How to store a wedding dress before and after the celebration

To keep a wedding dress after the wedding or not - everyone's personal choice. We recommend not to pay attention to the menacing signs, and be guided only by their own interests. If you don’t want to part with the outfit, and there is a place in the apartment for a large box, leave this beautiful piece of celebration. Subsequently, you can get married, celebrate an anniversary or indulge in pleasant memories.

Care for the dress before the wedding

Many brides leave the wedding dress in the salon before the wedding day. Thus, they relieve themselves from the temptation to get it out of the case for endless fittings, demonstrations to girlfriends, lightning checks, locks, hooks. In this case, before bringing the dress home, make sure that it is unmarried, smoothed, stripped, and starched. Ask your staff how to properly care for the fabric, clean and store it.

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If it is decided to keep the wedding dress until the wedding day at home, it is necessary to limit it from contact with children and pets.

Hang it on a hanger wrapped in white silk away from an open window and heating appliances. Slightly open the cover to prevent stains and rust that appear due to the complete tightness of the package.

On a celebration day, stand on a sheet and cover your face with a napkin. Helpers with cleanly washed hands without ornaments( ideally in white gloves) will help to put the dress over your head. When applying makeup and hair styling, put a bathrobe on top. If a stain appears during the gala dinner, do not try to remove it yourself. Blot the dirty place with a napkin and remember what kind of drink or product it was delivered.

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Preparation for storage

For 10-15 days, be sure to wash the dress or have it cleaned. After the celebration there are always small specks on it: from sweat, cigarette smoke, cosmetics, hairspray. At first they are invisible to the eye, but over time, spots appear, darken and are difficult to remove.

At home you can wash only dresses of simple cut. It uses cool water, shampoo or gel for delicate fabrics. The dress should be well rinsed and dried over the bath, not wringing. Make sure the lining, folds and pockets are completely dry before storage.

In the continuation of the topic of the reader, how to wash a wedding dress at home

When you turn the dress in on a dry-cleaner, consult with the staff, find out the method of washing.

  1. Aqua cleaning is possible for nylon, polyester and silk outfits, that is, for fabrics that are not prone to shrinkage.
  2. Dry Cleaning involves working with solvents. They degrease stains and remove them with chemical solutions.
  3. A car with a hydrocarbon solvent is used to cleanse dresses made of delicate fabrics, decorated with decor or treated with unstable dyes.

The latter method is the most expensive, but the most gentle and reliable.

How to fold a wedding outfit

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A dress of a simple cut without a train, a luxurious petticoats and three-dimensional decor can be stored upright in a closet. In this case, special attention must be paid to the hanger. Thus, metal parts can leave traces of rust, wood - to stain matter with oils, and plastic - to deform the product. The best option - the hanger, covered with white cotton cloth.

Together with the trempel, you need to buy a cover for long-term storage. It is made of cotton-based fabric that allows air in small quantities. Remember that the textile porous case does not protect against dust, cigarette smoke, insects, odors. A plastic wrap retains moisture and creates a favorable environment for the appearance of mold.

An archival box is best suited for storing volumetric decorated dresses. A box made of ordinary cardboard will not be able to protect against the aggressive effects of dust and moisture. In addition, lignin is used in the manufacture of paper products. This substance decomposes into acids after several years, which may cause the outfit to turn yellow.

Archival boxes are made of special cardboard with a neutral pH level. They do not let in light, dust, odors, moisture, insects. Boxes are expensive, but bundled paper sheets( cotton), cotton gloves, a brochure with recommendations on how to keep the wedding decoration are included.

After purchasing the box, you must wipe it from the inside, cover the bottom with a silence. Then wear cotton gloves and gently fold the dress, and fill each fold or room with tissue paper. In this box you can put a bag of fragrant herbs, but you can not - wedding jewelry, shoes, veils.

Storage Rules

If the dress is in a case, you can hang it in a wardrobe. If it is in the archive box - hide in the mezzanine or under the bed. The main thing is that the room was residential, without changes in temperature and humidity.

Remember that even under ideal storage conditions, snow-white fabrics acquire an ivory shade. This natural reaction is called the “patina of time”, and the color is “ivory.”If the color changes occur evenly over the entire length of the dress, this is not considered a disadvantage.

All types of stains are defects. They appear for various reasons. For example, because of the raw cover, jewelry with metal elements, high humidity in the room( more than 60%).It should be noted that a few years ago, blue-colored tissue paper was used for storage. As a result, blue creases appeared on the dresses.

Many young girls are eager to post an unusual photo on social networks. Therefore, have a conversation with daughters and nieces. Explain to them how much effort you have made to keep the wedding dress safe and sound.

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