Outdoor sink for garden and garden: choose ready or do it yourself


  1. Ready-made washbasins for giving
  • Washbasin without pedestal
  • Washbasins with pedestal
  • Heated washbasins
  • Making a washbasin with your own handsfruit, and wash, etc. At the same time, a washbasin can be not only a functional detail, but also a decorative one, decorating the summer cottage. In the sale, especially for use in the country, there are several types of sinks. In addition, such a simple design can be done with your own hands, because under the dacha washstand standing on the street, they understand the simplest device without connecting to the water supply.

    Ready-made washbasins for giving

    For sale you can find ready-made washbasins for giving, and they may have a slightly different look, and not only the design, but also the installation method may be different. All such constructions are divided into washbasins without a pedestal and washbasins with an pedestal. The first ones are much more mobile, they can be installed anywhere, and the second ones are more functional and very much resemble those washbasins that stand in our bathrooms.

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    Washbasin without an

    pedestal Similar washbasins can vary in shape, capacity, and also some of the nuances of use:

    • plastic capacity for 3-5 liters barrel-shaped is the simplest type of washbasin. Water here needs to be poured manually, as in all types of country washstands, and its supply is carried out when the nose is pressed against the hands. Such clamping structure can be nailed to any vertical surface: wall, tree, board, etc. When the water runs out, its reserves are replenished manually, and the washbasin is ready for use. At the bottom it is better to put a bucket to collect dirty water;
    • advanced design - a rectangular tank capacity of 10-15 liters .To get water, a tap is used: it can be pressure or valve. The latter reminds us of faucets in conventional sinks and sinks, but the clamping for the conditions of giving is considered more convenient and ergonomic: it is necessary to gently press it, as it magnetizes, and the water flows calmly. When your hands are washed, you need to slightly pull the tap down to stop the flow of water. Such containers can also be installed anywhere, and often they are even placed on the bollards, and water is replenished manually;
    • washbasins galvanized steel oval-shaped .The washbasin itself is supplied with a valve, and is considered not as durable as its plastic counterpart. Downstairs, under the faucet, wash basins of this type are supplied with a small bowl, which serves to accumulate water, and can also be used to wash vegetables and fruits;The
    • washbasin on the stand is a great find for all summer residents, especially for those who have long thought how to install the washbasin closer to the beds. This design is equipped with a special stand, at the bottom of which there is a crossbar: if you press it, the legs are driven into the ground, thereby fixing the wash basin at any place, even where there are no supports such as wood, wall and other things. It can serve as an additional wash basin, if it is not installed near the house, but directly where some work takes place: in the end, you will not have to constantly run through the entire section, and you will be able to wash your hands without going far. Such a sink is very easy to move from place to place, and at the same time it remains as functional as other species.

    Washbasins with a stand

    This type of washbasins is easier to attribute to stationary than to mobile: they are difficult to move from place to place, but they have other advantages that are peculiar to stationary models. These constructions can be used to arrange towels, soaps and other hygienic accessories on them, which is very convenient, and with a certain approach you can get a stylish design that will decorate the site.

    These constructions are often called “moidodyrs”, and they consist of a tank with a tap, pedestals, and a sink. The volume of the tank varies from 12 and 32 liters of , which makes the design comfortable and functional. To such sinks simply connect the water heating system or even the water supply from the water supply system.

    Due to the fact that in such sinks there is a metal or plastic sink, it becomes more convenient to use them: you can put a bowl of fruit and calmly wash them without fear that something will fall. Such structures can be installed inside the country house, then you can pay attention to wooden and plastic pedestals, which are more afraid of the influence of the external environment. If the sink stands on the street, the water in the tank under the action of sunlight will heat itself, but in the room it is better to provide heating.

    Some models of such sinks are supplied with towel hooks, stands for soap and other elements, which gives additional convenience to the structure. The water collection bucket gently hides inside the drawer, where you can put something else, such as detergents or other accessories.

    Washbasins with a stand are naturally more expensive, and it is better to install them under a canopy so that under the influence of precipitation it does not start to quickly become unusable.

    Heated Washbasins

    Of course, in the summer, few people think about heating water in a washbasin, but with the onset of autumn it becomes unpleasant to wash your hands and wash with ice water. If you visit the suburban area until late autumn, then you can pay attention to the design of the heated. They resemble the previous type of sinks, only here the heating element is already located. Heating systems can be completely different, but in any case, somewhere nearby you will need an outlet. The most advanced systems will be able to heat the water to a clearly defined temperature, and such washbasins will become indispensable not only on the site itself, but also in the country house if water is not supplied there.

    Doing the wash basin with your own hands

    Many gardeners advise not to spend money on the purchase of the finished model, because the simplest and not quite washbasin models can be made with your own hands. And now we will consider the most popular ways to do this.

    The easiest way to is to use a plastic bottle with a volume of 2 to 5 liters as a washbasin. Even a schoolboy can cope, and at the same time the sink will be functional. You will need a plastic container, and transparent plastic will be convenient also by the fact that you can always control the amount of remaining water. The bottom of such a bottle is cut off, but can cut it off completely, creating a semblance of a lid that will protect against insects and debris. Next, at the neck or bottom of the bottle, we attach it to a specific support. Now it remains to solve only the issue with a crane. In the simplest version, a regular lid is used, which, if necessary, wash your hands slightly unscrewed so that the water flows and then is screwed back. You can use the caps dispensers, which are usually supplied with a bottle of water for athletes. It is possible to supplement the design with a pressure spout, which fully approximates the washbasin to the ready-made structures attached in stores. You will need a screw or a nail, which in the usual form with a cap will close the hole, and when pressed, open it, letting water through. But in this case, with a sharp end, something needs to be done so that it does not hurt when used. Such quick homemade washbasins are used mainly in uninhabited cottages, but will work in other cases.

    A more advanced washbasin can be made from a plastic canister, a small barrel or even a bucket, but any other container that can withstand a certain amount of water will do. In addition, it is worth getting a crane, drive, nuts and two gaskets. A hole is made in the tank with the required diameter, a boom is installed there, and gaskets are put on from both sides, clamped with nuts, and only then proceed to the installation of the crane. All these operations do not take a lot of time, but in the end it turns out to be a functional device, which is not inferior to the purchased plastic tanks. To collect waste water, you can use a bucket, or let drain into a cesspool. You can simply lay the ground under the sink gravel - this is natural drainage, which will ensure cleanliness on the site and the absence of permanent dirt.

    By the way, the method described above is also used in the construction of a summer shower in the country, only much larger containers are already used here. If at the same time arrange for them a cabinet and put a sink, then it turns out already a decent sink, which will provide maximum functionality. Probably, it is unnecessary to tell that the dacha is the accumulator of all old and unnecessary things from the house, so you can take as a sink the one that used to stand in the apartment and is not used now, but it still has a decent look.

    Some craftsmen use the very interesting type of washbasins at their dachas. So, exists with the foot, an almost non-contact way to “get” water: a container of water is located on the ground, connected with a hose with a tap and with a pear, and when pressed on the last, the water under pressure is poured out through the tap.

    If all such self-made tanks are to be supplemented with a homemade pedestal, assembled from boards and plywood sheets, then as a result we get a full-fledged washbasin .If at the same time paint and decorate it a bit, then in the end we also get the a stylish element of the landscape design .

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