Which is better to buy an iron

Buying iron should not become the most expensive purchase in the house, if to be ironed simple jeans and other lowly things. If the expected variety - different case. Often expensive irons are provided with protection. They can withstand the temperature setting for a particular type of tissue, so you do not accidentally spoil my mother's palace, when suddenly unintentionally put the sole of a couple of seconds. Agree - benefits at a glance! Consider what the iron is better to buy - expensive or cheap.

Iron for ironing

Iron for ironing

variety of irons

Please note, iron does not produce steam, hard to find today. Developer says simply: do not need to - switch off! It is easy to find in the store cheap steam iron. Leave the water tank is empty - it will iron without steam. If you want to fast heating, take a look at a ceramic sole. It is easier, but it is easily scratched. Steel is easier to iron, eliminates the need to press on the iron hand.

The coating of the soleplate

All the characteristics of the device determines the outsole. Consider the types:

  1. Ceramic relatively easily scratched. And without a special non-stick coating is easy to clean. Placed randomly on a synthetic carpet? Tip: Do not turn off and hoisted vertically and rather run to the kitchen for vinegar. Dilute 1 to 8 and a cotton swab, wipe not chilled sole. Synthetics instantly depart.


  2. Steel uncoated good possibility brushing. Effective means! Rub toothpaste slightly heated iron (pre acceptable walk vinegar solution) and secular rust accumulated over many years, can easily run off from the old Soviet iron.
  3. Steel soleplate coated with customers like non-stick properties. Attached diagram catalytic splitting of fats. We tell you about - as they are called - self-cleaning soles more. Palladium and other substances having a positive impact, facilitate the oxidation of the fuel. This effect is now widely used for the catalytic combustion of gas, which reduces the requirements for heat resistance of the nozzles increases the process outcome. The same happens with fat. The sole is heated much less than the nozzle, but is enough to get rid of unwanted contaminants. Related combating fat technology is used and in favorites ovens where cooking relies upon a wall of a soft cloth wipe.
  4. Separate sole for greater strength bear titanium sputtering. And scratch less. The dirt does not accumulate defects, resulting in underwear goes much cleaner. A scratch is still on soft soles remain. Zippers, buttons and other accessories leaves a trail.
cordless iron

cordless iron

Each firm is working on a number of holes, shape and location. Tefal have created Ultragliss, at Philips - Steam Glide. When steam is generated, there is steam, iron raises this power. Water expands, comes in a special hollow soles, pushing up. Iron becomes much easier. If you decide to take an expensive model, learn materiel. Be interested in the sole, the differences and similarities. The main parameters are determined by the working part of irons. Typical ceramics can be taken for 200 rubles, it does not mean a bad ironing. Simply there is no protection for the laundry, the rate of steam generation is low, sliding average, constantly need to press.

So! Carp to the sole, if you take an expensive iron.

cordless iron

Iron, which is gaining strength on a stand, while the owner lays on linen board, called Wi-Fi. He stored heat at a time, indicating a state (enough / not enough) flashing lights. Until recently, consumers choose between Philips and Tefal.

  • No need to find fault with the regimes. If the iron working cycle - 24 seconds in the air, 4 seconds on the stand - indicators calculated. At Phillips has a department engaged in testing the camera. Cinema then parses the group of thoughtful designers, defects are eliminated.
    Steam ironed linen vertically

    Steam ironed linen vertically

  • Pay attention to the fitting process with a stand. Ever seen a defective Philips Azur, which is the ultimate joint with a shriek. This is unacceptable. The user will have two to three times per minute to put the iron on and take off... not looking! Similarly, try the thing in the store. The slightest discomfort - let the consultant will show how to properly. Learn to fly. I do not like it, better take PerfectCare, which regulates the temperature that the laundry is no harm if you forget to turn off the device. By the way, some models are able to turn off the power if there is no user activity scheduled time. Please note that some irons (eg Philips) are completely safe for all fabrics, if one is properly configured mode.
  • Do not think that to put the iron upright hard. The habit is developed quickly. Women say that ironing wireless iron begins to like after several sessions. Not to care about the eternal nuisance cord.
  • It is believed that the cordless iron is heavier than usual. On the contrary - a portion of the pads is on the stand. The device is almost completely safe. The current is supplied on a stand, that there will not spray.

If the argument is not accepted, we will remind of cheap iron with hollow handle, where the water passes easily to the power pads, if accidentally spilled by the neck. The cordless iron similar situation nearly impossible.

Of course, check with the guarantee conditions, fill in the coupon on the instrument (otherwise life is reduced - and the weight!).

Vertical ironing irons

Cordless irons provide a powerful jet of steam. Compare. Values ​​are anticipated to 150 g / min. It's just excellent. The instructions specify the possibility to use a vertical ironing. At separate water inlet to the boiler (for simplicity) is in the area of ​​the spout. If you like to put the iron vertically, the liquid does not get into the sole, couples will not work. Constantly press on the steam boost. It can not be applied too often. If you plan to deal with vertical ironing advance look critically at the dealer promises. Saturn for 200 rubles (already considered) does not produce steam, being in a vertical state.

Recommended for vertical ironing to take the instrument - steamer. Practically cleaner without suction air, and steam issuing jet. The temperature is often above 100 degrees, it is possible to kill germs, to smooth any wrinkles. In addition, "brush" steamer easy.

Discounts for irons

Many stores of home appliances in the exchange of old equipment for a new give discounts. Sometimes interest, a fixed amount of time. If you buy Iron Scarlett can not afford it, and want to, look for antiques. Having passed it, you will gain desired. Suppose managed to buy an old iron for a pittance. Grab it and go to the store for a discount.

Now do not be surprised to see that people want to buy old irons. It is to receive the discount, type of device is often not specified. You can get a good discount on the fridge for grandma's old hair iron.

Sometimes firms in the store offer to test the equipment, do not miss such actions.

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