How to choose a lawn lamps with solar batteries

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Highlighting the territory adjacent to the house - one of the key moments in the regeneration of suburban area. Today, as a viable alternative to decorative lamps connected to the power supply, are increasingly using analogues powered by solar cells.

How do lawn lamps with solar batteries and what parameters to consider when choosing a product, look at the article.

The content of the article:

  • The principle of operation of lamps with solar batteries
  • Advantages and disadvantages of devices
  • The main types of lawn lamps
    • Decorative models for flower beds
    • Design on the leg
  • Criteria for selection of competent
  • Nuances of the installation of lighting
  • Remedy main types of damage
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The principle of operation of lamps with solar batteries

Lawn lamps with solar batteries used in most cases as an additional illumination landscape compositions at the site and open the remote corners of the garden.

These lighting fixtures - a real salvation for those situations when not economically viable equip electric lights on the street or simply not possible to lay a cumbersome cable switching.

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Bright accents to highlight areas

With the help of lawn lamps is convenient to separate the playground or arbor in a recreation area, a light circuit to frame garden paths and flower gardens with lawn

The principle of operation of lamps with solar batteries are not complicated. Built-in under the action of ultraviolet rays battery housing device produces an electrical current. This electric and rechargeable battery. He, in turn, supplies the connected LED, which, consuming the stored energy during the day, light coming 1.5-2 meters in the dark.

The main elements of the solar lamps are:

  1. Battery Drive. Element as a dark piece of glass is located at the top of the flashlight in order to accumulate a maximum daylight.
  2. LED matrix. Source that emits light when passing through it an electric current.
  3. electric battery.
  4. Light sensor - the light-sensitive element.
  5. Microprocessor. This element, depending on the voltage strength adjusts the LED light, and when discharging the battery to its lowest level and disable all of it. In the low-end models this function is performed by the transistor.
  6. Photocell. The semiconductor device formed with a solar battery one common unit. Its main function - to include the lighting unit and convert light energy into electrical energy.

The duration of operation of the device depends on the capacity of the battery. Solar lights when fully charged employ about 8 hours.

Photo sensor: Operating principle

Built into the housing photosensor is responsive to the degree of shading section, whereby at nightfall independently lamp lights up and goes out in the dawn hours

All lawn lights are fitted with this type of LED lamps. This decision is explained by the fact that the led-lighting consumes very little energy and does not create a flicker of light. This is especially true at low performance graphic panels.

LED lights can be of different colors. This makes it possible to select the desired illumination color, creating lawns spectacular color pictures.

Advantages and disadvantages of devices

The main advantage of these lighting devices is that their performance is not dependent on weather conditions. This is because the UV rays are able to penetrate even through zaves clouds.

Dim illumination of the decorative element

Life of the device is recharged only determines the duration of daylight, for this reason, in the winter off-season and the glow from solar lawn lamps come very dim

Among the indisputable advantages of lawn lamps should also include:

  • autonomy - the ability to place each lamp independently of the other lighting devices anywhere in the garden plot.
  • Environmentally friendly - devices do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere and not harm the environment.
  • economy - lights perfectly cope with their tasks and at the same time consumption of electrical energy.
  • Reliability - enclosures devices are well protected internal batteries from dust and moisture, because they can be safely installed on the lawns near water sources.
  • Easy installation - for the installation of the device is not required to use any additional hardware and install the equipment.

Design options lawn lamps vary, so it is convenient to pick up under the already established at the site landscape design.

The only downside lamps with solar batteries are vulnerable to the subzero temperatures. Therefore, in the winter is better to remove the portable device in a closed warm room.

The main types of lawn lamps

Despite the fact that the lights represented in the sale of a solar battery and offer a range, lawn lamps are only two types. The reason for this is the point that with this type of illumination focus is not on the area covered by the equipment, and on its decorative component.

A harmonious complement flower garden

The main requirements for lawn lamps: it must be compact, but it is spectacular and also integrate harmoniously into the landscape and not stand out against the background of a foreign body composition

Lawn lamps come in two types: decorative patterns and designs on the legs. Each has its own characteristics.

Decorative models for flower beds

decorative model type are devices with a broad base, which are conveniently mounted on any flat surface. Design execution housings of such devices is infinitely varied.

Decorative lamps are available in the form of figures of fantastic heroes, cute little animals, bizarre miniature houses and even precious stones.

Decorative elements bizarre forms

Lawn lamps in the form of figures of animals or fantasy characters can perform a harmonious complement to the rock garden or rockeries

The main feature of decorative illumination is that it creates subdued light, which covers only a small radius around the device.

Design on the leg

These lights require fixing by penetration. Luminous element formed as a ball or a cone, is located on a small stalk.

Lamps used for leg contour emphasizing meadows and lawns, flower beds and isolation of differentiation paths in the garden. Height of these models leaving about 30 centimeters. When burial legs lights located almost on the lawn surface.

Spectacular appliances on legs

Lamps on the leg in the dark will help to focus attention on a beautiful landscaped plot and allocate paths to navigate through the garden

To create decorative accents and backlit cover a large area, use lawn lamps with long legs about half a meter. Pointed pins are crowned such products housings with glowing elements made in the form of flowers with openwork foliage or the soaring birds or fluttering butterflies.

We also recommend you to read our other article where we talked about how to organize your own site streetlights on solar batteries. Read more - go on link.

Criteria for selection of competent

Lawn lamps designed for outdoor operation, but because housings of such devices are made from materials that are resistant to precipitation. It is best to cope with a task in plastic or metal.

The coating of metal products

Metal products for preventing cracks of structural elements and increase resistance to decay and damage by rodents covered with powder paint

When choosing a device guided by the rule: the greater the area of ​​the battery, the more intense the return of solar energy will occur.

Equally important are two other options:

  1. Modification of the photocell.
  2. the type of glass to the ceiling.

The basis for the manufacture of solar cells installed in the low-end models of street lamps, stands polycrystalline stone. According to the operating parameters it is inferior to multi - and monocrystalline silicon.

It is considered the most reliable Photoelectric elements modules fabricated from monocrystalline silicon. In direct contact with the air are immediately covered with an oxide film protective medium, which in this case does not prevent light scattering. But due to this they are characterized by an increased resistance to climate change and chemical stress.

Balls with smooth surface

To obtain the effect, in which the main part is reflected direct rays of the scattered and half, better to choose lamps with glass having a smooth surface

About the ability to reflect and scatter the light rays possess the best qualities goods with tempered glass. If you want to create scattered radiation, preference should be given to models with reflector structured glass.

Nuances of the installation of lighting

Place lamps with built-in solar panels is necessary so that the sun's rays fell on them on a straight path.

Accommodation options backlight

Flashlights can be arranged in small groups, using the elements of the same dimensions and shapes, or the "scatter" of the site, creating the effect of randomness

Lawn models are equipped with a special foot, made in the form of a peg. To fix the lighting unit on the surface, just need to bury the peg in the ground. This can be done manually. The main thing - do not apply excessive force in order not to break the device.

If the install is necessary in the hard-packed ground before recessed peg you must prepare the site. To do this, at the intended placement of the luminaire loosen a pitchfork or shovel the earth, and then make a recess. After installation of the device the legs can only gently compacted ground around it, and smooth the surface.

Care such lighting devices is to periodically clean the device housing against dust and dirt. And the main thing in this case - to remove dust and debris stuck to the upper side of the housing, which houses a solar panel. Wipe with a damp soft cloth is better to minimize the damage inflicted from above the protective film.

Beauty for a few years

With proper care, as indicated by the manufacturers of solar cells, lawn lighting fixtures capable of properly serve from 5 to 10 years

To remove stubborn dirt with Plexiglas allowed to use detergents designed for wiping glasses. It is not allowed for this purpose use abrasive pastes and powders, because they are contraindicated Plexiglas.

As mentioned above, in the winter, portable lighting is better to clean the house. The only exceptions are universal models that safely tolerate any temperature fluctuations and negative effects of the environment.

Remedy main types of damage

The most common malfunction of lighting devices of this type is the contravention relationship between the battery and the container supply. This is the result of oxidation of the particles in the field interfacing. Some "artisans" solve the problem by smashing the instrument. But such actions give only short-term effect and also can damage the equipment.

Re-establishing contact relationships

Disadvantage can be eliminated by disassembling the lamp: it is necessary to clean the battery contacts of the poles and container supply a cut of sandpaper

If the contact is interrupted because the battery is offset relative to the container contacts, you need to remove the battery, and then gently pull the minus spring. Subsequently, in order to prevent displacement of the battery, it can be fixed in the housing by means of double-sided tape.

There are times when the battery stops charging as a result of long storage in the shadow of a flashlight. In this case, you need a tester to check the battery voltage. voltage indicators should be within the range 1.1-1.4 V. If metering values ​​correspond to the regulations, it is necessary to place the flashlight to the maximum illuminated area to recharge the battery.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Analysis of design features and characteristics of the devices on the solar cells will help you with choosing fixtures for the improvement of local area.

How does the lamp with built-in solar panel:

Overview of LED luminaires for lawns and flower beds:

Lighting suburban area by operating the lamps Solar quite advantageous and economical. Placing in his garden a backlight, you can easily achieve the effect, where even maloprezentabelnye herbaceous plants that do not have a particular aesthetic value in the daytime, "sparkle" in evening hours.

What kind of lawn lamps you use on your country site? Please share impressions of their use, and pictures of fixtures. Tell us if you are satisfied with the device. Leave your comments in the box below the article.

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