How to care for smooth leather gloves

Almost every modern person has leather gloves in their wardrobe that emphasize their status, they make women more elegant and presentable men. Leather gloves fit any style of clothing, they harmoniously fit into any wardrobe, which makes them versatile and never go out of fashion. In order for them to always remain beautiful and elegant and not lose their softness, you need to observe the care of leather gloves.

Proper care of gloves

In order to keep leather gloves clean and in good condition, it is not necessary to go to the laundry room, you can perform all the procedures at home. There are several ways to do this: everyday - dry and more in-depth - wet. The first way is to use every day, it does not take a lot of time, in this case it only removes small dirt and daily dust with a special brush or soft, velvety fabric.

In order to care for leather gloves with a wet method, you will need to exercise caution and patience. Before you start, you need to find out how your skin perceives this or that chemical remedy, otherwise you can spoil the thing and do not correct the result at home.

  1. The easiest and most popular way to care is washing with baby soap. To do this, lightly soak the gloves in warm water and put them on your hands, so that later on during drying they will not sit down and will not be damaged. Then clean in a warm soapy solution, as if you were washing your hands. This method helps to remove dirt from the surface without consequences for it; baby soap does not dry the skin, does not allow it to crack and crack.
  2. The following method is best suited for gloves made of thin leather, for which you will need: warm water, a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and washing powder, preferably for hand washing. The solution is prepared according to the following principle: 5 parts of hydrogen peroxide and any washing powder and 1 part of ammonia should be added to 60 parts of water, everything is thoroughly mixed. In order not to spoil the gloves with this solution, it is necessary to strictly observe the proportions and the scheme of cleaning from dirt, otherwise, you can leave spots and halos. Leather gloves should be watered with the entire solution, then cleaned with a soft cloth and last to dry, but not in the battery or in the sun. After the procedure, they acquire shine, reducing the risk of scaling and the formation of scuffs.
  3. To give softness and shine, you will be helped by a solution of 10% of ammonia. On 4 parts of water you need to dilute 1 part of ammonia, mix thoroughly. Apply the resulting solution on a cotton swab, which should begin to remove greasy stains from the surface, should be replaced with a swab as it is contaminated. Then wipe in normal water or with the addition of vinegar( for 1 liter of water will require one teaspoon of table vinegar).

Maintaining an elegant look

It is necessary to properly care for leather gloves every day, because they are very capricious in this regard, sensitive to strong chemistry, it can leave stains on them, stains or completely discolor dark skin. If the skin is wrinkled and has become tough, you will be helped by a solution of castor oil, which needs to be wetted with a rag and extremely quick, but at the same time with a careful movement to wipe the surface. Otherwise, ugly stains may form that at home can no longer be removed. In two hours, your gloves will have a brilliant, soft and elegant look.

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. If, after improper storage or washing, leather gloves sat down and began to press you, you need to wrap them in a damp, wrung-out rag, and then put them on your arm so that they acquire the shape you need. In this position, you need to let them dry, just remember that you should not dry them near the battery or in direct sunlight.

Low-fat milk is good for cleaning white or beige gloves, which are very sensitive to chemicals. Pour one glass of warm milk and pour one teaspoon of regular baking soda into it, which is always at hand with housewives, do not forget to mix everything well. Use this solution to wipe leather gloves and see how they acquired a soft structure and a snow-white look before your eyes.


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With proper storage of leather gloves, they will always remain soft, not shrunk and not cracked. To do this, you need to properly care for them, you can store them in two ways: in a box or in a rag bag. If your gloves have lost their softness and shape after improper use or storage, you can resort to castor oil.

With proper washing, they will never sit down and will not lose their softness, for this purpose it should be washed in warm soapy water and only manually. You can add a couple of drops of regular glycerin, which will add shine and softness, then dry in a wet terry towel after that.

In order to properly care for leather gloves, it is not necessary to go to the laundry; it is enough to familiarize yourself with the list of means that allow to eliminate pollution. Remember that before buying a stain remover, you must read the instructions on how to use it correctly, otherwise high concentrations may result in damage to the gloves. You need to take care of it all the time, especially in the autumn-spring period, when there is a lot of dirt on the street, do not dry near the battery in winter, they can sit down.

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