How to repair the boiler yourself?

  • . Causes of boiler malfunction
  • . Repair of boiler
  • . Possible malfunctions and ways to eliminate them.

. In modern society, with the advent of new household appliances, the boiler water heater occupies one of the most important roles in the household. However, this expensive unit, upon failure, may be repaired on its own. How to repair the boiler with your own hands, you will learn in this article.

Virtually every breakage of the storage water heater occurs due to improper operation. Also, the correct operation of the tank depends on the water itself, its hardness and the presence of impurities. Due to poor-quality water, over time, the heating element of the water heater is covered with scale, and the inner coating of the tank is corrosive. The latter problem entails the replacement of the tank itself, which in itself is costly and expensive, and not every service can undertake it. Therefore, in order to avoid such problems, it is recommended to use all sorts of water purifiers.

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Causes of a malfunction of the

boiler There are frequent wiring problems when the boiler does not turn on or turn off, and does not heat the water, or vice versa, it heats continuously. In such a situation, it is necessary, following the instructions when connecting the boiler, to properly connect it to the network and ground it so that the current does not pass through the body.

There are cases when there is no water in the tank when the water heater is not properly connected. This most often occurs because the water from the water supply system comes under too high a pressure and this leads either to a rupture of the tank during a water hammer, or the boiler has protection and does not let water through. It is recommended to install safety valves between the boiler and water pipes.

What to do and what to do if the storage water heater fails? To begin with, do not panic, but try to understand the cause of the breakdown. After finding out the reasons for the failure of the device, it is necessary to understand how to disassemble the boiler - without this stage it is impossible to proceed with the repair, because most of the problems are related to the inside of the tank. How to repair the storage water heater yourself, we will describe in order below.

Repair of the boiler

If the water in the tank does not reach the required temperature, and there is noise and rustling inside the tank, then this is the first sign that the heater's heating element has a malfunction. Presumably, on the heating element appeared scum, which must be cleaned. This is not difficult to do. The following steps must be taken:

  1. disconnect the unit from the mains;
  2. drain water from the tank;
  3. remove the cover with the heater electronics from the case;
  4. extract TEN itself.

There should be no problems with disconnecting the boiler from the network. But the problem can be the discharge of water from the tank, as this process is different on water heaters from different manufacturers. For example, the water heater Termeks has a special system for draining water. The rest do not have such systems, and if they have, then very rarely. However, to drain the water, you need to have some knowledge that can be obtained by looking at the instructions on the Internet or by contacting the master.

After the water is drained, the question arises how to disassemble the water heater. To do this, it is necessary to disconnect all the contacts of the fastons that are connected to the thermostat. Then unscrew the bolts and remove the base of the thermostat with the heater. When it is removed, leftover water may be drained from the tank, as well as accumulated debris that was not retained by the filter. It is advisable to clean the heater immediately while it is wet. For cleaning, there are special products that need to be sprayed on the device. After which the deposits can be cleaned off with a blunt object without much effort. You can also boil the heater in water with acid added to it, and polish the surface with sandpaper to shine. In this case, the heating element will be brought into service. It is recommended to check the magnesium anode, which does not allow the tank to rust. If it fails, this element should be replaced, as it is not subject to repair. After all the manipulations are over, you need to collect everything in the reverse order, collect a full tank and turn on the boiler. With proper repair and assembly, it should heat the water to the required temperature, that is, work properly.

Possible malfunctions and how to eliminate them.

If the water heating indicator on the body of the heating tank does not light up, the water does not heat up, and the case is energized, you should check the heating element with a tester. For this it is enough, after removing the latter, to attach the multimeter test leads to the contacts, and look at the resistance. When “1” is shown on the display, it can be concluded that the heating element is unusable, a break has occurred and must be replaced.

In case you notice a leakage of the tank, repairing it yourself is not always possible, since not in all cases the cause of a breakdown is wear of the sealant, which can be replaced. The most common cause is the wear of the tank itself, the appearance of holes in it, eaten by corrosion. In this case, the repair of the unit will be quite problematic. You can brew, seal or seal holes, but after a certain period of time the tank will still become unusable, since the holes will expand. In this unpleasant incident, in any case, it is necessary to replace the case or purchase a new storage water heater.

Here, in fact, all the main provisions of how to repair the boiler with your own hands. We recommend to contact the master or the service center with insufficient experience with electrical engineering.

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