How to clean the gilding at home

Gilding and dining items look beautiful and elegant, but much cheaper than pure gold. But over time, such things fade, on the once-shiny surface darkening appears. So, it's time to find out how to clean the gilding without harming it.


cleaning rules The most common gold plated silverware, but the methods of cleaning these two materials are different. In order to properly clean the gilded silver at home, you must consider the following features:

  1. For cleaning, you need to use only a piece of suede fabric, and it must be dry.
  2. At first it is necessary to prepare the surface of the product, removing to remove grease, dirt and dust from it. This must be done, otherwise you can not see the result from further manipulations. For this purpose, it is best to use alcohol or turpentine: in the selected solution cotton wool is moistened, with which the entire surface of the product is wiped.

If you wish, you can pre-wash the gold-plated silver, to do this, dip the thing in a deep dish with water, adding to it a soap solution and some ammonia. In this state, the products should be left for 15 - 20 minutes, then dried and started cleaning. This method will allow to get rid of a greenish shade, which can get gilding.

Ways to remove the darkening from gilding

Gold-plated silver can be cleared of darkening in different ways, so you can choose for yourself the appropriate option. It should be based only on the components that are available to you at the moment, so as not to waste time on their purchase, and in terms of efficiency all methods are the same.

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Removing the darkening with the help of wine alcohol

Wine alcohol not only cleanses the gold-plated silver from darkening, but also returns to it its original brilliance, pleasing the eye. It is only necessary to moisten a soft sponge in alcohol and wipe the entire surface of the product. Wine alcohol can also be used for prophylaxis by regularly treating gilding.

Gilt cleaning with beer

This drink removes even the neglected dark spots on the gilded product. Choose any kind of beer( preferably dark).Soak the gold-plated silver in the drink for at least half an hour, then hold it under running water and dry it.

Beer carefully treats gilding, even with regular use, it will not cause harm. After processing, wipe the surface with a piece of suede to add even more shine.

Egg white against darkening

Returning the original brightness and shine to gilding will allow cleaning with a cotton pad dipped in egg white. If desired, you can mix the protein with one tablespoon of the "Whiteness".It is necessary to work with this tool carefully, before use surely put on rubber gloves.

Soap gold cleaning solution

Regular soap or dish detergent will allow the product to be restored to its former irresistible nature. It should be placed in a deep dish with warm, not too hot, water for 20 to 30 minutes. In the water you need to add 1 teaspoon of chopped soap or dishware. After the time has expired, you need to go over the entire surface of the gilding with a soft-bristled toothbrush, in which the top pile has been previously cut.

Prevention measures

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In order to no longer cause a problem with tarnished gold-plated silver, it is necessary to follow certain rules of care for such products:

  1. You can not store them in places where high temperature and humidity, for example, in the bathroom. The impact of these two factors immediately will greatly reduce the life of the product, which, however, will begin to dim and darken much faster.
  2. All jewelry made of gilding should be stored separately, preferably wrapped in suede fabric. If we are talking about cutlery, they must be in a case that will also separate them from each other.
  3. After each use of jewelry, you must wipe them with a piece of suede to remove particles of grease and dirt. It is better to carry out such minimal cleaning regularly than to subsequently clean the already darkened decoration.
  4. Do not expose gilding to direct sunlight, they will dull and darken. Keep such items away from sharp objects that may scratch the surface.
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