How to stretch the sat down woolen thing after washing

Wool things are warm and comfortable, but they are quite whimsical in care. Wool can easily shrink after improper washing. However, these effects can be quickly neutralized if you know how to stretch a woolen thing correctly at home.

We stretch wool with the addition of synthetics

If you realize that you have washed the wool thing of a smooth texture with the addition of synthetic fibers, it is wrong during washing or before it has dried and sat down, you should try to return it to its previous size immediately. This should be done in a basin or bath with cold water, where it will be possible to expand the thing and let it lie for 15 minutes. Then it is necessary to gently and gradually squeeze the matter, not allowing it to reach under the weight of water, and then immediately shift it onto an absorbent horizontal surface like a terry towel spread on the floor. When the towel gets wet, it will have to be replaced with a dry one. From time to time, during such drying, gently and slightly stretch the thing with your hands. So you can try to fix the effects of washing at home.

By the way, it is better to take an old towel for drying, which is not a pity to spoil, because after interacting with water, paint from wool is quite capable of dyeing it.

So what to do if you notice that the thing has sat down after it has dried out? Method how to stretch a woolen thing is. Also try soaking it in cold water, but add hydrogen peroxide to the water before soaking. It will need about two tablespoons for every 10 liters of water. And soak now have a little longer, about two hours. After soaking, it is also necessary to act as in the previous method, gently squeeze, put on a towel and gradually pull the material by hand.

Not sure what to do if the hat has sat down? It is necessary to moisten it in cold water, gently squeeze and put on a glass jar suitable for the desired size. After the product dries, it will take the form of a can and will not have to talk about any shrinkage.

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We stretch 100% wool

What to do with things whose material consists only of wool? The situation with the shrinkage of such things at home should be corrected differently.

You need an iron that can be ironed with steam. The sat thing must still be slightly damp on the ironing board. If the product is completely dry after washing, sprinkle it with water from a spray bottle. The sat thing must be covered with a wet gauze or a thin cotton cloth that cannot dye your product, and slowly, carefully iron, gently stretching as you need. Do not forget to put a towel between the cloth and the board, so that they do not accidentally paint them.

Sponge with vinegar. If you need to stretch the stitched clothes in certain places, use a sponge soaked in vinegar. Wipe her wool in places that you want to pull out, and then hang it on a hanger or a flat surface until it is completely dry. Before you use vinegar, drop a drop on the product in the most inconspicuous place. So you will know for sure that it will not be able to change the color and color of the towel or things in the neighborhood under the influence of vinegar.

We scrub the wool

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There are several options for stretching the wool using the correct wash:

  1. Washing with shampoo. Not everyone knows about it, but at home, you can restore the size of the thing that has sat down with a special shampoo for tough hair. It consists of substances that act on the fibers of the fabric and contribute to the fact that it can regain its former form. To do this, wash the item in warm water with the addition of a similar shampoo, and after washing, dry it on a horizontal surface. Pins can better fix the thing in place.
  2. Washing in special solutions. Return the things that sat the original form, you can use a solution of five liters of hot water, three tablespoons of ammonia or a glass of vodka added to water, and one tablespoon of turpentine. Next, place the wool product in the resulting solution and leave it for one and a half to two hours, then rinse in cold water and begin the process of drying the wool.
  3. Air Conditioning Wash. In the care of whimsical materials do not write off the fabric softener. It makes wool fibers softer and more pliable with further stretching and drying. In addition, it is composed of substances that protect the color of the product, so that they can not paint the surface on which they dry or are treated with steam.
  4. Dry Cleaning. What to do if none of the above methods worked for your favorite thing? Whatever one may say, the most simple, expensive and surest way to return it to its former size is dry cleaning. Sometimes, after all the torment, it is the professional processing of the product that is able to restore the desired shape to it.

Now you know what to do if your favorite thing has sat down after washing and you can restore its size. The main thing - to avoid mistakes in the future.

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