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Dishwashers allow us not to waste our time on tedious dishwashing, because now you can wash all your equipment at once without making any effort. The presented devices are not just effective, they allow you to save your energy and water costs, as they are economical in the process of washing. The only thing that the consumer needs to remember is the right care and choice of means to use the dishwasher so that it stays in good working condition for a long time. Today, Fairies for dishwashers are particularly popular.

Fairy Product Benefits?

Today the Fairy brand products are popular even among those who still do the dishes by hand: these products are the most economical, they do a good job with the grease and wash the dishes just to shine. In addition, this detergent does not hurt the skin of the hands, which is very important for modern housewives, who always want to look well-groomed. However, are capsules and tablets for the dishwasher so effective, do they cope with their tasks and can their composition be considered safe? Let's see if this detergent is worth the money.

Fairy is one of the products of Procter & Gamble, known today all over the world. In our country, products from this manufacturer began to appear in the nineties. If earlier this product was supplied exclusively from the manufacturer from the USA, then today it is manufactured in our factories, while maintaining the original production technology. However, in large supermarkets one can meet Fairy for dishwashers and other products of the brand of Polish, Belgian or Finnish origin. In composition, they are identical, so you can be sure that the effect will be the same.

What are Powerdrops

tablets? The so-called Fairy tablets are actually small pads that are positioned by the manufacturer as a universal dishwashing detergent. Such copies do not leave stains or other traces, and each individual tablet is packaged in a dissolving package. The fairies are composed of protective substances and various compounds to soften water. The presented faerie tablets are great for any type of dishwasher. They differ in the acceptable cost, and they are enough for a long period of time. You can choose a Fairy tablet pack of 30, 60, or 90 pieces. Economical consumption and good efficiency, Fairy tablets have become the top sellers in their segment.

Fairy All in 1 Dishwasher Capsules

Fairy All in 1 is capsule-shaped or tablet with powder, as well as a special gel, which allows you to efficiently wash off fat and other contaminants, even stubborn. They add gloss to the dishes and can be used not only in hot but also in warm water. Capsules dissolve quickly enough and differ in packaging, which dissolves in water, that is, you do not have to contact with the tool and open it. Fairy All in 1 tablets gently wash fragile dishes made of silver and glass, and also effectively cope with the prevention of scale, as they include salt and rinse functions.

Use Fairy All in 1 capsules strictly according to the instructions: put in a special tray, however, if it does not fit there, you can put a tablet with a basket for cutlery. Experts do not recommend the use of such tablets for washing antiques, Chinese porcelain or crystal. Store the tool should be in a dark place at a temperature not exceeding 350 ° C.Today you can buy Fairy All in 1, packaged in 26, 39, 52 and 65 pieces. The more packaging, the more profitable the purchase.

Another Fairy remedy - Platinum

Fairy Platinum tablets are also capsules made of powder and gel, which prevent the appearance of lime and scale. Since any dishwasher needs care, this tool will be ideally suited for use, since, in addition to its main operation, it will also clean your household appliances well. Fairy Platinum does not affect steel or glass and does not make them cloudy, so your dishwasher will always have the proper well-groomed appearance. Like previous analogues, the product has soluble packaging, so you will not need to touch household chemicals with your hands.

Fairy Platinum contains phosphates and surfactants, bleaches, enzymes, phosphonates, flavors, and more. All these components are aimed at the effective removal of fat and other contaminants, as well as the direct care of your household appliances.

Today, among the abundance of numerous detergents, it is rather difficult to find one thing that will do its job well. Fairy for dishwashers has long established itself as an effective, economical and affordable dishwashing detergent, not only manual, but also automated. Reviews of numerous consumers say that today everyone who has ever tried Fairy products no longer want to use anything else, since they were able to appreciate all the advantages and the highest quality of this detergent.

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