Which vacuum cleaner is better to buy for home: with a bag or container?

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The modern housewife has so many home helpers at her disposal that sometimes hard work becomes a pleasure. This also applies to cleaning. A new vacuum cleaner makes it easy to clean the house. Modern devices allow not only to collect dust, but also to clean the air in the apartment.

But which vacuum cleaner to choose - with a bag or container? This question sometimes pushes to a standstill. Both modifications have both positive and negative points.

We have studied all the specifications and will help you to understand which vacuum cleaner is best for your home: with a bag or with a container.

Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

This is the most common type of unit for cleaning. A distinctive feature - a special bag, which gets dirt and debris in the process.

If you decide to buy such a vacuum cleaner, you will choose from what. There are so many models from different manufacturers on the market that their eyes simply diverge."Baggy" vacuum cleaners are vertical and horizontal. They know how to clean carpets, furniture, flooring, curtains and other household items.

The only difference is in what type of bag is presented in a particular model. They can be disposable or reusable. The first ones are made of thick paper or synthetics and can displace up to 6 kg of dust and debris. After the container is full, the bag is simply discarded. The second ones are made of fabric and will be emptied as they are filled. Some models have “torbochki” that can be washed.

Classic dust bags with a bag for dust have certain advantages:

  • large selection and variety of models;
  • are convenient and easy to operate;
  • have several levels of power adjustment;
  • does not require additional effort after each use;
  • disposal of garbage is simply throwing the bag( if it is disposable);
  • almost every package includes a cloth container for dust.

There are some “baggy” cleaners and disadvantages:

  • dust when emptying the cloth bag;
  • if you do not want to regularly dig in the dirt and dust, you will have to regularly buy disposable bags;
  • reusable dust bags can wear out and tear over time, and finding a new one is difficult;
  • as filling capacity suction power drops significantly.

Taking into account all the existing shortcomings, many hostesses prefer equipment equipped with a container. But do they have advantages? Let's figure it out.

Vacuum Cleaner with Container

"Bagless" appliances equipped with containers are considered newer and more advanced. Their work was appreciated by clean mistresses.

The principle of operation of such a device is based on a vortex cycle. The air is sucked into the device with a powerful stream and moves in a circle, pressing particles of dirt and dust against the walls of the container, and then through the filter system is output to the outside. Sometimes container vacuum cleaners have as many as 2 tanks. In the first, larger debris is retained, and in the second, finer cleaning occurs and dust is retained.

Advantages of container models:

  • dirt is removed very simply, for this it is enough to shake the contents of the container into a bucket;
  • no additional cost for the purchase of bags;
  • , even when the container is full, the suction power does not decrease;
  • containers are made of transparent plastic and you can easily notice the necessary thing that happened there.


  • such devices rustle more strongly, than "bag";
  • many models do not provide for the regulation of suction power;
  • large hard parts, getting into the container can scratch it or even break it;
  • filters are clogged quickly enough, and replacing them will cost more than buying a new bag;
  • , after each cleaning, rinse and thoroughly dry the dust collector;
  • poorly assembled models can accumulate static electricity and slightly beat current.


Important! Paper bags are much preferable in terms of hygiene. They hold 99.9% of all dust, and they do not need to be shaken out by the .

Comparison of the characteristics of

In order for the buyer to reasonably decide which cleaning device is better, let's make several comparisons.

Simplicity of care and practicality of use

If we consider models from the point of view, ease of maintenance, a vacuum cleaner with a disposable paper bag has a clear advantage. Such a device does not need to wash, dry the container and clean the filters.it is enough just to detach the filled bag and throw it into the garbage can. All preparation for work is to insert the bag and turn on the vacuum cleaner in the outlet. Given the fact that disposable torbochki have to regularly throw, it is better to choose a model for which consumables are easy to find in the store. An excellent option would be a vacuum cleaner with a universal dust collector.

The container cyclone unit will have to be washed and wiped dry after each use. Otherwise, you risk "settling" in it the germs and mold. It's easy to do. You just need to throw the dirt into the bucket and rinse the tank under running cold water. Regular cleaning or even replacement will require a filter. However, this process also does not require much effort.

Which vacuum cleaner cleans up the

better From this point of view, vacuum cleaners with a container are in the lead. Even with a full dust collector, the suction power of the dirt does not change. While the “bag” units work efficiency depends on how strongly the bag is filled. The fuller the capacity, the worse the quality of cleaning.

For rooms where dirt accumulates quickly, “bagless” vacuum cleaners are the best option. The power of suction of dust falls in them only in one case - when the filtration elements located in front of the engine become clogged up quite strongly. More often this happens when sufficiently light and long villi are clogged into it: hair, cat fur, threads, feathers, etc.

Which vacuum cleaner is more hygienic to use

This question is very important, especially when there are kids inSomeone in the family is allergic.

It is believed that units with a bag better purify the air. The porous structure of the dust collector itself is an additional filter and does not pass back the smallest particles of dust. The moment of truth comes when you have to clean the vacuum cleaner. Well, if the bag is disposable. You can just throw it away, and this is the most hygienic option. But if the dust collector is reusable and has to be shaken out, the pleasure falls to a level below the average. There is no hygiene.

Much better in this regard, container vacuum cleaners. Of course, they also have to be cleaned. But first, garbage will be collected in just one cleaning, not in a whole month, and secondly, there is no need to knock out the container, scattering dust around it. Simply rinse with water.

The nuances of working with both types of devices

If you decide to stop the choice on a vacuum cleaner with a bag, the purchase of the latter must be approached very responsibly. Poor-quality consumables of an unknown manufacturer can keep dust particles poorly and instead of cleaning you will simply distill the garbage from corner to corner. In case of careless handling, bags are torn or budged. Loose fit "trash" for garbage negates all efforts to restore cleanliness in the house.


Attention! Turn on the vacuum cleaner, not , making sure that the has a dust collector. This will result in the breaking down.

Care should also be taken when handling a container unit. They sometimes shock. Of course, it is not dangerous, but extremely unpleasant. This happens due to the fact that plastic parts are gradually charged by rubbing particles with static electricity. It is impossible to prevent this, you just need to be careful.

As well as working with container units requires regular replacement of filters. Before you buy a vacuum cleaner, ask how easy it is to buy consumables and how much it costs. However, there are the latest generation of cyclone vacuum cleaners, in which, due to the special design, no filter change is required.


"Bag" models are very diverse in price. Depending on the size of the customer’s wallet, you can choose a model worth from 100 to 1,000 or more American rubles. The price of consumables also depends on the model. On average, you will have to spend an additional $ 2–3 per quarter, which is not much.

Cyclone vacuum cleaners cost about the same. On the market you can find both expensive and cheap models. But the price of consumables is significantly different. The purchase of new filters will have to spend from $ 10 to $ 200, but now you have to spend money every couple of years or even less.

Considering everything said above, it can be argued that among the budget models it is better to have a vacuum cleaner with a bag. But if you are ready to pay more, you should choose a good multicyclone model. An inexpensive container-type device will perform its functions not so well, and it will work not so long.

However, having assessed the pros and cons, as well as having weighed up their financial capabilities, each customer will be able to independently decide which vacuum cleaner to choose - with a bag or container.

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