7 tips on the design of a balcony door: design, types, accessories


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  • Balcony Doors Profile Material
  • Plastic Balcony Doors
  • Wooden Balcony Doors
  • Aluminum Balcony Doors
  • №2 glass balcony doors. Double-glazed window for balcony door
  • №3.The design and dimensions of the balcony door
  • №4.Glazing type
  • №5.Balcony door opening scheme
  • №6.Accessories for the balcony door
  • №7.Balcony door design
  • The balcony door protects against cold, heat and street noise. When it comes to an unglazed balcony, no one doubts its necessity. However, owners of glazed and high-quality insulated loggias and balconies sometimes refuse to install a balcony door, increasing the room adjacent to the balcony. This is everyone’s business, but the balcony door becomes a necessity when it is important to protect the living space from the negative impact of the external environment as much as possible, or when the balcony is used as an office or a recreation area. Moreover, if you pay due attention to the choice and design of the balcony door, you can turn it into an interior decoration.

    We deal with the materials, dimensions, opening patterns, glazing methods and other aspects of .

    # 1.

    balcony door profile material. The indecently high supply of plastic doors may form a mistaken opinion among the buyer that there is nothing else on the market. Undoubtedly, PVC doors have several advantages and are today the best in terms of value for money, they are universal, but the market also offers alternative options. Among them are wooden, aluminum and glass doors. Repelling when choosing is not only on the price and appearance, but also on how well this or that option will fit perfectly into the apartment and whether the will be combined with the already installed windows.

    Plastic balcony doors

    Let's start with the most popular option. In terms of construction and properties, a plastic balcony profile is not much different from a similar window profile, with which everyone is familiar. Such constructions are made of polyvinyl chloride( PVC) and reinforced with steel, so the profile is light and durable at the same time. The plastic profile is not a monolith, inside it is divided into several cameras, and the more of them, the better performance it will have in terms of thermal and noise insulation. Durability and strength are determined by the plastic wall thickness: it is better to take class A structures with external walls from 2.8 mm and internal from 2.5 mm.

    The advantages of plastic balcony doors include:

    • durability;
    • high level of tightness, heat and sound insulation;
    • fire safety;
    • ease of care;
    • appearance. The traditional and most popular color of the profile is white, but if such a design does not fit into the interior, it is possible to give it any necessary shade or texture due to laminating films. Often a plastic profile imitates a tree pattern;
    • resistance to temperature fluctuations and humidity;
    • low price.

    Cons :

    • plastic does not breath. This is good in terms of maintaining heat in the room, but bad in the sense that the exhaust air from the apartment through the structure will not pass, so you need a well-functioning ventilation system;
    • scratches formed on the plastic, it is almost impossible to remove.

    Experimental data show that plastic multi-chamber profiles are practically not inferior in terms of thermal insulation to a wooden counterpart of the same thickness.

    Wooden balcony doors

    If wooden windows are installed in the apartment or tenants appreciate everything natural and eco-friendly, then wooden doors are your option. Modern production was able to get rid of many of the problems characteristic of old wooden windows and doors. Today, for the manufacture of the profile, solid wood is almost not used - has been replaced by glued laminated timber, which practically does not respond to changes in humidity and temperature, which was achieved by the opposite direction of wood fibers in different layers. For the production usually use pine and larch, the elements are connected with environmentally friendly water-repellent adhesives.


    • environmental friendliness and naturalness;
    • excellent appearance;
    • durability;
    • tightness;
    • excellent thermal insulation properties.

    Cons :

    • the need for more thorough care;
    • high price;
    • wooden doors should not be used on unglazed balconies.

    Aluminum balcony doors

    Doors with aluminum profiles on balconies today are not installed as often as wood and plastic. The structures are made of an aluminum-based alloy, in the with a warm profile between two metal parts there is a layer of insulation. It is better to use it for living quarters, but if the loggia is sufficiently well-insulated, then you can also stop at the cold profile that is as light as possible.

    Advantages of :

    • low cost;
    • light weight;
    • durability;
    • fire safety;
    • metal can create a door of any shape;
    • resistance to negative environmental factors.

    Cons :

    • high risk of scratches;
    • noise and heat insulation levels are lower than those of competitors.

    Glass Balcony Doors This refers to doors that do not have visible partitions and a frame. They are made of thick tempered glass or glass, so it will be difficult to break the door.

    Benefits :

    • spectacular appearance;
    • the opportunity to let the light into the apartment;
    • environmental friendliness.

    Cons more:

    • high weight;
    • insufficient tightness and heat insulation;
    • the need for constant care, since the presence of divorce will negate the spectacular design;
    • installation complexity;
    • high cost.

    №2.Double-glazed window for a balcony door

    Whatever the profile of the door, all designs are equipped with modern double-glazed windows: they are superior in performance to single-glazed windows that were used before.

    The main characteristics of the glass , which is important to pay attention to:

    • number of cameras .The camera is the space between the glass panes. The simplest option is a single-chamber glass unit, i.e.consisting of two glasses and the space between them. If the balcony is well insulated, then this option will be enough. If the insulation is not very good or it is completely absent with the glazing, then the choice is better to stop on a two-compartment( for warm regions) or a three-compartment glass pane. The more chambers, the higher the isolation from the external environment. For better protection against noise, manufacturers make different distances between the panes;
    • glass type .The easiest and most justified option is float glass. If the balcony is not glazed, then it makes sense to install low-emission glass, which will allow better to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. On open balconies it also makes sense to put double-glazed windows with tempered glass or triplex to increase the safety of the apartment;
    • camera fill .In most cases, this is dry air, sometimes inert gas or other substances are used, which should increase thermal insulation and cost at the same time. Check what is inside, it is impossible, so buy these glasses better from the sellers with the name.

    №3.The design and dimensions of the balcony door

    The design of the balcony doors can be:

    • single .Such doors are often installed in kitchens and in cases where the entrance to the loggia or balcony is located on its narrow side. These doors are completely filled with glass or have an opaque plastic / wooden insert. May have a different number of valves;
    • combined, or door unit, design consisting of a balcony door and adjacent windows, and the door can be located in the center or side.

    According to the number of casements, balcony doors are :

    • with one door is the simplest and most common option;
    • with two full-fledged doors is the maximum that can be squeezed out of ordinary hinged doors, but this will have to dismantle the nearby window and the pier if this does not violate the integrity and strength of the wall. These doors look good and allow a lot of light to penetrate;
    • with one active leaf and the second passive ( deaf or opening if necessary).Such doors are called stulpovye;
    • with three or more doors is an option found in sliding doors. Such systems can fill the openings of any size, but also weigh the design appropriately.

    The size of balcony doors can be anything, but it’s better if they are at least 190 cm in height and not less than 60 cm in width. If the width of the opening is more than 90 cm, then one sash is not enough.

    №4.Type of glazing

    Depending on the requirements for the door construction and your own aesthetic preferences, the glazing of the balcony door leaf can be performed in one of the following ways:

    • full glazing, when the entire door is filled with glass. Most companies do not give guarantees for such constructions, since the weight of the glass packet exceeds all norms, and deformation of the structure may occur;
    • full glazing with a jumper ( impost) in the middle of the door - an option that with a high level of transparency maintains adequate security. When installing the door unit, the impost is positioned at the sill level to achieve the best visual effect;
    • partial glazing of the , when the bottom half or third remains deaf;
    • completely deaf balcony doors are used extremely rarely, but if necessary can be made by the manufacturer.

    №5.Balcony door opening scheme

    The choice of door opening scheme is based on the design of the door leaf, its size, features and characteristics of adjacent rooms. Available options:

    • hinged doors( pivoting) is the most popular option. The door leaf opens into the room on one side. This is the most cheap and easy to install design. If the door consists of several canvases, then two or only one can open at once with a deaf second. There are hinged doors with an impost, a rigid partition, thanks to which the doors are fixed in a stationary state, but this design is not very convenient, since the bar will interfere with free movement when the door is fully opened. For wide openings, it is better to choose sliding doors .In them, one flap is active and serves for permanent movement, and the second one is closed on the latch and, if necessary, can also be opened;
    • swing-out - doors that can swing open not only to the side, but also to lean back to the side of the room, allowing ventilation. The mechanism is the same as in the windows;
    • sliding doors work on the principle of doors in the wardrobes. Movable doors simply move parallel to the window, without taking up space in the room. After turning the handle, the sash slides out of the frame, and then moves to the side. This is a functional solution that allows you to arrange balcony doors of any size. In terms of tightness, contrary to popular belief, such doors are no different from swing doors. Usually hinged flaps can recline;
    • accordion door is a rather extravagant version of the design of a balcony door. The canvas consists of several shutters interconnected and mounted on rails. When you open the sash going like a fan. The design is used to organize large doorways, not very tight.

    №6.Accessories for the balcony door

    Accessories include all those elements that ensure the functioning of the door: the course of the door leaf, locking, ventilation, sealing, protection from insects and children. High-quality fittings designed for 20 thousand openings and closures. Experts recommend to pay attention to the fittings of German and Swiss production, which is superior in quality to Chinese and Turkish counterparts.

    Complete with a door can be either an ordinary single-sided handle , or two-sided .The latter is more convenient because it allows you to close the door tightly from the balcony. Instead of a two-sided handle, you can use the usual one complete with a latch or a stationary handle, which allows you to simply pull the door leaf towards you. The door handle can be protected from accidental opening by a child, be equipped with a lock, or even have protection against burglary, which is important for balcony doors facing the street, i.e.on the unglazed balcony.

    Owners of open balconies or loggias should definitely take care of the mosquito net. Regardless of the type of construction, it reliably protects against dust, dirt and down from the street.

    №7.Balcony door design

    Balcony door is not only a way to protect yourself from the cold. With full tightness and proper functionality, it should be aesthetically attractive, not only not to spoil, but also to decorate the interior of the apartment.

    Designers recommend to pay attention to such moments when making a balcony door:

    • door form .The most popular solution is the usual rectangular door, but you can experiment and make it arched in shape, or make the whole balcony unit together with the windows in the shape of an arch. You can go further and make the doorway even more bizarre, but all this, of course, will require additional financial and temporary investments. Doors of unusual shapes are made of wooden and aluminum profiles;
    • profile color .White is considered the standard color; lamination with imitation of wood texture catches up with its popularity. But there are other options, because the plastic profile can be given any shade - it all depends on the features of the interior and your own desires. If the walls are painted in neutral light colors, then the profile can be bright and become the color accent of the room, however, it will need to be supported by other elements. For a loft-style interior, for example, a dark-colored profile with a metallic sheen would suit;
    • decorative glass .Ordinary clear glass can be replaced with a colorful stained glass window or sandblasted glass. This solution will cost a lot, but it will transform the room and solve the problem of a not very attractive view from the window. A more budgetary alternative is the use of self-adhesive films with imitation stained glass or vinyl stickers;
    • curtains - the most popular decoration of the balcony door. Simultaneously with the decorative function, they perform a purely functional, so when choosing them, it is worth considering a lot of factors. Particularly popular today are Japanese and Roman blinds, various types of blinds and roller blinds.

    A balcony door, which we use every day and which we practically do not notice, performs a lot of functions right away, and it depends on us how comfortable, airtight, durable and aesthetic it will be.

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