying the boards can dial up to 2% humidity).
Unfortunately, it is not possible or very difficult to measure the humidity of the floorboard in hardware stores. That is why it is better not to take large quantities of goods there, especially when the highest quality plays the primary role. At the same time, almost all warehouses and production of these products store boards so that they can be carefully inspected, checked and measured humidity.

A board made of larch can be plain or euro .The latter is distinguished not only by higher quality, but also by the presence of ventilation slots on the reverse side. These small slots make the material even better: with them the load is evenly distributed along the entire length of the board, ventilation is provided, and mold and fungus are much less likely to get spread.

It is worth noting that even if the floorboard was stored and transported under appropriate conditions, then upon arrival at the place of installation, it is better to unpack it and allow to rest for several days .

After laying, the larch board can be varnished or impregnated with special oils to give it a new aesthetic and operational properties.

Larch plank - the optimal solution for many years

If you want to build a durable wooden floor, people pay attention to oak and teak. These breeds have proven themselves, have many advantages. But, alas, their cost is quite high. Not everyone has the opportunity to lay the floor with such boards, especially if the area of ​​the house exceeds 100 square meters.

On the other hand, I want to ensure my comfort for many years, not to worry about children running barefoot on the floor, inviting guests, not hiding flooring boldly under the carpet, not breathing toxic fumes of synthetic materials.

Larch fully meets these requirements. With its help in the house you can create a special warm atmosphere. This is a natural, environmentally friendly material. It will give the interior a noble and natural look. In addition, the wood of this breed has good noise insulation properties; it maintains an optimum level of humidity in the room .Boards will not rot, they will not crack, therefore, care for the floor will be minimal.

Larch is available to a wide range of buyers. The latter virtue strongly speaks in her favor. It does not matter if we are talking about flooring for a veranda in the country, a field in a Russian bath or just a city apartment. This unique conifer tree will give its warmth, without burdening the family budget.

Here you can find the perfect combination of quality, availability and price. Larch has no equal in all respects.

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