Which company water heater is better to choose

  • The best manufacturers of low-cost models
  • The best firms in the middle price category
  • The best manufacturers of premium class
  • Water heater which company to prefer?

Every year more and more families acquire such a device as a water heater. Unfortunately, the lack of hot water in the 21st century is a very topical issue. Somewhere the reason is the poor quality of the housing and utility services, somewhere the centralized supply of hot water is completely impossible. For example, in remote holiday villages or cottage townships, such a miracle as hot water is heard infrequently.

If there is a boiler in the apartment, there will always be hot water. But which company is better to buy a water heater? The choice presented on the shelves of the outlets may confuse everyone. What to look for, and which brand to prefer? This will be discussed further.

The best manufacturers of low-cost models

Low cost water heaters are in high demand on the market today. Particularly popular models of low power. Most often they are bought for installation in the country or as an additional device in case of disconnection of hot water. In such cases, the acquisition of expensive models is not always justified. Here are some of the most popular companies that have good budget class models in their range.


This manufacturer is often associated with consumer models with an affordable price range. Although on the shelves of stores you can find very expensive Thermex boilers. Almost all models have reliable corrosion protection and a built-in magnesium anode. The case of the last units is made of stainless steel or have a coating of superinnovative biofer glass. The brand offers a choice of a fairly wide range of models - from 10 to 300 liters. Design can also be chosen to your taste. There are both traditional cylindrical devices and modern flat rectangular boilers.


  • wide choice of tank volume;
  • easy and quick installation;
  • excellent selection of compact models;
  • decent technical equipment;
  • price tag, not amazing.


  • quality of materials - "budget";
  • periodically there are complaints of leaks.


This storage water heater is produced in Ukraine and complies with international standards ISO 9001. Reliable and inexpensive unit, which was appreciated by users of more than 30 countries of the world.


  • easy installation;
  • usability;
  • versatility and wide range;
  • profitability through the use of new technologies;
  • magnified magnesium anode for better corrosion resistance;
  • inner enamel double layer coating;
  • safety valve for safe use;
  • AntiMix system preventing mixing of water flows, which leads to even greater savings of electrical energy;
  • affordable price.


  • the appearance of the models is somewhat the same.


If you decide to buy a budget boiler, you can choose a great model from this brand. Although Ariston has very expensive models, the quality of inexpensive water heaters is really high here. This Italian manufacturer values ​​its name and responsibly refers to the release of aggregates of any price category.

In Russia, this is probably the most popular brand. Buyers have a wide range of models available, with capacities ranging from 10 to more than 100 liters. All units are distinguished by high-quality protection system, attractive appearance and clear control. Basically tanks made of stainless steel. Many popular models have a special coating with silver ions internally that kills pathogens.


  • is more than enough choice;
  • wide functionality;
  • easy installation;
  • repairs can be made in the popular Indesit service centers;
  • is not too exorbitant cost.


  • in order to maintain a long-term warranty on the tank, you need to replace the magnesium anode annually;
  • many consumers complain about the lack of models with dry TEH.


One of the leaders in the production of low-end models. This manufacturer previously used a special technology of twin tanks. Stainless steel tanks are connected in one case by cold welding.

In accordance with their name, Garanterm tanks have a longer warranty period, do not fade at the seams and are insulated with low-heat-conducting polyurethane.


  • improved tank design;
  • increased corrosion resistance;
  • automatic conveyor assembly minimizes scrap;
  • smooth and even enamel coating inside the tank;
  • production has a thermal shock test center;
  • all boilers pass acid tests;
  • applies LED control diode;
  • affordable price units.


  • in some cases, the quality of heating elements leaves much to be desired;The
  • indicator shows only the degree of heating, not the number of degrees.

The best firms of the average price category

Our rating of manufacturers is continued by firms offering models of average cost. It is on them that those who are going to use the device constantly stop their choice, but are not ready to overpay for the name and the new-fangled “frills”.


Many consumers call this company’s boilers one of the best in the average price segment. Moreover, this manufacturer from Slovenia is quite popular in the European market of household appliances. Gorenje boilers have a wide range of volumes from 5 to 200 liters. Depending on the unit, the internal tanks are made of stainless steel and protected by enamel coating. For lovers of interesting style decisions, let us single out the Simplicity line. These boilers are in perfect harmony with any interior.


  • in the line are devices with both dry and wet TEN;
  • excellent thermal insulation;
  • high-quality European assembly;
  • high functionality;
  • ECO mode;
  • reliable system of protection against overheating and freezing;
  • affordable price.


  • in the scope of delivery most often there is no drain branch pipe;
  • many devices have considerable weight.


A good brand specializing in climate technology. Despite the fact that the main facilities are located in China, this trademark is considered to be Swedish. True or not, the answer is not easy. But the quality of products at Timberk is really decent.

In the size range of models there are accumulative and flow-type devices with a variety of equipment, capacity and volume of the tank. The set of functions and build quality are not inferior to the more expensive eminent manufacturers. To ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation of these units, you just need to strictly follow the instructions for use.

Main advantages:

  • good thermal insulation;
  • as fast as possible warming up of water;
  • high performance;
  • convenience and ease of installation;
  • thoughtful security system.


  • , taking into account the Chinese assembly, the cost may seem somewhat overestimated;
  • warranty period is not too big.


One of the most famous brands that have won deserved popularity not only in Russia, but throughout the world. The company constantly improves the quality of its products, introduces new developments and bold innovations. The company "Electrolux" produces the most diverse climatic equipment. One of the most successful are indirect water heaters and electric storage boilers. The latter have a volume range from 10 to 150 liters, so you can easily choose a model based on your needs.


  • stylish and easily recognizable design;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • excellent functional content;
  • wide range of different climatic equipment;
  • convenient electronic or mechanical control;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • wide coverage of service centers;
  • there are aggregates with both “wet” and dry TEH;
  • the use of reliable materials.


  • submersible heaters in certain models may be short-lived;
  • most of the devices are assembled in China.


This brand for many consumers immediately causes associations with reliability and excellent quality. And it’s hard not to agree. Thanks to these qualities, this German manufacturer has gained worldwide popularity.

Almost all models from this manufacturer have many positive responses. So if you are looking for a good quality water heater for not too exorbitant money, you should pay attention to Bosch.

A special feature of the model range is its practicality and functionality, convenient temperature setting and long unit service life. The choice is quite large, you can pick up heating devices with a capacity from 10 to 150 liters.


  • a large selection of models;
  • glass ceramics tanks;
  • high quality corrosion protection system;
  • presence of magnesium anode;
  • special skills for self-installation is not required;
  • is a well-developed network of service centers.


  • fairly short power cord;
  • can sometimes be missing in the kit;
  • in some units, the temperature controller is not very convenient.

The best manufacturers of premium class

Not all of them can afford the technology of trademarks, which will be discussed a little lower. However, in most cases, the overestimated cost is accompanied by an improvement in the quality and reliability of the instruments.

Stiebel Eltron

One of the most popular German manufacturers specializing in the production of high-quality climate control equipment. The management of the company believes that household appliances should be distinguished by their reliability, increased energy efficiency and absolute safety. And "Stibel" is doing great.

Units of this brand is characterized by durability, performance and strong appearance. The best models are assembled in Germany. The devices have electronic control, support the system of two-tariff energy saving. So we can say with confidence that Stiebel Eltron water heaters are the best solution for those who do not like to waste money.

Main advantages:

  • presence of an “eternal” titanium anode for corrosion protection;
  • low power consumption;
  • optimum efficiency;
  • excellent functionality;
  • reliable insulation system;
  • is the highest level of security and control.


  • awfully high price.

Vogel flug

A popular Austrian trademark, characterized by impeccable quality and complete safety.


  • compliance with world-class quality standards;
  • implementation of the full production cycle at its own facilities;
  • usability;
  • thermal insulation layer of at least 3 cm;
  • absolute security;
  • range from 30 to 200 liters;
  • inner walls of glass-ceramic titanium enamel are completely non-corrosive;
  • application in the design of environmentally friendly materials;
  • fast warming up of water;
  • profitability.


  • ; some models are not very thick attachment;The
  • is extremely expensive, as is the case with all top-class products.


Another famous brand that has a wide range of boilers and instantaneous water heaters in its range. AEG - premium equipment, and therefore worth a lot. But the boilers of this brand can boast the highest build quality and high reliability.

Among the models of this company you can find units, up to 400 l. Internal drives are made of durable stainless steel and have reliable protection against corrosion and in the form of a multi-layer coating of high-quality enamel.

Main advantages:

  • excellent build quality;
  • energy efficiency;
  • multifunctional filling;
  • fast warming up of water;
  • high-quality thermal insulation;
  • convenient and intuitive management.

Negative moments:

  • are expensive;
  • storage models require annual replacement of the magnesium anode.


Popular brand, known for the production of high-quality climate and water heating equipment. It is in great demand in Europe, Asia and America. All products of the company undergo strict quality control.


  • a wide range of models, volumes, types of food and installation methods;
  • pedantic German assembly;
  • strict quality control;
  • excellent functionality;
  • application of innovative technologies;
  • reliable system of protection against freezing, overheating and corrosion;
  • high energy efficiency;
  • use of the highest quality materials.


  • electrical cord a bit short;
  • very high cost.

Water heater which company prefer?

As you can see, the choice of brands is quite large, and we have listed not all. But which company boiler better? The water heater, in our opinion, cannot be assessed only by the name of the manufacturer. After all, every developer has masterpieces and frank failures. Therefore, first of all, you should focus on your own needs and pay attention - this is what:

Tank capacity

It depends on how you are going to use hot water. For ordinary washing dishes enough "baby" for 10-15 liters. If 3-4 people live in the apartment who like to take a bath regularly, an aggregate of at least 120–150 liters is needed.

Power and type of heaters

For sale are models with dry and "wet" heater. The first option is much more expensive, however, has its advantages. It accumulates less scale and you can replace it without draining water from the tank. The second option is also not bad, but requires mandatory annual cleaning.

Power should be selected based on tank size. For a small volume, TEN by 0.6–0.8 kW is sufficient, and for a full-sized water heater, this figure should not be less than 2–2.5 kW.Otherwise hot water you will wait for a very long time.

Internal coating drive

It is worth noting that the highest quality, but also the most expensive, is the titanium case. The enamel coating is much less reliable, but it is also cheaper. To protect against corrosion, a magnesium or titanium anode is present in the tank. The first is cheap, but requires annual replacement. The second increases the cost of the model, but will work "forever."

Installation Specifications

When choosing, pay special attention to the reliability of the mounts supplied in the kit. And also do not forget about the length of the power cord. Some models do not allow for its extension or replacement.


Before going to the store or to the manufacturer's website, think carefully about where the device will be installed and accurately measure the maximum allowable dimensions. Sometimes even the most advanced and high-quality model simply does not fit into the niche prepared for it.

And, of course, when choosing a water heater you should focus on your own financial capabilities. Do not “reach out” for the elite premium models, if you can not afford it. In the middle and budget price segment, you can also find very good options.

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