Heater picture - what is it, how does it work?

  • What it is and how it works
  • The main advantages of the
  • heater patternWe are trying to resolve any issue with regard to technological innovations. This allows us to make our home truly comfortable and modern, in particular, a heater appeared in the form of a painting among the new equipment.

    Wonderful device for any housing. It will not be superfluous in any home. With the help of such things, without problems, create at home a cozy warm atmosphere with a pleasant interior decoration.

    To see if you need such an aesthetic heater in your home, let's take a closer look at what it is.

    What is it and how does the

    work? A picture of a heater is, first of all, for its intended purpose, this is the heating device itself, made in the form of a picture. Namely, the front part is a panel with drawing a certain image. On the back of the picture there is a carbon fiber heating element - carbon fiber filaments.

    When turned on, heating and infrared radiation occurs. According to the principle of operation, infrared rays do not heat the air, but objects that fall under their action. Thus, the heat is more efficient because the objects heat up and generate heat, as a result of which the air is heated. Heated furniture and the floor keep heat longer and maintain the temperature in the room.

    This type of heater is very relevant for its intended purpose in the interseasonal period, when the heating has not yet been turned on, and outside it is damp and cold. In the period when you just want to give the house a little warmth.

    This know-how is quite economical compared to using other types of heaters. The cost of electricity device up to 60% less than other types of heaters. But even with this condition, the picture of the heater is considered to be quite an effective heating device.

    Heater in the form of a picture, has many types of images. Therefore, hanging it on the wall, it is difficult to recognize in it the actual heater. Various images will help to successfully combine the device with your interior.

    Picture of pictures you can pick up a variety of:

    • Nature.
    • Architecture.
    • Children's theme.
    • Abstraction.

    The simplest models are panels( printed on fabric) framed with wooden planks on both sides. However, there are class masterpieces. Somewhat more expensive for the price, however, improved in appearance there are heaters in the form of real paintings. Often their image is equipped with elements of silver, and the frames stand out for their pomp and massiveness.

    The main advantages of the

    heater pattern The combination of two completely different in purpose things in one. This is a big plus. The picture of the heating area is the present invention. Among the advantages of this heater are the following:

    1. Compact and easy to install. Mounted on the wall, where it is possible to connect to the mains. By weight up to one kilogram. The plane of such a picture has different parliaments( 90 * 60, 200 * 60 cm).Panel thickness up to 3 mm, it is easily rolled up into a roll, which allows you to easily transport it every time you need it.
    2. Since carbon has a high conductivity( compared to metal), these heating devices are able to heat the area several times faster.
    3. The electric heater has a fairly high efficiency, which is more than 90%.
    4. A picture of a heater is also called a film heater. It is distinguished by its environmental friendliness, since it does not burn oxygen and does not dry out the air. Actually this factor was one of the determining factors in choosing heating equipment for an apartment.
    5. Improving effects on the human body. The picture radiates infrared rays, penetrating into the human body by 2–3 cm and has a positive effect on the organism as a whole.
    6. Do not heat to high temperatures, and therefore are safe for long-term uninterrupted use.
    7. Do not give out a sound of work in the included mode. Safe, you can apply where there is dampness and moisture.
    8. Safe enough for children. Its uniqueness is that when touched it instantly ceases to heat.
    9. Not sensitive to voltage drops.
    10. The device is of high quality, but reasonably priced.

    Where you can apply

    A picture heater can be used in any room as a residential and non-residential( commercial, industrial).Often installed in reception rooms, kindergartens, offices.

    In the apartment its location can also be in the bathroom. As noted, the heater is resistant to moisture, so this application is safe. It can also serve as a preventive measure against fungi and dampness in the room.

    These heaters are recommended to be installed next to a window or an entrance door. This allows you to make the so-called thermal corridor between the cold source and not to let it into the room.

    In power, most often heaters have 500 watts. Fully heat such a device can, for example, a loggia.

    The picture, although not heated to high temperatures, however, has a large display area of ​​heat.

    In general, heaters of this segment correspond to the declared technical characteristics:

    • Power from 350 W to 500 W.Low power is the only minus of the device.
    • Heating temperature up to a maximum of 60–75 degrees.
    • Calculated time resource work - up to 50,000 hours.
    • Low weight - up to 1 kg.

    Rating the best manufacturers of

    If you have decided to purchase a wall heater picture, you should consider the following. Buying to do better in specialized stores that have all the documents and certificates of quality. Indeed, at present, there are a lot of fakes that do not comply with security measures. To avoid substandard purchases, ask about warranty cards and certificates.

    Among the manufacturers who have already proven themselves to be the best in the direction of producing heating pictures, the following companies can be noted:

    • At the peak of popularity, the devices of the companies “Velvet Season” and “Good Heat”.
    • “Heat of Crimea” and “Neirs” are in great demand.
    • TRIO is considered to be the cheapest option, however, in terms of quality, it corresponds to the declared characteristics.

    Absolutely safe innovative wall heater is practical and useful in many ways. Affordable and very convenient in its compactness. And the most convenient is simultaneous practical and aesthetic use. Such a thing can be a gift option, which is very original and practical.

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