How to return fox fur to whiteness

As a result of long-term storage, under the influence of the sun, moisture and dust, the white snow becomes yellow. Do you know how to whiten the fur of an arctic fox or other animal if it has acquired a yellowish tint? It turns out that there are several ways to at least partially return the product to its former appearance.

Cleaning with starch

Darkening and yellowing of the fur can be caused by dirt accumulated on it, therefore, water treatment should be applied at the first stage. No, no one forces the mink or arctic fox fur to be washed. It is necessary to wet the white sheet, press it well and wrap the fur product. Fingering fingers to go through its entire surface. A damp cloth will take some of the dust on itself, but the cleaning does not end there.

When the nap is dry, you must use an adsorbent to absorb oily dirt. It can be talc, ground chalk, semolina or starch. Sometimes at home they use flour, but the flour is subsequently hard to comb out. Suppose you decide to use starch:

  • spread the fur product on a flat surface;
  • rub the top starch;
  • lightly rub the fur with your hands so that the starch penetrates deeper;
  • after 5-10 minutes it is necessary to comb the adsorbent with a brush or remove it with a vacuum cleaner turned on in a weak mode.

If the fur is short, then it must be scratched against the growth of hairs, if long - in the direction of their growth. For silver fox starch is not very suitable, because it can remain among the villi, but for the fox it is a good option.

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Cleaning sawdust

At home, you can clean light or dark fur things with sawdust. Buy clean sawdust hardwood( linden, birch, aspen, etc.).Sawdust of coniferous trees can not be used because they contain resin, due to which the villi can stick together. Dampen sawdust with alcohol and sprinkle them on the fur. Rub your hands lightly and add more. So you need to walk around the collar, hat or fur coat, then comb out sawdust comb.

Instead of alcohol, sawdust is moistened with gasoline, but it is necessary to use refined aviation gasoline so that there are no impurities in it.

Sawdust absorbs dirt, grease and makes the fur brighter. Especially this cleaning helps in those places where the product is in contact with the neck and face. The method is used to freshen a fox or silver fox collar.

Bleaching with hydrogen peroxide

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It's time to tell how to whiten the yellowed fur with hydrogen peroxide. The method is applied to the fur of white mink, silver fox, rabbit. We must take a glass of pure water, add to it a small spoon of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. In the solution they wet the sponge, wring out and wipe the surface of the fur with it.

Then hang the product so that it gets sunlight. Under the action of light, the whitening effect of peroxide will increase. If you need to whiten white fox at home, then the amount of peroxide is increased by 2-3 times.

Salt is used in addition to peroxide to get rid of the yellowness of rabbit fur. Make a salt solution( 1 large spoonful of salt per glass of water), add ammonia( small spoon) and treat the product with a solution, and then allow to dry.

Bleaching faux fur

If the artificial fur has turned yellow, you can only return it to its former state in rare cases. Try to apply glycerin, mixing it with water in equal proportions. This composition is used to treat the product, as a result of which the nap softens and slightly brightens.

Faux fur can be washed using liquid detergents at a temperature of + 30 ° C manually or in a hand wash mode. Washing eliminates contamination, but does not always help to remove yellowness. If you do not like the color of the artificial pile, then it remains to unhook the accessory and throw it away.

Apply Blue

If the item cannot be bleached, then it is given a bluish tint. For this purpose, blue has long been used. First, dissolve a few drops of blue in water to form a light blue solution. It is poured into a pulverizer and sprayed on white fur or such as that of a silver fox.

After drying, the product acquires a slightly noticeable bluish tint. It looks like a play of snow, so it does not spoil the look of the product. If the blue does not help, then the product is repainted in a darker color. Expensive things are dry cleaned, where a specialist according to your desire will clean them or paint them.

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