Review of the model range of Philips bread makers

  • Benefits and characteristics of bread makers Philips
  • Top 3 best models

The smell of freshly baked pastries in the house always adds comfort and warmth. And the smell of bread, this is perhaps the most special smell that causes appetite, even when a person is full. But who bakes it now in their own homes. After all, it is faster and easier to buy in the supermarket. But again, let us return to the fact that the presence of home baking adds a special family atmosphere. In addition, baked at home, it will be exactly from the quality products you have tested.

To always have fresh bread in the house and spend a minimum of effort, you can buy a bread maker. She will do everything for you. Today, many companies produce this technique, it remains to make the choice of the brand you trust.

Among the popular companies that are famous for their good reviews is Philips. We offer a closer look at the features and characteristics of the equipment of this company.

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Benefits and characteristics of Philips bread makers

Philips is a brand that has long and deservedly presented itself as a high-quality and reliable equipment. According to the functional model of all products follow the latest technologies and therefore is in trend, along with new products.

Bread Makers of this brand have received a good reputation. This type of equipment, despite its productive and noble function, is often prone to break if the product is of poor quality.

Actually, Philips bread makers are famous for the following features and advantages:

  1. Made of high-quality components and has a good assembly.
  2. The device itself is equipped with rubberized footrests, which do not give chances for slipping and knocking on the tabletop due to vibration at the time of the dough kneading.
  3. Characterized by a quick start. That is, after we turn on the device, the dough kneading process begins immediately. This is also a feature that should be considered when preparing products. Since for preparing the dough all the ingredients must be of the appropriate temperature, you should take care that they beat the room temperature when you lay them in the device.
  4. All models are equipped with a number of programs and modes that allow you to bake different bread. The device is ready to bake baking according to your desire, both from yeast and unleavened dough. Such a device will provide you with baking both a familiar loaf of bread and Borodino. In addition, you can bake baked pastries, muffins and the like. If necessary, the devices are programmed to bake gluten-free baking.
  5. A feature of this technique is related functions, such as the preparation of yogurt, jam, jam. Yogurt turns out the same as made in a special yogurt maker. However, you must agree for what extra equipment that will take place in the kitchen. Therefore, it is a good combination of several functions in one unit.

If we talk about jam, then it turns out just wonderful in taste and consistency. Does not burn and saves a lot of time.

Top 3 best models of

. If this company deserves your attention, and you had to choose among its models, then we suggest to consider the rating of the best bread makers Philips.

Philips HD9016

A wonderful model for home use, which is an average cost. Like everyone else has a good quality components and impeccable assembly. Does not emit plastic odor during operation. Characterized by a beautiful design.

Famous for good customer reviews, especially like the work of yogurt maker. It bakes equally well as whole-grain bread, and with yeast-free dough.

In this model, thoughtful mode of express baking, which allows you to bake in accelerated mode( less than two hours).Such a program is also predominant in energy savings.

The device is equipped with a recipe book, which is useful for making new baking. It is important to use special recipes for this bread maker, because only when you end up with the right proportions you will achieve the desired result.

Key Benefits:

  • Includes twelve programs.
  • Useful and successful recipes.


  • Power output is weak( 500 W).
  • Single models at first can emit a plastic smell.
  • Noisy at work.

Philips HD9045 / 30

This model is marked by a good and modern design with a plastic case. Celebrate her surprisingly quiet performance. On the technological side, they praise the dough kneading process very much - at a high level. That is why baking is tasty and friable. Buyers also praise the function of the yogurt maker, as the possibility of combining two pieces of equipment in one device.

This model has a thoughtful interface, everything becomes clear if you carefully read the instructions.

True, the functionality has certain features:

  • Some processes should be monitored independently through the absence of a dispenser. For example, adding dried fruits, seeds to baking should be done after a special sound signal.
  • Also subject to regulation is the level of reddening baking.

Special benefits:

  • Silent operation.
  • Delicious pastries.
  • Extended Recipe Book.


  • At first, it smells like plastic.

Philips HD 9046/90

In the first place of the top of the best Philips bread machines is the model HD 9046/90.This is an elegant and stylish bread maker which is endowed with certain features.

A special window( hatch) makes it possible to observe the mixing process and control the consistency of the dough. That allows you to add ingredients in a timely manner if necessary. Very conveniently located control buttons at the bottom of the foot.

Particularly pleased with the opportunity to bake baked goods of different shapes( smaller and larger), since there are two molds for 700 gr and 1000 gr.

Special advantages:

  • The possibility of baking bread of various sizes.
  • Convenient management.
  • Viewing window.


  • The device does not remember the recipes entered manually, so they must be re-entered every next time.

In general, all Philips models are characterized by perfect functionality. Additional features and properties only simplify household processes in the kitchen. With such a helper, your family will always be provided with a tasty ruddy bread and lush baking. And most importantly, the product is prepared in the house of your chosen quality products.

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