The secrets of water softening in a washing machine

  • How to soften the water for washing?
  • Prevention and cleaning of parts of the machine

Today washing machine has become an indispensable helper in everyday life. A variety of modes of washing in cold and hot water: fast, delicate and intense perfectly wash any clothes. Washing in hard water significantly degrades the quality, the laundry becomes tough and almost no dirt is washed off. When washing with hot water, scale builds up, which spoils the details of the machine. Due to scale, the heating element overheats, which can lead to its burning. For effective washing, be sure to use the water softener for the washing machine. Powder dissolves better in soft water and the laundry is washed better, and machine parts do not deteriorate.

How to soften the water for washing?

There are two ways to soften water - use chemical agents or filters for water purification.


  1. Use softeners for washing. The most common remedy is Calgon 2in1.It can protect important parts of the machine: the drum, heater and plastic pipes. The tool must be made in different doses, depending on the hardness of the water. Manufacturers of washing machines Whirlpool, Bosch, Siemens recommend using Calgon 2v1 in their machines. But, it does not relieve scale, but softens the water and prevents the formation of scale. That is, does not give a 100% guarantee of protection of the machine.
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  2. To soften water, use powders for washing, in which softeners have been added, for example, Ariel, Persil, etc. In such powders, the water softener will be less, but they will be able to protect machine parts from scale. Compliance with these dosages of high-quality powder will extend the life of the washing machine .
  3. For water softening use folk remedy - soda ash. Adding it to the laundry detergent softens the water for washing. But soda needs to be added in small quantities. It is not suitable for washing linen from natural fabrics.
  4. Laundry soap also softens the water in the washing machine. Washing will be effective.

Soda and soap even soften the water, but lead to additional formation of scale. That is, they are often not recommended.

Water Purification Filters

You can soften and clean water from impurities using a filter if you put it in the inlet hose of a washing machine. To do this, use different filters.

  • Salt filter is the cheapest and therefore affordable. Thanks to polyphosphate crystals, the water at the outlet becomes soft. Washing quality is noticeably improved.
  • Magnetic filter attracts metals. It is universal, it is also used to clean drinking water. The filter is more reliable, but its cost is many times more saline.
  • Ion - retains heavy metal salts in compartments. After the filter is very soft water.
  • Osmosis filter is an effective tool for softening water in a washing machine. Purifies water from salts and heavy metals. After cleaning, the water becomes very soft and great for washing.

The use of chemicals and filters will help make washing clothes more efficient - so that soft and fluffy things remain as beautiful and longer retain their original appearance.

Prevention and cleaning of parts of the machine

For the prevention of bacteria and the cleaning of parts of the machine from scale, it is good to use citric acid. Take 60 gr. Pineapples, for a 4 kg machine, pour into the powder compartment, turn on the mode with a temperature of 60 degrees. The machine itself will clean the dirt and scum. It is recommended that this procedure be repeated once every 3 months in order to prevent the formation of solid deposits on the parts in the washing machine.

If your washing machine is expensive for you, be sure to use a water softener for your washing machine. Soften hard water in different ways. Choose the most suitable option for you. Wash in comfort! An efficient water softener and cleaning machine parts will extend the life of your assistant.

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