Steam cleaner or washing vacuum cleaner - which is better to choose?

  • Detergent Vacuum Cleaner: how the pros and cons are arrangedWithout their participation, it is impossible to imagine the process of cleaning the room from dust, debris, dirt stains from carpets and floor coverings. The washing vacuum cleaner will not only collect garbage, but also will wash and refresh the room.

    Along with a washing vacuum cleaner, a steam cleaner is used. Many compare them, choose among them and want to understand what is best. These two devices have good functions, however, they have differences and do not replace each other. To understand the essence of the differences, we propose to consider in more detail the difference between a washing vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaner.

    Washing Vacuum Cleaner: how are the advantages and disadvantages of

    Washing Vacuum Cleaner - collects dirt, dust and performs the function of washing. Thus, in one process combined cleaning of dust and debris in combination with wet cleaning.


    Washing vacuum cleaner more than usual, because of the capacity for the liquid. That is, two tanks are placed in the middle of the unit. One is with clean water, and the other is for collecting dirty water.

    The principle of cleaning will be as follows. Through special water hoses, water is supplied to the brush and sprayed on the surface, and the dirty liquid is immediately collected in a separate compartment. A washing vacuum cleaner is more efficient in terms of cleaning, because with the usual washing method, it is difficult to collect all the dust and dirt.

    Where to use and how to choose

    The use of a washing vacuum cleaner is wider than it would seem. This unit will be effective and suitable for:

    • Washing hard surfaces: floor, linoleum, tiles.
    • Carpet and carpet cleaning. Moreover, it can be used to clean both a short nap and fluffy long fleecy carpets.
    • Cleaning upholstered furniture. Always a pressing question how to clean a soft armchair or sofa. Effectively, only with the help of an employee of a special cleaning company, or independently with the presence of a washing vacuum cleaner.

    Some models of washing vacuum cleaners are supposed to use detergents. Basically, these special tools are recommended by the manufacturers themselves. They do not necessarily have to be constantly used, it all depends on the degree of contamination of the cleaning object and the purpose. Sometimes wet cleaning is done in order to refresh the room.

    When selecting, pay attention to:

    • Power.
    • Modeling( vertical, horizontal).
    • Tank volume.
    • Filtration system.

    When choosing, be guided by the volume of the dwelling / other premises. That is, we are talking about what area you have to clean up, and what nature the surface.

    And also note that units with a vertical positioning method are more overall, since they contain large water tanks, and therefore are most suitable for large areas.


    • Can be used for both dry and wet cleaning.
    • The use of detergents enhances the quality of cleaning.
    • At the same time you can get rid of debris and remove dirt with a single vacuum cleaner.


    • Non-compact. Due to the voluminous two tanks, the vacuum cleaner is very bulky. And it is not so easy to maneuver them around the room, especially if it is a two-level apartment or a mansion.
    • Cleaning all nozzles. After applying a washing vacuum cleaner, a series of actions should be taken to clean it. In particular, pour out the liquid, wash and dry the water tank. Rinse and dry the nozzles. It will also take a certain amount of time, but we should not forget about it.
    • High price. Of course, the ability to vacuum and wash at the same time, while not only the floor, but also to clean the carpets, the furniture translates into a considerable penny.
    • Application Restrictions. Not all surfaces can be exposed to it. It is a natural parquet, floorboard, laminate. The use of wet cleaning is not recommended due to the possibility of deformation of the surface.
    • Replacement filters. Such a cleaner requires constant replacement of filters that are expensive. Therefore, the use of such a device is expensive.

    Steam Cleaner: how it works, the pros and cons

    Steam Cleaner - a unit that is also designed to clean various surfaces. This function is quite expanded, because it provides the possibility of applying to the treatment of various areas.

    Device The principle of operation is as follows. In the middle of the apparatus contains a water tank, which should be filled before use. After turning on the steam generator is preparing for several minutes. That is, water is heated, which is then released under high pressure in the form of steam.

    This technique can be divided into two types: manual and floor.

    A manual steam cleaner is a small device that holds a small tank. Because of this, it will not be enough for a long time, you will often have to add water. Its power is also not very high. However, it is a good steam cleaning device for a small fee. Working with him for a long time is a little inconvenient, because here there is a load on the arm( through the tank with water it becomes heavy).

    Floor-mounted steam cleaners usually resemble a vacuum cleaner, equipped with a thin and long hose. The unit itself accommodates a water tank. Dimensions allow you to fit a considerable tank for long-term cleaning.

    This technique is very effective and versatile. If you draw a parallel steam cleaner with a washing vacuum cleaner, then there is one obvious and significant difference. The steam cleaner does not collect garbage and dirt, it cleans with steam.

    This distinction does not make it less useful. With it, it is easy to clean a lot of objects and things, or just to refresh( wet) the room.

    What are

    for? The scope of its application is very wide:

    • For ironing clothes. Especially when it comes to clothes with many small folds.
    • Upholstered furniture cleaning.
    • Cleaning floor coverings, tiles, carpets.
    • Perfectly cope with the washing of windows and mirrors.
    • Cleaning the bathroom: removing the plaque on the tile, cleaning the sink and more.
    • Cleaning the kitchen: cleaning stove, oven, microwave.
    • Cleaning inaccessible places( slots, baseboards).
    • Cleaning other items: car interior, baby stroller.

    Benefits of the

    Many advantages can be attributed to it:

    • Universal. Suitable for clothing care and cleaning.
    • Has broad functionality. A large number of nozzles allows you to apply it to different types of cleaning.
    • Does not require detergents. In this regard, quite economical.
    • We use only water, and with a good result.
    • Does not produce excessive noise, so you can apply at different times of the day, even when everyone is sleeping.
    • Works as a disinfectant.


    Not everything goes smoothly. Where there are clear advantages sure to be and cons. Although each judge whether they are critical along with the benefits.

    • After cleaning with a steam cleaner, there is still a need to additionally wipe the surface dry.
    • If it is unsuccessful to choose a model, when steam is dispensed, water may flow( spitting), leave a part. Particularly characteristic for cheaper options.
    • Persistent pollution requires additional treatment. That is, a stable fat or plaque must first be treated with special means, then the steam cleaner will cope with a bang.

    Which device is better to choose

    ? If you ask yourself a steam cleaner or a washing vacuum cleaner, which is better, then there is definitely no single right answer. It all depends on the features of the application.

    These two units can not be put on one level. Each of them has certain advantages and individual devils. For example, a washing vacuum cleaner is not capable of stripping folds on curtains, and a steam cleaner cannot clean the floor from sand and crumbs.

    Therefore, in each case, the choice should be made based on your own wishes. That is, if the house already has a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning, in order not to duplicate the functions, you can additionally purchase only a steam cleaner.

    But if you are in search of a vacuum cleaner option, then, of course, it will be successful to choose the actual vacuum cleaner with the function of wet cleaning. We hope this article will help you make the right choice.

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