How to clean pearl beads or necklace

Pearls have long been valued by people not only as a rare and beautiful jewelry, but also as a symbol of tenderness and purity. However, decorations from these natural beads do not tolerate dust and other contaminants and are capricious in caring at home. It is necessary to clean the beads or the necklace regularly, and one should not forget about some rules in order not to damage the fragile pearls.

Ways and means of cleaning

Pearls, called living stone, is very sensitive to dirt and moisture. At the same time, pearl jewelry can neither be overdry, nor overly wet, so that they retain their integrity, original color and beautiful pearlescent shine. You can clean the beads or necklaces of this mineral in the following ways:

  • The easiest and most affordable way is to clean the necklace or beads with the help of soap suds. For its preparation suitable mild shampoo or gentle soap with a low amount of alkali. Pearls are wiped with a small amount of this product applied to a cotton pad.
  • You can clean this jewelry at home with the help of potato starch. Beads crumble in this powder, and then carefully wiped with a velvet cloth. This will help get rid of dust and greasy marks on your favorite jewelry.
  • Strong contamination and yellowing from such a necklace or beads can be removed with a strong saline solution. This is an old tool that helps to clean the pearls effortlessly at home. However, you need to be careful and use the finest salt, so as not to scratch the delicate living stones with its crystals. At the end of the procedure, the necklace should also be wiped with soft suede or velvet.
  • To restore shine to a dull bead and remove dusty deposits, Extra Virgin olive oil will do. It is applied to a soft cloth or cotton pad and carefully treated with a necklace.
The above methods of pearl cleansing are very simple and accessible to everyone. It is necessary to carry out such procedures regularly so that excess dirt and sebum will not accumulate on the product. Nevertheless, you need to remember about the delicacy of natural and artificial material with which you are dealing, so you need to be very careful.

Useful Recommendations and Cautions

Jewelry professionals have identified a number of very common mistakes encountered when cleaning pearl beads at home. Errors are usually associated with care products and storage technology.

Natural pearls very poorly tolerate exposure to bright sunlight. In addition, this material does not like excessive dryness, since it cracks from this, but it also does not tolerate excessive moisture.

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A large amount of water makes the pearls cloudy. In this regard, such products should be stored in a dry and dark place.

When cleaning these types of jewelery, it is forbidden to use substances with an acid or alkali content. In addition, abrasive cleaners scratch the delicate surface of the beads. For the same reason, do not use brushes and hard sponges in the care of pearl jewelry.

In addition, the use of hot water entails a change in the color of pearls, as well as deprives them of their natural pearly luster.

Eau de toilette or perfume with essential oils can also spoil the look of such beads.

Thus, the care and cleaning of pearl beads does not entail any particular difficulties, but it requires adherence to a number of rules and restrictions. If you comply with them, then such products will delight both young brides and mature ladies who are passionate about Chanel style.

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