The choice of flooring depending on the type of room


  1. Floor covering for the kitchen
  2. Floor covering for the living room
  3. Floor covering for the bedroom
  4. Floor covering for the children's room
  5. Floor covering for the bathroom and bathroom
  6. Floor covering for the hallway
  7. Floor covering for the balcony and the loggia
  8. It would be to start with how important it is to choose the right flooring for each room in the apartment, but we will not do this - everyone understands the responsibility of this assachiAerobatics for each of us is to choose such an option so that it is beautiful, durable and safe, and so that the budget can be kept at the same time. Fortunately, the range of flooring today is wide, so you can choose the material for any requirements. To help navigate the existing choices, we suggest finding out which types of flooring are best suited for different rooms, and which ones are best not to use in specific rooms.

    Everyone has different tastes. Someone likes, for example, carpet, and someone wants to lay out the whole apartment with ceramic granite. We all agree on one thing - the coating should definitely be

    quality and affordable .A large range of flooring is present in the store on the page ElHoll Company guarantees high quality of all coatings, as it works only with reliable manufacturers, and direct cooperation with them allows us to offer customers the most favorable prices. Laminate and Marmoleum, parquet and cork, porcelain and even leather parquet - in the assortment of the store are popular and exclusive coverage. Delivery is carried out in Yekaterinburg and all Russia.

    Floor covering for kitchen

    Kitchen in many apartments is considered the most important room, where not only they prepare food, but also meet guests, therefore we will begin with it. The flooring for the kitchen should be moisture resistant, non-slip, durable , any dirt should be easily removed from it. Immediately delete from the list of carpet and carpet tiles, as well as marmoleum. The remaining coatings are suitable to a greater or lesser degree:

    • ceramic tiles stand firmly against the effects of moisture, easy to clean, environmentally friendly, presented in the widest range. Of the minuses, we note the complexity of installation and the likelihood of cracks in the fall of heavy objects. Since the kitchen often spills something on the floor, it is better to take a tile with a relief surface( coefficient of friction 0.4 and higher).For kitchen tiles suitable with resistance to detergents of AA class or at least A, III and higher strength class;
    • porcelain tile is even stronger than tile, even surpasses stone in some properties. The coating easily carries the effects of moisture, fire and sunlight, does not require special care and careful selection of detergents. It is eco-friendly, durable and aesthetic. You can pick up porcelain, which, for example, imitate the surface of a tree. Perfect coverage, if not the high price. Choose a material with a matte or slightly embossed surface - polished granite in the kitchen will be traumatic;
    • linoleum costs moderately and amazes with assortment. Many people blame the cover that it looks cheap, but this is no longer the case. High-quality linoleum of an average price category can be difficult to distinguish from wood or tile. The coating is not afraid of moisture, as simple as possible in installation and maintenance, it is characterized by high wear resistance, durability and provides additional sound insulation. For the kitchen, choose linoleum with a thick protective layer, but be prepared that heavy equipment and furniture will leave dents to cover;
    • self-leveling flooring is a durable, seamless coating that is not afraid of anything at all. The design can be any: plain color, imitation of wood or stone, 3D effect. It is almost impossible to perform the fill yourself, the cost will be expensive, but it will live a very long time;
    • solid wood board, parquet flooring and parquet is, of course, beautiful and natural, but it is better to apply such covering in the kitchen only in the dining area, since wood will not tolerate the constant ingress of moisture and fat drops, it requires specific care;
    • cork has a slightly springy surface, so many consider it not strong enough, but in vain. The coating is environmentally friendly, durable, soundproofed and has a warm surface, and the springing effect is even good for health. If the cork floor is properly laid and the top is covered with a layer of varnish, then it will easily survive the effects of moisture. Not the most convenient option for the kitchen, but still acceptable;
    • laminate perfectly copies wood, but there is nothing natural in its composition. Laminate of wear resistance class 32 and 33 will be suitable for the kitchen. It is better to prefer to moisture-resistant laminate , the ends of which( and sometimes the surface) are treated with protective agents. The waterproof laminate is even better, which is not at all afraid of water, but also costs more.

    Also, mosaic is suitable for floor covering in the kitchen, which has the same properties as ceramic tile, only has a much smaller size, so you can lay out any patterns and drawings from it. If funds allow, it is possible to use even natural stone , but not any overlap can withstand its weight.

    Floor covering for living room

    That's where fantasy can really go wild! For a living room, in principle, is suitable for any type of flooring, since there are no negative factors here. The absolute majority believes that the living room should have to rest, be warm and cozy, so the ceramic tile disappears immediately, but without it the mass options:

    • solid board or piece parquet is all natural solid wood, and the only difference is in size. The material is eco-friendly, it looks great, it feels warm and pleasant to the touch. If necessary, you can make a scraping and return the original look to the coating, and the number of scrapings is practically unlimited. Add to the list of advantages of heat and sound insulation. The main disadvantage is the price. To maintain the floor in perfect condition, you will have to take care of it and use a range of protective equipment;
    • floorboard is cheaper, since there is only the top layer - it is a tree of valuable species. It is possible to scratch the coating only a strictly limited number of times, but the floorboard looks chic, can be used together with heated floors and provides ample installation options( deck method, herringbone, figure);
    • laminate amazes with an assortment and is often indistinguishable from natural wood, but it is inexpensive, easy to install, and even picky in maintenance. For the living room is better to take laminate 31-33 class. You will have to put up with a ringing sound when any object falls, as well as with a cold surface, but the last problem will be solved by installing underfloor heating. Laminate can not be called a record durable coating;
    • linoleum is a budget option, but, again, you can find a very decent look and performance coating. Linoleum is distinguished by its durability, durability, ease of installation, it can repeat the texture of any wood species, and the surface is warm;
    • vinyl tile - the same linoleum, but divided into separate fragments. Properties are the same, but maintainability is higher;
    • Marmoleum - natural linoleum, made on the basis of sawdust, jute, resin, can be tiled and rolled. The material looks good, has bactericidal properties, anti-static, durable, shock-resistant, easy to clean. Of the minuses complexity in installation, fragility and stiffness at the edges, gradual hardening. Manufacturers do not recommend using Marmoleum with warm floors. Marmoleum class 21-23 is suitable for a living room, but to be safe, you can take 31-33;
    • carpet has a soft surface that will make the living room cozy. The covering is presented in wide assortment, it is simply mounted, but it needs regular thorough cleaning of dust;
    • carpet tile is the same as carpet, but the coating is laid out from individual pieces, so if you pollute certain areas you can easily replace them;
    • technology self-leveling floors allows you to implement in the living room any design idea and turn an ordinary room into a coastal zone or jungle;
    • porcelain tile due to its durability and ability to copy wood and stone has found application in living rooms, but you have to arrange a warm floor or use soft carpets around the sofa and chairs, as the material has a cold surface.

    The use of ceramic tiles, like the natural stone , is not forbidden, but the living room will be more cold and unapproachable. If the room has a dining area, then it can be allocated tiles.

    Floor covering for the bedroom

    The floor load in the bedroom is minimal, so when choosing a material, the emphasis from strength and durability is transferred to , aesthetics and naturalness from .Therefore, the ideal flooring for the bedroom would be:

    • solid wood and piece parquet .Natural wood will perfectly fit into almost any style of interior, because it has a wide variety of shades. This is an environmentally friendly and safe covering, and for a room where you spend at least a third of your life it is very important. The tree is perfectly combined with soft fluffy rugs, although it itself has a warm surface. Minus - the high cost;
    • parquet board - a compromise option. This coating, like as, and natural, but also costs less. Losing massive board in terms of durability, but the other characteristics are almost identical. The floorboard can be used with a warm floor, and thanks to various layouts you can get a beautiful pattern;
    • cork flooring is the best fit for the bedroom. This natural coating with a warm springy surface is not only pleasant to the touch, but also has bactericidal properties. Cork shades are nice, calm - that is necessary for the bedroom. Cork perfectly absorbs sounds, acts as a heat insulator, does not attract dust and will last up to 20 years;
    • carpet and carpet tiles are also excellent options if you are not allergic. Carpet differs in the length of the pile, can be natural or synthetic, be of any color and pattern. A bedroom with such a coating will become cozy and, in the literal sense of the word, soft. Heat and sound insulation parameters of the room will rise, which is important. In the installation of the coating is simple. The best choice - natural carpet with a long nap;
    • laminate for the bedroom can be taken even class 22-23, since the load on it is small here. This coverage is cheaper, but it is still necessary to search. Suitable for bedroom and laminate class 31-32, but pay special attention to safety certificates. A wide range will allow you to choose laminate of any color and texture, but you will have to put rugs near the bed, since this material is cold;
    • linoleum is suitable if the budget is limited. Stop better on the products of reliable manufacturers, so as not to worry about their health. Durable linoleum in the bedroom will be almost an eternal coating.

    The remaining floor finishes can be categorized as "amateur".Bulk floor, stone, porcelain, ceramic tiles are too strict and cold materials, but if the bedroom is designed in a radically modern interior style, then you can stop at them, not forgetting about the warm floor.

    Floor covering for a child’s room

    In this case, the floor material should not only be natural, safe, hypoallergenic , but also durable , and also preferably easy-care , because after childhood games sometimes have consequences. Also in the nursery apply fantasy cover with an interesting pattern.

    Among the most preferred options, we note:

    • cork floor absorbs sounds, absorbs, has a warm surface, does not collect dust, natural - a real jackpot. Of the minuses, we note the limited color range and tenderness. If a sharp object falls, the plug may be damaged;
    • PVC tile is a hygienic coating that can be used in medical and children's institutions. The coating does not cause allergies, can withstand the effects of moisture, fire, has a warm non-slip surface, it is durable, easy to clean and inexpensive. Choose the best tile, which is mounted castle method. Durability is low, about 10 years, well, and there it will be time to update the coverage;
    • soft half-puzzle is a new product on the market, made from foamed polymer, is completely safe for health, has a resilient surface, so children will play comfortably and do not hurt to fall. The coating does not attract dust, it is very easy to maintain and has a huge range. Half-puzzle will become the center of the games, or rather will be directly involved in them as a playing field. Minus - not the highest durability;
    • natural wood and flooring - an option for older children. Of course, these are natural, safe coatings, but with active games they will quickly become scratched. In addition, the tree must be specially processed, so you have to find the means that are allowed to be used in children's rooms. Do not forget about the sensitivity to moisture and the fact that rarely any children at a tender age are accurate;
    • laminate is a popular, but far from the best, coating for a nursery. If other options are not suitable, take a durable laminate of class 32-33, with zero emission of toxic substances and use a good substrate. You will have to put up with a slippery and sonorous surface: when the children drop something, the whole apartment will be heard. Partially some problems solves the use of rugs;
    • carpet thanks to the soft surface will be a great place to play, but it will not be easy to remove stains from it. Besides, it collects too much dust.

    Floor covering for bathroom and bathroom

    The ideal floor covering for the bathroom should be waterproof, non-slip, easy to clean , to withstand the effects of household chemicals, not to be susceptible to the development of mold. Only the read materials undergo such a hard selection:

    • ceramic tiles are classics of the genre. She is not afraid of water, durable, easy to clean and allows you to arrange the bath as you like. There is even a tile that perfectly imitates the design of a tree. As for the kitchen, choose tiles with the resistance class AA or A to chemicals. It is very important that the material is non-slip, so pay attention to matte samples with a barely noticeable relief. In the store, you can conduct a test by wetting the tile and sweeping it with your finger. If it slides easily, then pick another option;
    • self-leveling floor , characterized by its seamlessness and perfect moisture resistance, is a suitable option for the bathroom, especially since it looks like it will be anything you like. You can create the effect that bright oceanic fish swim under your feet. This coating does not rot, it can be safely washed with any detergent, but the installation will result in a pretty penny, and the preparatory work will be long;
    • porcelain tiles , the benefits of which you are already familiar with;
    • linoleum, but surely is thickened with moisture resistant and with a raised surface. The seams are located away from sources of moisture and be sure to boil. Glue use moisture resistant;
    • natural stone - it is beautiful, durable and durable, but expensive and difficult to overlap. The choice of stop on a stone with an unpolished surface and no iron, which can oxidize and give rusty traces.

    If money allows, you can use teak wood from which ships were previously built. You can also take wood that has undergone heat treatment, due to which resistance to moisture, pests and microorganisms is increased. Laminate, even waterproof, too dangerous to use.

    Floor covering for


    The floor in the hallway should survive the splash of dirt and moisture , be durable and easy to clean. We recommend using such coatings:

    • ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, just take a material with a non-slip surface;
    • semi-commercial and commercial linoleum , which is designed for decent loads and will last longer than ordinary household;
    • moisture-resistant laminate 31 and 32 strength class, but it is still recommended to combine it in the hallway with tile;
    • artificial woven carpet , the best option - from nylon. It retains all dirt well and is easy to clean;
    • self-leveling floor - expensive pleasure, which is justified only for large hallways.

    Floor covering for balcony and loggia

    If the balcony is glazed with , then you can choose any covering recommended for the living room .If is open as , then it is necessary to use a material that keeps moisture out, changes in temperature, and exposure to direct sunlight:

    • ceramic tiles;
    • decking. It is made from a natural tree by its special processing or from a wood and polymeric composite. The latter has a record moisture resistance;
    • painted concrete floor.

    Floor covering for an office

    In home offices and libraries, wooden flooring or its imitation is used, as a rule. Such materials will suit:

    • parquet and solid wood;
    • flooring;
    • laminate.

    Finally, we note that when choosing a floor covering it is very important to take into account its decorative qualities - the material should correspond to the chosen style of the interior.

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