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It's no secret that every woman wants to be irresistible. And with this help her little tricks: styling, makeup, fitness, beautiful dress and so on. If you are used to watching your appearance, you simply cannot do without a hair dryer. But how to choose it? Which hair dryer is better? Ranking the best hair dryers for 2018 will help make the right choice.

In addition, in this article we will show you what you should pay attention to at the time of purchase and what you need to take into account in order to get the best hair dryer and not be disappointed in it.

Choosing an

hairdryer Not every woman knows how to choose a good hair dryer. Do not make a mistake help our recommendations. So what should be considered when buying? Here are a few criteria:

The weight of the device

A quality device for drying hair can not be too light. Of course, it is pleasant to hold a practically weightless “toy” in your hand. But in practice this means that the motor winding is not very reliable. Much better to choose a heavier model. In general, the “weightier” the device, the longer it will last.

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Many women believe that the more this indicator, the better. However, this is not the case. To buy a good device for drying hair, it is better to focus on the average. The fact is that a hair dryer with a power of over 2 kW, of course, dries hair much faster, but regular use of such a device unnecessarily dries the hair. Your curls will soon become dry, brittle and will more resemble straw. Therefore, a power of 1.4–1.7 kW is ideal for daily use.

Case Material

Here it is very important to consider two things: the temperature of the instrument can be quite high;when falling the case can just burst.

So the ideal option in this case is high-impact heat-resistant plastic. Additionally, it is worth paying attention to the materials from which the nozzles are made. This is especially true of stylers and brashes. Ceramics are considered the best, they do not injure hair so much. But if you regularly use protective equipment, the type of brush coating is not so important.

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Number of modes and functions

The ideal option is when a hair dryer has 2 temperature modes and at least 2 speeds. At the same time, the best hair dryers for 2018 often have an ionization system and are capable of delivering cold air. It is believed that these qualities allow you to make the perfect styling and gently care for the strands.

Anyway: the more customization options, the better. So you can choose the optimal program that suits your hair type.

Nozzles and their number

Many devices have additions. For example, almost every hair dryer has a concentrator head. Some models have attachments for adding volume or straightening hair. It all depends on your preferences. But remember, the more complete the equipment, the more expensive the device.

Hairdryer with a brush or the usual "duke"

On this occasion, among the ladies do not stop the heated debate. Which hair dryer is better? What to prefer: hair dryer or a regular model? In our opinion, the point here is not even in the preferences of girls. It all depends on the length of the hair.

The fact is that fen-brashing has a rather small power compared to conventional models. So styling of thick hair you will do oh-a very long time. And if your hair is at least a little longer than average, the hair dryer will automatically wind up the strands, tangling or even pulling them out. Therefore, this device is more suitable for those whose hair length does not exceed 8-10 cm, and the hair is not too thick. All the rest is better to think about what a good styling device to choose among classic models.


Hair Dryers

We have compiled for you a small list of professional hair dryers. These models differ in that they can be used for a long time with increased load, which is what is required in beauty salons. Most often, such a device is suitable for all types of hair. The best professional hair dryers most often have sets of a large number of nozzles. But such models are much more expensive. If you use forced drying infrequently, it may be better to choose simpler models.

Braun HD 730 Satin Hair 7

A pretty high quality 2.2 kW model. There are as many as 6 operating modes and independent adjustment of temperature and air velocity. This is very important for professional models, as it allows you to customize individual parameters for each client.

Also, there is a cold flow system and a removable filter. The only disadvantage of this model is the fact that only one diffuser is included. But for a good hairdresser it is not so important.

Braun HD 730 can be attributed to the average price category. Its cost varies from 50 to 58 US dollars.

See also - Rating of the best irrigators for the oral cavityThe system of air ionization allows you to add shine and straighten your hair from the effects of static electricity. Additionally, there is a "cold" drying, which is activated by an independent button.

The kit includes two nozzles of the concentrator type of different diameters. The hair dryer has a very long( 3 m) electrical cord, equipped with an “anti-twist” system. This is very important for employees of salons, as it eliminates the need to delve into tangled wires.

The price of the model varies at the level of $ 40, which is also good news.

Rowenta CV 7430

Despite the small flaws, the hair dryer from Roventa is not inferior to previous models. With a power of 2.4 kW, this unit does not dry hair at all. Perhaps this is due to the special technology "RESPECT", which allows you to save much more moisture than with conventional drying.


  • also has a diffuser and a concentrator in stock, which allows using the device for modeling various hairstyles;
  • independent speed control system and air flow t C;
  • "cold drying";
  • ionization system;
  • 6 different modes;
  • availability of an LCD monitor that displays information about the selected mode.

A rather short electric wire( 1.5 m) can be considered the only shortcoming, which is not always enough to work in the cabin. Well, the price of $ 65 also can not be considered a great advantage.

Valera Swiss Nano – 6200 Light SuperIonicT

This device is rightfully included in the TOP lists of popular hair dryers for 2017-2018 years. Although the Swiss company has released this device for hair styling at home, the hairdressers are also extremely pleased with it. There are all the "gadgets" of professional models:

  • ionization;
  • cold air supply;
  • independent speed and temperature control mode;
  • fast cooling function.

The only drawback is the price, it is not very attractive for this model - about 100 "evergreen units".

Bosch PHD 9760/9769

The list is closed by a very interesting model from Bosch. Customer reviews tell us that this dryer is one of the most high-quality and thoughtful options. There is almost everything:

  • 6 different speeds;
  • built-in ionizer;
  • cold air supply system;
  • diffuser + hub;
  • long power cord( 3 m);
  • 3 temperature conditions;
  • 2 speed options with independent adjustment;
  • removable filter.

In addition, the hair dryer is quite heavy, which means that the motor is made “conscientiously” and will not fail after a month of work. True, it is necessary to adapt a little to the weight, but these are already trifles. And the most pleasant moment: all this magnificence is worth about 50 “American presidents”, which is quite democratic for such a configuration.

Compact models for home use

Already from the name it is clear that the "home" models have much less power, and therefore dry their hair much longer. But such models are much cheaper than professional ones. If you travel frequently, pay attention to the compact models. They often do not have additional diffusers, but they can fold. This hairdryer can be worn even in a medium-sized handbag. Our small rating of the best devices for hair drying at home also includes 5 models.

Bosch PHD 5781

Very powerful( 2 kW), but at the same time compact model. It has built-in protection against overheating and independent adjustment of the flow rate and its temperature. The hair dryer is quite light and weighs only 450 grams.

Dignity :

  • nice design;
  • presence of ionizer;
  • 3 modes of operation, including gentle;
  • removable grill and filter;
  • there is a nozzle "concentrator".

There are also some deficiencies :

  • in the "Turbo" mode, you have to hold the button forcibly;
  • electrical cable is not very long, 1.8 m;The price of
  • is about $ 45, which is a little expensive for the “homemade” model.


This hairdryer is an excellent choice for those who do not want to spend a lot of money."Vitek" is more than democratic, about $ 15, but it has all the charms of professional models:

  • power 2 kW;
  • built-in ionizer;
  • six adjustment modes;
  • convenient folding handle;
  • diffuser + hub.

Among the unpleasant moments can be noted the fact that in recent times, models of this brand with some kind of marriage have begun to appear periodically. But if this happens, the device will be replaced under warranty.

Gamma Piu Style-08

But this hair styling device, unfortunately, cannot boast of a price. She is not so small with him - from $ 60.But the advantages of this model are many:

  • electronic temperature control unit;
  • tourmaline ionizer lattice;
  • 6 modes of operation;
  • metal filter, which can be cleaned;
  • comfortable ergonomics, the device fits perfectly in your hand;The
  • buttons are located in the middle of the panel, which allows you to act both with your right hand and with your left.

But in general there are no drawbacks to this model. Except the price, of course.

Philips BHD002

One of the best compact models in the ratio "price-quality".Three temperatures and power 1.6 kW, the system of "cold" drying, folding handle, nozzle hub. And all this at a price of just over $ 20.As you understand, there are no particular deficiencies in this model.

Polaris PHD 2038Ti

And here is another budget pretty good quality.

Pros :

  • powerful( 2 kW);
  • lightweight( slightly less than 0.5 kg);
  • has a built-in ionizer;
  • mode "cold" drying;
  • comfort handle;
  • has a “Quick Dry” mode.

However, this model has one rather significant drawback. If you often use the "hot" mode, the nozzle hub may melt.

Fen – Brassing

Now let's talk about hair dryers with nozzles in the shape of a round brush and choose the best 2018 hair dryer among them. Among the presented models can be hair dryers with either rotating brushing or with a fixed brush.

BaByliss 2736E

One of the recognized leaders in this matter is this model. Despite the rather high cost( from $ 85), this particular hair dryer is leading in the opinion of customers. The kit includes a storage case and 4 nozzles that perform various functions. Also, there is an ionization of the hair and the function of "cold" drying, a removable filter. Some nozzles have a ceramic coating and an auto-rotation system.

The hair dryer is quite reliable and has a remarkable quality of styling.

Philips HP 8664

This hair dryer is a bit more affordable( about $ 65) and also has many advantages:

  • ionization system;
  • 2 brushes of different diameters;
  • 2 directions of rotation;
  • setting optimal drying t C;
  • mode "Quick Curling."

Unfortunately, this unit also has disadvantages. When styling too long hair, the hair dryer sometimes “chews” the hair and tangles it.

Braun AS 330

With this fen-brushing from the company "Brown" you can easily get crayons and large curls, give your hair a beautiful volume. And the device is not so expensive, from $ 40.

Pros :

  • high-quality assembly;
  • “speed + heating” with 2 modes in each;
  • 3 different nozzles, including volumetric;
  • is present strand release function.

The disadvantages of this model include the absence of an ionizing system and cold air supply.

Scarlett SC-276

And this is, in all likelihood, one of the most budget models of this kind. The Scarlett hair dryer has as many as 5 nozzles for various purposes, is equipped with an ionization system and costs no more than 17-18 conventional units. Very light, easy to "fall" in the hand. Scarlett SC-276 is equipped with overheating protection. With strong overheating, it simply turns off.

The disadvantages of the model include the fact that there is no cold air supply system, and the hair dryer itself is not too durable. However, for the money it can be experienced.

Rowenta CF 9320

The cost of this brushing dryer is almost twice as much, about $ 40.However, there are all the necessary functions:

  • 2 interchangeable nozzles for 50 and 30 mm;
  • ionization system and “cold” drying;
  • automatic rotation system;
  • ergonomic, the device is comfortable to hold;
  • superb styling.

Among the shortcomings, the following can be noted:

  • brush-dryer is too heavy and you need to adapt to it;
  • "cold" mode in practice is not so cold.

In general, this model is quite well balanced in terms of price-performance indicators and rightfully takes its place in our rating.

As you can see, our rating does not award any seats, this would not be entirely correct. But we really hope that by studying this article, you can easily answer yourself the question of which hair dryer is better. The rating of 2017-2018, compiled by us, absolutely does not claim to be “ultimate truth”.You can add to the comparison any model of your choice.

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