Rules for washing machine care

The life of a modern family is hard to imagine without an assistant like an automatic washing machine. Despite the presence of “washer” in almost every home, not everyone knows how to care for it. But only the correct care of the washing machine can provide its long and high-quality service. And, on the contrary, if you do not take care of the washing machine, do not take care of it properly, it will very quickly break.

  • What is the care of the machine
  • Proper installation and connection of the washing machine
  • How to care for the details inside
  • machines How to check the water quality
  • Struggling with water hardness
  • Useful tips

What is the care of the machine

All the following recommendations concern ona lot of automatic washing machines. Some of them can be used for other erasers, but they, in all likelihood, will soon become a rarity, therefore it is better to focus on the first ones, because the future is still behind them.

  • The main thing in the care of any household appliances is to ensure cleanliness, and for this it should be washed frequently. This is required and safety conditions, and basic hygiene, which is simply necessary in the house. Dust and dirt accumulate various microorganisms, including pathogens, which can cause various ailments in those living in this room. Regular citric acid can help. She will clean the device and remove excess odors.
  • The surface of the device should be free: no objects, powders, or dishes should be placed on it. The top panel should be dry and clean.
  • It is important to control the drain pipe from possible leaks. For this purpose, you can install multi-level protection.

Proper installation and connection of the washing machine

The maintenance of the washing machine begins with the proper installation. It is necessary to take into account that it must be ideally even, therefore, to perform this item, it is desirable to take a level for construction work. Eliminate the slopes can be with the help of legs, whose height is easy to adjust. For this purpose, you just need to lift the edge of your washing machine and scroll the leg to the desired length.

It is necessary to check that the wires, drain and filling hose are not bent, not pinched by different objects or the machine itself. If the wires are bent, their insulation may be broken, it may even break. As for the hoses, the violation of their patency creates obstacles for the normal filling and draining of water.

How to care for the details inside the machine

  • Caring for the machine should be both outside and inside. All departments and compartments of the machine need our care. It is important to ensure that the dispenser is clean. It is a plastic tray in which powder and other substances are washed. To get it is very simple. It is necessary to monitor the purity of the dispenser, otherwise the drain holes may become clogged with the remains of the powder, which subsequently turns into a stone plaque.
  • After washing, the hatch is slightly opened and not closed for some time, so that all the moisture has evaporated. If this is not done, an unpleasant smell will appear inside the washing machine.
  • Before putting things into the drum, you need to check all the pockets for foreign objects, such as keys and rings and other trifles that could harm the washing machine. All linen, which has metal fittings, such as rivets, buttons and zippers, you need to turn inside out before washing or use a special bag.
  • Care of the washing machine includes washing all its components. This also applies to the cuff - a rubber interlayer, which is located near the drum and the hatch. For its processing apply a warm solution of soap, it is not allowed to wash the cuff with detergents.
  • Do not load more than the maximum allowable weight into the device. The instruction should indicate the weight allowed for washing. It should be noted that the calculation is not on the dry weight, it is indicated, most often, the allowable amount of wet laundry!
  • To avoid mold, as well as unpleasant odors, you need to regularly clean the drain filter. It is located at the bottom of the washing machine. It can collect various items, buttons, hair, coins. If this compartment is not cleaned, things may have a stale smell. If you make timely care for this part of the machine, then there will be no such problem.

How to check the quality of water

The quality of the water affects the operation of the washing machine. Hard water causes scaling, which can adversely affect the heating element. It is for this reason that a washing machine may break. Water hardness can and must be fought. How to determine the hardness of water? Most Russian citizens can not do this, because the water from our water pipes is far from the standard of quality. If you still have doubts, you can make the determination of stiffness using special test strips, which can be purchased at the store of household chemicals.

We fight against the hardness of water

On all channels they are running advertisements about various water softening additives. Mark, you can choose at its discretion. Most of these tools are very expensive. But you can use more economical options.

Among such completely innocuous and cheap means can be called citric acid. It will help get rid of scale in the typewriter. To do this, take it about two hundred grams. Citric acid should be poured into the section for powder. Then set the highest possible temperature( most often it is 80-90 degrees).

Before cleaning the washing machine with citric acid, you should check that there are no items in the device. Citric acid can spoil things. At the end of washing with citric acid, the drum and all the folds of the cuff are wiped with a soft cloth. Scale particles are often found inside the unit. They are carefully removed. A washing machine will be grateful for such a "lemon" cleaning.

To make the water softer, you can use different softening filters. High quality filters are expensive, but they can purify water for the whole dwelling.

Useful tips

You can extend the life of your washing machine by following these recommendations:

  • use only special laundry detergent “automatic”.
  • should not keep dirty things in the washing machine, you need to put it just before washing, otherwise the device will have an unpleasant smell;
  • wash color and white things separately.
  • if you need to leave for a long time, all devices must be disconnected from the mains. Water must also be shut off.

On average, an automatic machine serves from seven to ten years. The most common cause of its failure is the lack of proper care. Proper care of the washing machine machine, regular cleaning with at least citric acid, compliance with all necessary operating conditions, the duration of its work can be doubled.

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