Is it possible to stretch the sneakers, if they are small and tight

If your shoes are too tight, it’s not just uncomfortable, you can damage your legs. This is especially true sports sneakers or sneakers. Stretch sneakers, make them more comfortable to wear is quite possible. The main thing is to know what material they are made of, and apply suitable methods.

What sneakers can stretch

How to stretch shoes to stretch

  • Do not need to make a set and don't need to make a set and don't need to make a set and don't need to make a set of shoes that they can not stretch. Often, after long loads and shopping, legs get tired, swell. Perhaps in the morning your sneakers will not reap. If they still seem small, try stretching them. But first find out what they are made of. Otherwise there is a risk of irreparably spoiling them.

    It is easiest to give the desired shape to suede, leather, nubuck sneakers. Be careful with fabric shoes: with the wrong approach it is easy to deform. The hardest thing to stretch the product from kozhzam. This material is difficult to withstand the effects of boiling water, steam, ice. And to stretch it in the usual "wet" way is not easy. Perhaps it is better to sell or donate such sneakers. But if this option is not suitable, you can try stretching with alcohol-containing products.

    Remember that:

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    1. Athletic shoes easier to stretch in width.
    2. You can extend a fabric item up to half a size. Stretch sneakers on the size can be, if they are made of leather, suede or nubuck.
    3. The skin after the procedure becomes fragile. Before stretching, especially with the use of heat, the product is best treated with shoe polish.
    4. Sneakers made of artificial materials are easy to deform with an inept approach.
    5. Fasten the seams do not stretch.
    6. Do not pour boiling water on the rubber sole.
    7. If the backdrop is very high, try not to break it.
    8. At first it is better to try to spread an uncomfortable pair, but not longer than three days.
    9. To buy a new shoe, the evening is more appropriate when the feet are slightly swollen.
    10. Do not take sneakers without fitting, as each manufacturer has its own dimensional grid.

    The most sensible solution

    If after buying a shoe, you realize that they are too tight, it is best to return or exchange them in the store. According to Russian law, any buyer can pass a new product under warranty within two weeks. To do this, you must submit a passport, cashier's check and warranty card. The main thing that the shoes were in the same form as when buying. It should not be traces of use: creases, scuffs. Make sure all liners, insoles and shoelaces are in place.

    If the pair is old, or you did not manage to return it under warranty, the surest decision would be to hand it over to a professional workshop. The shoemaker knows how to pull out sneakers or sneakers.

    For each shoe, its appropriate means are applied. Special pads on screws that can stretch any material help to increase the length. Masters use different creams, sprays, powders that can cope with an uncomfortable pair. The shoemaker will take into account all your wishes and peculiarities of the foot, will pull sneakers in the area of ​​the bone.

    If this method does not suit you for some reason, you can try to increase the sneakers or sneakers at home.

    How to stretch the shoes in length

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    There are several methods. Just remember that no sneakers or sneakers can stretch more than size.

    Steam and paper

    This is a fairly simple and cheap method to pull leather, rubber, fabric sneakers and sneakers at home. It takes a few minutes to hold the product over the steam. The main thing is to do it carefully, so as not to burn yourself. Then tamp down your sneakers with dry, crumpled newspapers. So that the upper part of the shoe does not deform, do not dry it with a hair dryer, in the sun, near the battery. Wait until the newspaper dries. To speed up the process paper can be changed. The same method helps to increase sports shoes, if she sat down after washing.


    To stretch the sneakers in length, you need to dampen a rag with vinegar, and then put it in the sock and in the back of the shoe. Cotton pads can be used instead of cloth. Wear shoes with impregnation and wear for about two hours. The method allows to extend the product by a couple of millimeters.


    This is one of the most effective methods, most close to what the masters do. To do it yourself, buy spacers at a shoe store. They are equipped with a screw mechanism, suitable for any size, well pulling leather materials. In addition to the spacers are sold plastic lining, taking into account the features of the foot.

    You will also need professional tools for surface treatment of sneakers. This may be a special liquid, foam stretcher or spray. This method is well suited for all types of leather and suede, but is hardly useful for stretching the fabric.

    Alcohol-containing liquids can be used instead of professional products. For example, cologne. Or just water. Apply the product inside and out. Using a screw, set the block to the desired value, place it just next to it. Keep the struts inside should be completely dry sneakers. If you repeat this procedure several times, you will completely relieve yourself of the discomfort.

    Before using an aerosol or spray, check how shoe material will react to them. To do this, apply the product on a subtle area. If after a couple of hours the treated place has changed color, it is better to look for another drug.

    Water and Ice

    There are several ways to stretch sneakers or sneakers with water and cold. You can wear wet sneakers on your toes, and then lace them up tightly. Until the shoes dry, you need to actively move: run, jump, walk. If at some point the legs get hot, just pour cold water on the sole.

    You can expand the fabric sneakers with ice. To do this, use the familiar physics course from school:

    1. . Take two dense cellophane bags, put inside each shoe and gently straighten.
    2. Pour water into the bags and tie them up in good faith.
    3. For 24 hours, place the sneakers in the freezer.
    4. . If the pair presses on the toe, put something under the heels so that the main volume of water “flows” down.
    5. After one day, remove the sneakers from the freezer.
    6. Let the ice melt a little.
    7. Remove the cellophane.
    8. Remove excess moisture with a napkin, dry the sneakers.

    The method has one caveat: if the fabric is too thin, it can break under the influence of ice.

    When squeezing the back

    Sneakers can reap not only in the heel area, but also along the side trim. It can be stretched according to the same principle as the backdrop. There are several proven methods to make the material softer.

    Hammer Dampen a soft cloth with water, apply it to the back from the inside. Then lightly tap with a hammer. The heel of the shoe should be on a hard surface.

    Fingers If the back of the shoe is made of hard leather or rubber, you can simply massage it with your fingers. Especially easy this way softens the back of the shoe: usually it is made of rigid cardboard. In order not to spend a lot of time and effort on kneading, first hold the product over the steam. In a few minutes, the skin or matter will become more supple.


    A method suitable for softening the pressing leather elements of sports shoes. For this useful ordinary hair dryer. Hot air stretches the skin, making it more supple. After heat treatment, simply pull the shoe with your fingers or put it on your foot. Heat the seam more carefully: there is a risk that the glue will melt from excessively hot air.

    How to stretch shoes wide

    Increase sneakers or sneakers in width is much easier than in length. The easiest way to suede. Sneakers from this material is enough to wear over socks. After a couple of days, your legs will be much more comfortable. You can also pull the product at home with the help of professional tools that are produced by shoe brands and sold in special stores.

    But you can use the available tools that are always at hand.

    Alcohol and laundry soap

    This method is well expands leather sneakers. The following steps should be followed in sequence:

    1. Pour alcohol or vodka into your shoes( suitable cologne).
    2. Rub the inner surface with soaked soap.
    3. Let the resulting compound dry.

    This method has some nuances. In particular, if the interior of the sneakers is made of poor-quality fabric, then they will have a bad smell. To get rid of it in the future will be problematic. If this is your case, forget about soap, use only alcohol( vodka, cologne).

    To do this, moisten the product abundantly from the inside, put it on your feet and pour alcohol on your shoes outside. Wearing shoes takes about two hours. So you will not only stretch the couple, but make it softer. The method is suitable even for sneakers from synthetic materials. But if the sneakers are made of genuine leather, they should be rubbed with special protective agents or castor oil before being treated with alcohol.


    Combustible liquid can be used as an alternative to soap and alcohol. The processing principle is the same: lubricate the inner surface of the shoe with kerosene, wear for about an hour. As in the case of laundry soap, there is a risk that there will be a hardly removable odor in sneakers.

    Window Cleaning Agent

    The method is based on the principle that alcohol and glass cleaner are contained in the glass and mirror washing liquid. Follow the instructions below:

    1. Liberally spray the sneakers inside and out with aerosol.
    2. Wear shoes on thick socks.
    3. Wear about two hours.

    The effectiveness of the method is confirmed by many lovers of sports shoes. It can be used for natural materials and leatherette products. Another plus of this approach is that the smell of washing liquid disappears quickly.

    Boiling water

    This approach is suitable only for leather shoes that can withstand 300-degree boiling water. The procedure requires some courage, as boiling water should be poured into the product and left for 8 minutes. Then drain and allow the skin to dry at room temperature. In no case do not use this method to expand products made of synthetic materials. Otherwise it will lead to deformation.


    The so-called "army" method is suitable for stretching leather and fabric products. It is enough to moisten socks in water, wear them along with sneakers and wear them until they are completely dry. To remove excess moisture from the shoes, after the procedure, the shoes need to be filled with crumpled newspapers.

    If the situation is hopeless

    When none of these methods helps, and the purchase still presses, try simply removing the insoles. If this approach seems unhygienic to you, replace the thick sports insole with a regular thin one. In extreme cases, you can sell or give a couple of friends.

    And remember that you can not buy sneakers without fitting. The best time to buy sports shoes - the evening. Indeed, at this time, our feet a little more.

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