How to clean the washing machine at home

  • Folk cleaners: their purpose
  • Special cleaners for the washing machine
  • Scale off
  • Preventing the washing machine from dirt, mildew and odor from inside
  • We give “shine” outside

, almost every apartment, we have, we have, we have, we have, we have, we have, we have, we have, we have, we have, we use it.-machine. This is a very convenient technique, thanks to which we got rid of hard manual labor. This technique has become so familiar that we just forget that it must be periodically serviced. The question of how to clean the washing machine machine, worries all housewives.

In order for the machine to always look like a new machine, and work as well, it cannot be brought to a state where dirt, limescale, and scum must be scraped off. Washing should be periodically cleaned, while applying special cleaning agents.

Folk cleaners: their purpose

If you are interested in how to clean a washing machine, then first of all you need to be familiar with the cleaning products that are on the market. Modern industry produces a large number of substances that can be washed equipment, both inside and outside. You can use a simple house cleaner. Professional tools are also being produced, using which one can solve the problem of how to quickly clean an automatic washing machine.

The most important thing is to properly apply cleaning products. The substance cannot be demanded of what it cannot do. For example, Kalgon, never relieve you of scale, this tool only softens the water in your washing machine-automatic.

Let's talk about folk remedies and their purpose, which women use when cleaning the washing machine. Let's start with the most affordable cleaning agents.

  • Baking soda. One of the simplest and most effective means if you need to remove mold and dirt that appear in the drum and on the rubber seal of the washing machine. Soda is good to clean the container where the powder is poured. In addition, baking soda is a good tool to make water softer. On our site you can read an article on how to clean soda washing machine.
  • Citric acid - a descaling agent for washing machines used, if you need to clean the parts inside the washer: PETN, drum, tank.
  • Vinegar Solution - used for internal cleaning machines automatic. In addition, vinegar perfectly eliminates unpleasant odors. To work with acetic acid should be as carefully as possible, and remember that its smell is quite sharp and not quite pleasant.
  • Copper sulfate. If mold is found in the washer, then copper sulfate is an excellent tool for its destruction.
  • White. If you need to disinfect and get rid of extraneous odors, the hostess use such a tool as "Whiteness".It should be very carefully acquainted with the composition of the mixture. If there is chlorine or its derivatives, then it is impossible to use this detergent for washing the washer.

Special cleaners for the washing machine

  • Frisch activ. This substance is used to keep the internal metal parts of the machine clean. Its use solves the problem of how to quickly clean the inside of the washer.
  • Miele. To get rid of odors and harmful bacteria, you can use this tool. Applying it, you can solve the question of how to clean the washing machine.
  • Beckmann. Universal detergent. It is used to clean the internal parts of the equipment, remove dirt and limescale. Used as a disinfectant
  • Magic Power. This substance was developed in Germany for descaling. An excellent tool when there is a question how to clean the washing machine from scale.
  • Topperr 3004. The cleaning of a washing machine from the scale of this substance is recommended by Bosch.
  • Luxus Professional. According to the Russian cleaning agent you can clean the washing machine and dishwasher. Well removes limescale. When the question arises, how to quickly clean the appliance, it is worth remembering about this substance.
  • BorkK8P.Powdered substance used for descaling. Produced in Korea.
  • Top House. A tool developed by chemists from Germany to clean limestone.
  • Antinakipin. Tool developed in Russia. It is used to remove scale.
  • Dr. Teng Antibacterial. This substance can wash the washer from bacteria and mildew well.
  • Sandokkaebi. Development for disinfection from the Korean manufacturer.
  • Multidez-teflex for washing. Powdered disinfectant.

When choosing a tool, be sure to read what it consists of, what functions it performs and how to use it.(See also: How to use Calgon for washing machines)


Water that flows through water pipes contains many impurities and has high rigidity. Therefore, to use it, you must pass it through the filter. Almost everyone does it for drinking water, but only a few for washing.

Therefore, when unprepared water enters the tank of the machine and heats up there, impurities and salts stand out from it, which settle on the internal parts of the washer and form a so-called “scum”, and immediately there is a problem how to clean the washing machine.

The scale in the washing machine accumulates gradually inside the machine and especially on the heating element. If not to carry out periodic cleaning of a teng, then it can burn out. Experts advise to put the filter in the water pipe going to the washing machine. This will reduce scale in the washing machine. If this is not done, then the washing machine should be prevented periodically by washing it with a solution of citric acid. This is done elementary.200 grams of citric acid is poured into the powder compartment and the wash starts at 60 degrees.

After the end of the rinse, it is necessary to rinse the drain filter of the machine and remove pieces of dirt from the cuff of the drum. TEN can be cleaned mechanically, as well as special chemical means for cleaning the heating elements.

Prevention of washing machines from dirt, mold and odor from the inside

If the machine has a lot of mold on rubber parts, then copper sulphate should be used. Prepare the solution, wipe them with a rubber cuff and leave for a day. We take a rag and erase the mold with rubber parts. Fall asleep in the machine powder and turn on the test wash. Everything should be well wiped.

You can use soda to get rid of the mold in the automatic machine. Make the solution in a ratio of 1 to 1. The mixture is applied to the cuff and drum and left for 6-8 hours. The wash starts. After finishing, all parts are thoroughly wiped to get rid of mold residues.

Powder hopper is a place where molds like to wind up. Chemicals that are used during washing can remain in the cuvette as mucus. It is on this fertile soil that mold bacteria begin to develop. To avoid this, after each wash it is necessary to remove and dry the cuvette. But if the mold still appeared, then it is necessary to remove the cuvette, put it in the basin and fill it with powder. Leave overnight and then clean using a small brush. After that, rinse with clean water and wipe so that no water is left. Also rinse the tray under the cuvette.

In order to prevent dirt from accumulating in the filter and drain hose, they should also be periodically washed and cleaned.

To clean the filter is necessary: ​​

  1. Below, to the right, the machine has a technological door, open it.
  2. We take a rag and put it under the door.
  3. Turning the anti-clockwise guide reinforcement, invert the filter.
  4. Then remove the debris, rinse the filter and put it back.
  5. This operation should be carried out periodically, so that the dirt does not accumulate, and there is no unpleasant smell.

Give the "shine" outside

After the insides of the machine cleaned, it is necessary to do her body. If the prevention of washing machine from scale is regularly carried out, and at least once a week to wipe off dust and dirt, then the glossing procedure will not take much time.


Remember, before cleaning the washing machine, be sure to unplug the power cord!

To clean the washing machine outside, you need to take dishwashing detergent, dissolve it in water and rinse the machine thoroughly. Then wash it with clean water and wipe it dry with special microfiber rags. If there is much stubborn dirt, then you can apply a slurry of soda, treat the dirty place, and then thoroughly wipe it.

To clean the transparent door in the door, use a wiper. Spray on the glass and wipe thoroughly with a dry cloth. The procedure is repeated several times to a mirror shine. After this, the door will look like a new

Regularly carry out preventive measures, and maintain cleanliness inside and outside the equipment. This will save your time, nerves and money. We hope that this article has helped you, and now you know how to clean the washing machine and what kind of cleaning agent to choose.

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