How to clean your suede gloves yourself

Suede gloves always look stylish and fashionable, they harmoniously fit into almost any look, while keeping warm morethan, for example, skin. How to clean suede gloves at home worries many housewives, because such a procedure in dry cleaners is not cheap. On methods that allow delicately and effectively clean suede talk in this article.

How to clean black suede gloves from stains and dirt

On black suede stains are almost invisible, but such gloves should be cleaned no less than all other models. With inadequate care of them, the suede nap is wrinkled and greasy, "bald" areas are gradually formed. To keep the pile in good condition, chamois regularly needs to be “combed” with a brass, rubber massage brush or sandpaper with a fine fraction.

Minor dirt or stains from dark suede can be removed at home with the help of table salt or ordinary breadcrumbs: gloves are covered with them and then they begin to intensively massage problem areas. Dirt quickly rolls and is removed with salt or bread.

Oil stains can be effectively and easily removed with burlap soaked in gasoline. But before cleaning suede gloves with this method, check to see if petrol stains leave: this is possible if it contains a number of impurities.

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The following recipes will also help to cope with oily stains:

  1. soda solution in milk;
  2. water and ammonia.

Very small dirt can simply be removed with a regular school eraser.

How to clean white suede gloves

White suede, of course, can not be called practical, but it is beautiful - no doubt. And it is not difficult to clean it, but it must be done systematically. The classic recipe that can be used at home is as follows:

  • mix warm water( 1 cup), hydrogen peroxide( 1 tbsp) and ammonia( 1 tbsp);
  • in the resulting solution, moisten a cotton swab and process the entire surface of the gloves;
  • after 20-30 minutes, wipe the product with a dry cloth and allow to dry;
  • to comb the pile.

You can also get rid of stains with egg whites. It is whipped into a thick foam and covered with contaminated sites. Wash the gloves with a soft flannel cloth and let them dry.

If the contamination is superficial and not strong, you can try to use a self-made soap crumb paste. For these purposes it is worth using soap, you can also choose the option with a whitening effect, if you plan to clean the clean-white gloves.

How to return a fresh look to colored suede gloves

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At home, getting rid of stains on colored suede gloves and at the same time retaining their soft texture is quite real if you consider a number of recommendations:

  • you can not wash products from natural suede in a washing machine;
  • ordinary stain removers may discolor the suede lint;
  • use skin care products very carefully and only if the suede nap is short;
  • choose methods for cleaning using a small amount of water;
  • flattened pile can be straightened with steam;
  • to clean small spots conveniently, wearing a glove on his hand.

It is convenient to clean the colored suede with absorbing agents. For these purposes, crushed chalk, starch or talc are used at home. Soda or medium-sized sea salt is also used quite often. Highly oily areas effectively remove compresses with clean gasoline.

To avoid wearing coarse gloves from this material, treat them with a special water-repellent spray before going outside. Also try not to wear them in heavy snow or rain: moisture detrimental effect on the state of natural suede.

The synthetic analogue of the fabric in this regard is more practical, but it is much worse retains heat, loses its shape much faster and looks less presentable.

In dry cleaners, chamois is coated with a special compound, due to which less dust settles on it and, consequently, it becomes less polluted. After cleaning at home, you will not get such an effect, but it is quite possible to cope with stains and divorces at home, which is very inexpensive and quick. Do not forget that suede gloves need to be dried well before going out. They must be stored in the off-season in textile bags or cardboard boxes with ventilation holes.

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