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Shock absorbers for washing machines are an important detail necessary to soften drum vibrations during washing. They are placed under the drum and, like shock absorbers in a car, dampen the vibration.

Like other parts, the shock absorbers may wear out over time, perform their functions worse, resulting in a strong vibration and a characteristic knock from the fact that the drum dangles and hits the walls of the washing machine. If this part is not replaced in time, the manhole cuff, springs and bearings will wear out faster, and soon the car will need to be repaired.

Shock Absorber Device

There are two types of amortization for washing machines:

  1. A classic-type shock absorber is installed under the drum in the washing machines of the previous generation. This is the cylinder in which the piston and the spring returning it are located.
  2. Dampers - a more modern version. They do not have return springs, instead of them a drum is suspended from the springs.

The liners or gaskets most often wear out, which are designed to give parts elasticity. The cylinder itself often also wears out - in this case, it is beyond repair.

If the cylinder is not damaged, but only has become worse to perform its function, then in order to repair it, it will be enough to replace the gasket and liners. Repair kits and individual parts are not available for dampers, so their repair is not possible. Only one way out - to replace the shock absorber entirely. It's easy to do it yourself.

More complex breakdowns also occur: for example, the shock absorber is bent or even broken. Because of this, the drum will constantly beat against the walls of the washing machine, because of which the belt will fly off the engine, which will require more serious repairs than the simple replacement of an element.

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Removing and checking the shock absorbers

Before repairing or replacing non-working shock absorbers, you must first make sure that the problem is really in them, because the drumming may indicate a different reason. To do this, remove them from the washing machine. Sometimes you can do it from the bottom of the car, laying it on its side. But in many models there is a more complex device: you may need to remove the back or front wall. The back wall of the machine can be removed without much effort, just unscrew the bolts. But the front wall is removed more difficult, will have to perform several operations.

  1. . Unscrew the bolts located in the back of the machine, slide the top cover of the machine back and remove.
  2. Remove the detergent tray and remove the panel above the drain filter.
  3. Remove the control panel by unscrewing the mounting bolts.
  4. Remove the cuff. To do this, pry off the clamp with a screwdriver, where it connects to the cuff, and remove it, and then remove the cuff.
  5. Now you can unscrew the bolts securing the front wall of the machine.
  6. Remove the wall from the hook, but the wires in the door lock can interfere. To fix this problem, you can either unscrew the entire lock, or gently pull the wires.

Now access to the dampers is open. Unscrew the lower bolt, with which the shock absorber is connected to the housing, and try to squeeze and then release the damper by hand. If it is working, the course will be tight. And if it is possible to squeeze and return it back without effort, then the parts need replacement or repair.

Replacing the shock absorbers

To replace the Amorth own hands, you must perform the following steps.

  1. As in the previous paragraph, remove the front or back wall to provide access to the required part.
  2. Remove the bottom bolt that secures the part to the case or remove the plastic pin.
  3. In the same way, disconnect the shock absorber from the drum.
  4. Now you can remove the spare part and replace it by repeating all the described steps in the reverse order.

The device of many washing machines, although similar, but shock absorbers, which are designed for one model, may not be suitable for repairing another. Therefore, to replace it, it is safer to purchase articles that are used by the manufacturer of your particular washing machine model. And you can choose cheaper non-original options, but first consult with knowledgeable people.

Wear Preventiondo not get foreign objects,

  • treat your washing machine with care, listen to the outside noise in the drum, respond to all possible malfunctions in time, make necessaryimy repair.
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