Leather bag care: clean and remove stains

Even in the wardrobe of a woman there are bags that are smooth and lacquered.enjoys a special love. But, that's a shame, it is this bag that gets dirty the most. Let's find out how to clean a leather bag to make it tidy again.

Let's start with the lining

Begin to clean the leather bag with the fact that they take out all the contents from it. When the outer and inner pockets are empty, you can wash the lining. To do this, turn it over, and with the help of a foamed solution of the powder they begin to wash, and then rinse and allow to dry. In addition to the powder, the pad can be washed with liquid soap applied on a sponge or shampoo.

You can not wash, but simply refresh the lining by wiping it with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Usually, the upper part of the fabric is most polluted, so they pay attention to it.

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Even health and hygiene professionals are advised to regularly clean the insides of women's bags with antibacterial wipes.

Lovers to wash the whole thing must be fully warned that a leather bag can not tolerate a total wet. You should not risk your favorite thing, because you can clean it at home in a more gentle way.

  • It is necessary to prepare a solution consisting of a large spoon of liquid soap, a small spoon of ammonia and a glass of water.
  • With this solution, you can wash the entire bag completely using a sponge. Pay attention to pockets, pens, straps and stripes, top and bottom.
  • When finished washing, rinse the surface with clean water and wipe dry.
  • Wait for the bag to dry completely naturally.

General rules for cleaning bags made of genuine leather

To wash off traces of dust, splashes of dirt, scrub greasy areas, first wipe the leather bag with a solution of soapy water, which is dripped with some ammonia. Then wash with a damp sponge to remove stains. The final stage will be associated with giving shine and with moisturizing and softening the skin.

Make-up remover helps to eliminate general impurities. It simultaneously removes dirt and slightly softens the surface.

Since now we are talking about a leather bag, then for its surface it is best to choose a cream of the corresponding color. He will be able to hide its flaws that have formed during use: scuffs, scratches, creases, etc.

Leather likes to be softened. From this, it becomes more plastic and shiny, looks updated. To clean and soften the leather bag, you can use moisturizer for hands. Castor oil, petroleum jelly or glycerin will also work - depending on what you find in your house.

Any emollient is applied with a swab with light rubbing movements. The skin will not be able to absorb too much cream, so do not overdo it, otherwise you will have to wash it with a cloth.

We clean the black bag

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Black or dark brown bag can be cleaned with natural ground coffee. It will take only one spoon, which is brewed with a minimum amount of water to make a thick mixture. This mixture is applied to the bag in a rubbing motion to color the skin, then immediately washed off with clean water. The leather bag should not be allowed to get very wet, so always use small rags and squeeze them well.

Light bag

With black material everything seems to be clear, but how to clean a leather bag of a light or snow-white color? For her, you should use regular cow's milk, which removes dirt and softens the skin a little. Apply preheated skimmed milk with a cotton swab, changing it as it gets dirty.

A light bag can be cleaned and refreshed by wiping milk mixed with egg white. The protein, of course, is whipped and added a little warm milk to it. This method is good at home for any white skin, including lacquered, because it is very gentle.

Continuing the theme: how to clean a white leather bag

We put in order a smooth and patent leather

Smooth glossy leather bag just need to be cleaned with a damp cloth and intensively rub with a woolen dry cloth.

In the same way, they take care of lacquered leather, and so that the varnish does not crack ahead of time, you can use a special water-based protective agent that is sold in shoe stores.

Here's what is forbidden to do with bags of patent leather:

  • clean them with a regular skin cream;
  • to wear in too hot( more than + 25 °) or too cold( less than -10 °) weather;
  • grease them with a fat cream.

It is best to clean the surface of patent leather with an onion cut, and then rub it with a velvet soft cloth.

Stain Removal

Sometimes a bag has to be cleaned from stains. For material that is constantly visible, such contamination is inevitable. Do you know how to clean a leather bag if there is a greasy stain on it?

  • Fresh stain can be plentifully powdered with powdered chalk or baby powder. Well adsorbs fat starch, fine salt and table soda. Any powder is left for 30 minutes, then clean off with a soft brush.
  • To get rid of a stale stain, you must clean the bag with any alcohol-containing substance( vodka, lotion, alcohol wipes).It should be remembered that alcohol is very dry skin, and in some cases affects its color. Operate gently, in a small amount, first removing traces of stains from the edges.
  • If alcohol does not help, then you need to clean the stain locally with dishwashing detergent, applying it to the sponge. It may need to be cleaned several times and spent a lot of time to remove a complex stain, but if the bag is expensive and beloved, then it is worth it.
  • Some stains are removed with lemon juice. Squeeze some juice onto a cotton swab and wipe it off with dirt. At the end of any cleaning do not forget to soften the skin and dry.

To maintain the perfect look of the handbag, wipe it periodically with a damp cloth and then dry with a soft cloth. Strong contamination should be removed immediately, and from time to time throwing away unnecessary things from the inside, cleaning the lining.

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