Universal Chips for Microwave from China

Chips - this is a very tasty, but harmful snack. Therefore, many housewives make homemade chips, in which there are definitely no harmful ingredients. But they do not always turn out to be as thin, and the preparation takes too much oil, which is not very useful.

However, these problems can be solved alone with a simple device. Chips flask for a microwave is a plate with special cuts for each potato slice. Due to this, the slices will not stick to each other and will be completely fried.

Chips Holder is very easy to use. First you need to cut the potatoes into thin slices on a special device that is included in the set. After that, you need to place each slice in a separate compartment and put in a microwave for a few minutes. After the time has passed, transfer the chips to a bowl and sprinkle them immediately with spices. You can use any seasoning. As you can see, butter is completely unused in these homemade chips.

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The advantages of a chip-case for a microwave:

  1. Simplicity. For the preparation of chips, you need to perform several elementary actions.
  2. Speed. You no longer have to chop the potatoes for hours and wait as long for the whole party to be fried.
  3. Versatility. In the same way, you can cook not only potato, but also squash, cucumber and even apple chips.
  4. No harm to health and body shape. Due to the complete lack of butter, these chips will bring only pleasure.
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Every snack-drinker should have a chill box, but what is its price? In the Russian and Ukrainian online stores this product costs 600 rubles. Pretty inexpensive, considering that you no longer have to constantly buy chips.

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However, Aliexpress offers the same chip tray for only 415 rubles. For such a price, it is really worth buying this universal device.

Characteristics of the Chinese chip tray:

  • material - heat-resistant plastic;
  • the kit includes a chip case, a knife for thin slices, a potato holder during cutting;
  • color - white with yellow;
  • diameter of a chip holder - 20 cm.

Thus, it is necessary to order a universal chip holder for a microwave only from a Chinese manufacturer. After all, its proposed price is much lower than the price of a domestic manufacturer.

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