Why does water accumulate in the fridge under the drawers?

  • Water is formed on the back wall of the
  • Puddles on the bottom of the refrigerator chamber
  • Water under the refrigerator
  • Causes of puddles under the refrigerator
  • Problems with the integrity of the refrigerator
  • Failure of the thermostat
  • Useful tips

If you have made a control,

  • The
  • has a leakage of the refrigerator

  • Useful tips
  • If you are using a refrigerator,

  • The
  • has a reason for the puddles in the refrigerator

  • this can be serious damage. It is not always possible to solve the problem with your own hands, but you can always independently determine its source. First you need to determine where and why the refrigerator flows.

    Water is formed on the back of the

    . If water flows inside the back of the refrigerator, then serious problems can be said with complete confidence if it is equipped with the latest NoFrost technology. This system does not allow vaporization inside the refrigeration unit, and therefore, the occurrence of moisture is completely unacceptable. If NoFrost is not used in your refrigerator, the presence of water on the back wall can be quite normal.

    In many models of the refrigerator, there is a system such as a “weeping” evaporator. According to its characteristics, it is not inferior to new technological developments, but it is much cheaper. Why does water then accumulate inside the fridge on the back wall? The answer is simple - when the compressor is at rest, the ice melts. Often, such models are equipped with drawers that accumulate liquid so that it does not leak out.

    Puddles at the bottom of the

    refrigerator chamber If puddles form at the bottom, the reason may be the clogging of a special hole that serves to collect water flowing off the walls. In this case, the water just nothing left but to spread over the surface. Solving a similar problem is quite possible with your own hands, cleaning the hole will save you from the formation of puddles, both inside and below the refrigerator. The reasons for which the refrigeration unit flows can be even more banal - a power outage, power problems.

    Water under the refrigerator

    To find out what causes the puddles from the bottom of the refrigerator, you need to find the place where the leak comes from. If the situation is similar to the previous one, then water can flow from the bottom of the refrigerator. The problem may be with the boxes for collecting water, perhaps their mechanical damage. If you find a large amount of moisture not only under the refrigerator, but also on the shelves, then this is a reason to turn to professional help.

    Causes of the emergence of puddles under the

    refrigerator All the reasons why a refrigerator flows and puddles accumulate below it can be divided into several main groups. The first group can be attributed breakdowns associated with the drainage system. Such problems have the following causes:

    • clogged drain;
    • shifted tube to drain fluid;
    • shifted water collection trays.

    In the following category, why does the refrigerator flow include uneven food layout? Finding a large number of products at the back wall can cause clogging and other problems with the drainage system. Try not to clutter up the back wall; water should calmly flow along it to the drainage, where it quietly accumulates.

    Puddles in the refrigerator can form for the simple reason that there was no power supply. If you were absent at home, and when you returned, you found puddles under the refrigerator, then ask your neighbors or the substation if there was a power outage during this period. These categories of problems with the formation of puddles in the refrigerator can be solved independently, you just need to eliminate the sources of trouble.

    Problems with the tightness of the refrigerator

    The presence of a small amount of water in refrigerators with a "weeping" evaporator system is quite natural, but if there is a leakage violation, water collects in puddles on the lower shelves and then flows under the refrigerator. Why it happens? The most common cause is a worn seal. Read the article on how to replace the seal for the refrigerator.

    Sealant often becomes a cause of puddles, as it is susceptible to wear for several years, the period may vary depending on the manufacturer. The sealant and other elements that ensure the tightness can be replaced with your own hands, there is nothing complicated about it. To do the job correctly, you can focus on the original location of parts. Also for each refrigerator has a diagram of the device sealing.

    Thermostat Failure

    If on all external signs the refrigerator is in good condition, there are no leaks and problems with tightness, and puddles continue to form, the cause may be a malfunction in the thermostat. Why the thermostat began to falter, you can find out in the service center. Most often during a short period of time the thermostat breaks down completely, so the only way out is to replace it. It is not recommended to start the self-replacement of the thermostat, this may entail additional damage to the equipment.

    Useful tips

    Often there are cases when the accumulated water in the refrigerator is not a problem, but is only a feature of the operation of old units. Along with this, people usually complain about a large amount of snow and ice, a kind of snow coat, but for old-fashioned devices this situation is quite common, their device does not provide for the fight against such formations.

    If partial repair of previous generations of refrigerators is still possible with your own hands, then new high-tech devices with the NoFrost system require the intervention of craftsmen. A complex system of electronics does not predispose to a simple repair, professionals will better cope with the task. It is impossible not to take into account the risk of injury during self-repair, burns or electric shock, there are many dangerous factors.

    However, having the opportunity to diagnose the source of the problem, it should be used. If the master already knows beforehand that the water in the refrigerator comes from, much less time will be spent on correcting problems. It is worth paying attention primarily to the drain system and the tightness of the refrigerator, most often because of this the refrigerator flows. In order to save yourself from the possibility of such problems, do not forget to periodically defrost the refrigerator, depending on the model, this should be done once a year or six months.

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